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IMLS Organization Chart (PDF; 13KB)

Office of the Director202-653-4644
Maura Marx Acting Director
Katie Murray Special Assistant to the Acting Director
General Counsel202-653-4787
Nancy E. Weiss General Counsel
Calvin D. Trowbridge III Deputy General Counsel
Andrew Christopher Assistant General Counsel
Mae Ridges Legal Policy/ Management Officer
Danette Hensley Staff Assistant
Office of the Chief Operating Officer202-653-4721
Michael D. Jerger Chief Operating Officer
Donald Delauter, CGMP Administrative Support Specialist
Wallace Cruz Contracts Specialist
Steven White Operations Specialist
Christopher Mettee Contracting Officer
Human Resources 202-653-4673
Antoine Dotson Director of Human Resources
Stacie Fabre Senior Human Resources Specialist
Robin Greer Human Resources Specialist
Elizabeth Lyons Human Resources Specialist
Brenda DePuy Human Resources Consultant/Expert
Office of the Chief Financial Officer202-653-4737
Chris Catignani Chief Financial Officer
Mary Estelle Kennelly Director, Grants Administration
Karmen Bisher Grant Management Specialist
Dawn Evans Senior Accountant
LaShaune Person Financial Operations Specialist
Andrea Wood Financial Analyst
Office of the Chief Information Officer202-653-4767
Stephanie Burwell Chief Information Officer
Alfred Jackson IT Specialist Officer
Damishia R. King EEO & Diversity Specialist
Communications and Government Affairs202-653-4757
Gladstone Payton Congressional Affairs Officer
Ellen Arnold Losey Senior Graphic Designer and Webmaster
Giuliana Bullard Public Affairs Specialist
Melissa Heintz Public Affairs Specialist
Planning, Research, and Evaluation202-653-4759
Carlos A. Manjarrez Director of Planning, Research and Evaluation
Matt Birnbaum, PhD Senior Evaluation Officer
Deanne Swan, PhD Senior Statistician
Kim A. Miller Management Analyst
Museum Services202-653-4789
Claudia French Deputy Director for Museums
Christopher J. Reich Senior Museum Advisor
Connie Cox Bodner, PhD Supervisory Grants Management Specialist
Helen Wechsler Supervisory Grants Management Specialist
Mark Isaksen Senior Museum Program Officer
Sandra Narva Senior Museum Program Officer
Steven Shwartzman Senior Museum Program Officer
Jill Connors-Joyner Museum Program Specialist
Mark Feitl Museum Program Specialist
Sarah Glass Museum Program Specialist
Mary Sellers Museum Program Specialist
Reagan Moore Museum Program Specialist
Katherine Maas Museum Program Specialist
Katrina Dixon Office Automation Assistant
Library Services202-653-4700
Maura Marx Deputy Director for Library Services
Robin Dale Associate Deputy Director for Library Services
Teresa DeVoe Senior Library Program Officer
Library Services, Discretionary Programs202-653-4700
Tim Carrigan Senior Library Program Officer
Mary Alice Ball, AMLS, PhD Senior Library Program Officer
Trevor Owens, PhD Senior Library Program Officer
Sandra Toro, PhD Senior Library Program Officer
Madison Bolls Library Program Specialist
Sarah Fuller Library Program Specialist
Emily Reynolds Library Program Specialist
Library Services, State Programs202-653-4678
Michele Farrell Senior Library Program Officer
Timothy Owens Senior Library Program Officer
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