Mamie Bittner

Director of Communications and Government Affairs

Mamie Bittner heads the Office of Communications and Government Affairs. As such she coordinates agency-wide efforts to develop strategic plans and performance goals.

She is responsible for identifying key political, social, economic and technical factors that affect the Nation’s library, museum and information policy needs and to develop and recommend research, policy, communications, and legislative strategies to address those needs. Together with the core executive team, Mamie guides implementation and assesses effectiveness of agency activities.

Mamie is a key senior official responsible for the development of core agency policy documents including the agency’s Strategic Plan, Congressional and OMB Budget Justification, the Performance Plan and the Performance and Accountability Report. She works both within government with other Federal agencies, OMB, the White House, and Congress, and outside the government with media and industry groups, to develop and communicate agency policy and positions. In addition, she directs public affairs program including media relations, public information, electronic and print publications, and the content for the agency website.

Prior to joining the agency Mamie held positions at Catholic University, Gallaudet University, and the American Chemical Society. She also worked on Capitol Hill. She holds a BA in Political Science from Fairfield University in Connecticut and a MA in Education from George Washington University.

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