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Last Name,
Title Phone Email
Arnold Losey, Ellen Senior Graphic Designer and Webmaster 202-653-4626 earnold-losey@imls.gov
Ball, AMLS, PhD, Mary Alice Senior Library Program Officer 202-653-4730 mball@imls.gov
Birnbaum, PhD, Matt Senior Evaluation Officer 202-653-4760 mbirnbaum@imls.gov
Bisher, Karmen Grant Management Specialist 202-653-4744 kbisher@imls.gov
Bodner, PhD, Connie Cox Supervisory Grants Management Specialist 202-653-4636 cbodner@imls.gov
Bolls, Madison Library Program Specialist 202-653-4786 mbolls@imls.gov
Bullard, Giuliana Public Affairs Specialist 202-653-4799 gbullard@imls.gov
Burwell, Stephanie Chief Information Officer 202-653-4684 sburwell@imls.gov
Carrigan, Tim Senior Library Program Officer 202-653-4639 tcarrigan@imls.gov
Catignani, Chris Chief Financial Officer 202-653-4672 ccatignani@imls.gov
Christopher, Andrew Assistant General Counsel 202-653-4712 achristopher@imls.gov
Connors-Joyner, Jill Museum Program Specialist 202-653-4791 jconnors-joyner@imls.gov
Cruz, Wallace Contracts Specialist 202-653-4698 wcruz@imls.gov
Dale, Robin Associate Deputy Director for Library Services 202-653-4650 rdale@imls.gov
Delauter, CGMP, Donald Administrative Support Specialist 202-653-4777 ddelauter@imls.gov
DePuy, Brenda Human Resources Consultant/Expert 202-653-4728 bdepuy@imls.gov
DeVoe, Teresa Senior Library Program Officer 202-653-4778 tdevoe@imls.gov
Dixon, Katrina Office Automation Assistant 202-653-4709 kdixon@imls.gov
Dotson, Antoine Director of Human Resources 202-653-4728 adotson@imls.gov
Evans, Dawn Senior Accountant 202-653-4658 devans@imls.gov
Fabre, Stacie Senior Human Resources Specialist 202-653-4632 sfabre@imls.gov
Farrell, Michele Senior Library Program Officer 202-653-4656 mfarrell@imls.gov
Feitl, Mark Museum Program Specialist 202-653-4635 mfeitl@imls.gov
French, Claudia Deputy Director for Museums 202-653-4717 cfrench@imls.gov
Fuller, Sarah Library Program Specialist 202-653-4783 sfuller@imls.gov
Glass, Sarah Museum Program Specialist 202-653-4652 sglass@imls.gov
Greer, Robin Human Resources Specialist 202-653-4673 rgreer@imls.gov
Heintz, Melissa Public Affairs Specialist 202-653-4664 mheintz@imls.gov
Hensley, Danette Staff Assistant 202-653-4736 dhensley@imls.gov
Isaksen, Mark Senior Museum Program Officer 202-653-4667 misaksen@imls.gov
Jackson, Alfred IT Specialist Officer 202-653-4683 ajackson@imls.gov
Jerger, Michael D. Chief Operating Officer 202-653-4721 mjerger@imls.gov
Kennelly, Mary Estelle Director, Grants Administration 202-653-4629 mekennelly@imls.gov
King, Damishia R. EEO & Diversity Specialist 202-653-4686 dking@imls.gov
Lyons, Elizabeth Human Resources Specialist 202-653-4676 elyons@imls.gov
Maas, Katherine Museum Program Specialist 202-653-4798 kmaas@imls.gov
Manjarrez, Carlos A. Director of Planning, Research and Evaluation 202-653-4671 cmanjarrez@imls.gov
Marx, Maura Deputy Director for Library Services 202-653-4774 mmarx@imls.gov
Marx, Maura Acting Director 202-653-4774 mmarx@imls.gov
Mettee, Christopher Contracting Officer 202-653-4696 cmettee@imls.gov
Miller, Kim A. Management Analyst 202-653-4762 kmiller@imls.gov
Moore, Reagan Museum Program Specialist 202-653-4637 rmoore@imls.gov
Murray, Katie Special Assistant to the Acting Director 202-653-4644 kmurray@imls.gov
Narva, Sandra Senior Museum Program Officer 202-653-4634 snarva@imls.gov
Owens, Timothy Senior Library Program Officer 202-653-4776 towens@imls.gov
Owens, PhD, Trevor Senior Library Program Officer 202-653-4654 tjowens@imls.gov
Payton, Gladstone Congressional Affairs Officer 202-653-4628 gpayton@imls.gov
Person, LaShaune Financial Operations Specialist 202-653-4631 lperson@imls.gov
Reich, Christopher J. Senior Museum Advisor 202-653-4685 creich@imls.gov
Reynolds, Emily Library Program Specialist 202-653-4665 ereynolds@imls.gov
Ridges, Mae Legal Policy/ Management Officer 202-653-4642 mridges@imls.gov
Sellers, Mary Museum Program Specialist 202-653-4689 msellers@imls.gov
Shwartzman, Steven Senior Museum Program Officer 202-653-4641 sshwartzman@imls.gov
Swan, PhD, Deanne Senior Statistician 202-653-4769 dswan@imls.gov
Toro, PhD, Sandra Senior Library Program Officer 202-653-4662 storo@imls.gov
Trowbridge III, Calvin D. Deputy General Counsel 202-653-4675 ctrowbridge@imls.gov
Wechsler, Helen Supervisory Grants Management Specialist 202-653-4779 hwechsler@imls.gov
Weiss, Nancy E. General Counsel 202-653-4640 nweiss@imls.gov
White, Steven Operations Specialist 202-653-4796 swhite@imls.gov
Wood, Andrea Financial Analyst 202-653-4782 awood@imls.gov