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The National Museum and Library Services Board (NMLSB) is an advisory body that includes the director and deputy directors of IMLS and presidentially appointed and Senate-confirmed members of the general public who have demonstrated expertise in, or commitment to, library or museum services. Informed by its collectively vast experience and knowledge, the NMLSB advises the IMLS director on general policy and practices, and on selections for the National Medals for Museum and Library Service.

President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts Including New Members of the National Museum and Library Services Board.



Maura Marx, Acting Director, Institute of Museum and Library Services*


Althemese Pemberton Barnes, Florida

Christie Pearson Brandau, Iowa

Bert Castro, Arizona

John Coppola, Florida

Vishakha N. Desai, New York

Claudia French, Institute of Museum and Library Services*

Paula Gangopadhyay, Michigan

William J. Hagenah, Illinois

Carla Hayden, Illinois

Luis Herrera, California

Eric Jolly, Minnesota

Tammie Kahn, Texas

George Kerscher, Montana

Susana Torruella Leval, New York

Mary Minow, California

Lawrence J. Pijeaux, Jr., Alabama

Jacquelyn K. Sundstrand, Nevada

Winston Tabb, Maryland

Suzanne Thorin, New York

Robert Wedgeworth, Illinois


*Nonvoting members

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