American Heritage Preservation Grant Announcement, March 2010


American Heritage Preservation Grant Announcement
March 2010

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Iowa  |  Kansas  |  Louisiana  |  Massachusetts  |  Michigan  |  Missouri  |  Montana  

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Vermont  |  Virginia  |  Washington  |  Wisconsin  



Arizona Historical Foundation - Tempe, AZ
Award Amount: $2,887; Matching Amount: $4,450
Grant Category: AHPG-Library

Contact: Ms. Rebekah Tabah
Photo Preservationist

Project Title: "Preservation of the Arizona Historical Foundation Lantern Slide Collection"
The Arizona Historical Foundation will clean, organize, repair, and re-house approximately 3,000 glass lantern slides. Often sold in "thematic sets," lantern slides were at one time a near ubiquitous form of audiovisual material, a forerunner of the filmstrip. Due to their size and fragility, however, many have been lost. The Arizona Historical Foundation’s collection dates from 1880-1930 and documents Navajo, Hopi, and Apache reservation life, in addition to the area’s changing desert and mountain landscapes. This material is in high demand by archeologists, cartographers, hydrologists, conservationists, ethnologists, Native Americans, and historians seeking visual documentation for the history of the American southwest.


Postal History Foundation - Tucson, AZ
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $3,185
Grant Category: AHPG-Library

Contact: Ms. Charlotte Cushman
520-623-6652 ext. 107;

Project Title: "Environmental Improvement and Preservation of Postal History Collection"
The Postal History Foundation’s Slusser Memorial Philatelic Library will purchase equipment to monitor the humidity and temperature levels of its storage environment, ultraviolet filters for its lights, and archival enclosures. Focusing on the postal history of the western United States, the library’s holdings include more than 30,000 books, journals, stamp catalogs, maps, photos, vertical files, and official Post Office publications.



University of Arkansas System - Fayetteville, AR
Award Amount: $2,984; Matching Amount: $6,886
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Dr. Nancy McCartney
Curator of Zoology

Project Title: "Preservation Project for Bird Eggs"
The University of Arkansas Museum in Fayetteville, AR will use grant funds to complete the re-housing of a collection of 1,578 bird eggs collected around the state between 1885 and 1933. Providing a unique historical record of the bird population before the era of DDT, this collection was the basis of the monograph, The Birds of Arkansas, the seminal work on local birds first published in 1924. The work will include moving the eggs from small, acidic trays into new archivally-safe trays and reorganizing the eggs taxonomically in new museum cabinets for better use in research.



City of Gilroy - Gilroy, CA
Award Amount: $2,256; Matching Amount: $502
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Mr. Tom Howard
Gilroy Museum Lead

Project Title: "Conservation Treatment of Portraits of Key Figures in the Creation of the 1910 Gilroy Free Public Library Building"
The Gilroy Museum in Gilroy, CA will use grant funds to conserve two portraits of individuals central to the creation of the 1910 Gilroy Free Public Library building, which now houses the Gilroy Museum. One portrait is a photograph circa 1900 of local philanthropist Carline Hoxett, which will need cleaning, repair of small tears in the surface, and archival framing. The second portrait is a lithograph of Andrew Carnegie taken from a portrait painted by F. Luis Mora. The surface will be cleaned, repaired, and archivally re-matted. Once restored, these portraits will be hung in the museum’s main gallery and will be the focus of a campaign to help the community understand the overall needs of the collection, and how preserving these artifacts will help preserve the stories of Gilroy.


Table Bluff Reservation Wiyot Tribe - Loleta, CA
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $1,518
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Ms. Helene Rouvier
Cultural Director / THPO

Project Title: "Weaving Traditions: Caring for Basketry at the Wiyot Heritage Center"
The Wiyot Heritage Center in Loleta, CA will clean and archivally mount a collection of baskets, nets, and other woven regalia. Wiyot baskets are internationally recognized for their skill and artistry, and were used for both everyday functions and for ceremonial purposes. With very few baskets surviving the colonial encounter, the remaining collection is of utmost concern for preservation. The native and larger community will benefit from an accessible and secure basket display, bringing an appreciation of the skill, artistry, and living spirit of native baskets. The Center will also encourage tribal citizens to learn these same techniques with their personal or family baskets.


Southern California Asian American Studies Central - Los Angeles, CA
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $26,268
Grant Category: AHPG-Library

Contact: Mr. Jeff Liu
Associate Director

Project Title: "Storage Improvement in the Asian American Studies Media Resource Library"
Southern California Asian American Studies Central’s Media Resource Library will use grant funds to help support the acquisition of archival-quality shelving to help protect the film and video documentation that the library has amassed over the last four decades. This shelving will provide a more stable home to the important films, videos, oral histories, home movies, educational films, and experimental shorts collected and specifically created to help tell the stories of Asian Pacific America. They include a wide range of interviews with farm workers, civil rights activists, and military leaders, as well as the works of pioneering artists and leading documentarians, in addition to those of proud mothers and fathers capturing family celebrations.


Museum of Ventura County - Ventura, CA
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $0
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Mr. Charles Johnson

Project Title: "Restoration of City and County Directories"
The Museum of Ventura County in Ventura, CA will use grant funds to restore and conserve 12 volumes of the city directory from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These commercially produced books are rare records of the people and businesses in the city over time, providing insight for staff and researchers on land use and community development patterns as well as genealogy of individuals living in Ventura. The books will be disbound, cleaned, and rebound so that they can continue to serve as an invaluable resource to their community.



City of Canon City - Canon City, CO
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $0
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Mr. Cliff Hight

Project Title: "Storage Improvement--Cleaning and Housing Books from the Historical Holy Cross Abbey"
The Royal Gorge Regional Museum and History Center, Cañon City, CO will use grant funds for the cleaning and archival housing of 200 books donated to the museum by the Holy Cross Abbey. From the 1920s through 2007, the Abbey was a monastery, a boy’s school, and a center of the community for European immigrants working in the mines of Fremont County. The book collection is wide ranging, with volumes dating from 1766 to 1988, covering topics including religion, science, geography, history, and anthropology. Notable works include a copy of Dante’s La Divina Commedia, The Diary of Samuel Pepys, and The Works of Washington Irving. Once conserved, the collection will be the focus of exhibits and community programming based on the content of the collection, as well as the importance of conservation.


District of Columbia

Historical Society of Washington, D.C. - Washington, DC
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $34,727
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Ms. Yvonne Carignan
Preservation Department Head

Project Title: "Preserving the Capital Photo Service Collection"
The Historical Society of Washington, DC will re-house, preserve, and make accessible 3,600 oversized photographs from the Capital Photo Service Collection, a collection of images from 1957-2000 of local businesses, organizations, schools, political and other groups in locally significant settings. Because not only groups but individuals in many of the photos have been identified by name, this collection provides a valuable visual record of the last half of the 20th century, reflecting the diversity of the local communities within the Nation’s Capital.



Stetson University - DeLand, FL
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $8,323
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Dr. Roberta Favis
Curator & Art Professor

Project Title: "Conservation of Drawings on Paper by Oscar Bluemner"
The Stetson University’s Duncan Gallery of Art in DeLand, FL will use grant funds to conserve 28 drawings on paper by American Modernist Oscar Bluemner. The drawings offer insight into the artist’s process as he created drawings of a location prior to painting it. The collection includes full-scale black and white studies for some of his most important works. Due to the large scale, up to 22" x 30", many of the works were folded in thirds and have become very fragile. The drawings will be unfolded, smoothed, and repaired in preparation for the first-ever exhibit of these important works in a specially-designed gallery.


Vizcayans - Miami, FL
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $5,575
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Ms. Gina Wouters
Assistant Curator

Project Title: "Conservation Treatment of 42 Works on Paper at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens"
The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, FL will use grant funds to treat 42 works of art on paper collected by the estate’s creator, James Deering, in the 1910s. Ranging from Japanese woodcuts to Art Nouveau lithographs, etchings, and watercolor prints, the works will be cleaned, treated for tears and stains, removed from their backings, and placed in archival storage boxes. The treatment and stabilization will allow museum staff and scholars to do much needed research on the works for future exhibits, both at the museum and digitally on the museum’s Web site.


Gulf Coast Heritage Association - Osprey, FL
Award Amount: $2,996; Matching Amount: $1,141
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Ms. Hope Kocian
941-966-5214 ext. 290;

Project Title: "Conservation of 18th Century violin, bow, and case held in the permanent collections of Gulf Coast Heritage"
The Gulf Coast Heritage Association of Osprey, FL will use grant funds to conserve the violin, bow, and case once owned by Frank Guptill and his wife, Lizzie, pioneers in the settlement of Spanish Point. The conservation work will include repair and stabilization of the musical instrument and the creation of a specially designed exhibit case. This case will allow the violin to be reinstalled in the parlor as an integral part of the tours of this historic house museum, providing insight into daily life in this remote village in the early 20th century.


County of Seminole - Sanford, FL
Award Amount: $2,850; Matching Amount: $0
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Susan Nelson
Museum Coordinator

Project Title: "Conservation of the "Orange County Florida Map of 1890""
The Museum of Seminole County History in Sanford, FL will use grant funds to clean, repair, treat, and re-house a map of Orange County, Florida (the former name of Seminole County) created in 1890. This is the only original copy of this map known to exist; because the 1890 US Census was destroyed by fire, this is the only primary document that gives insight into the shape of the land and settlements of this area. Once this significant piece of local history has been treated, it will again be on display to allow visitors a glimpse of the agricultural way of life and rural families of central Florida.



Loyola University of Chicago - Chicago, IL
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $4,418
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Mr. Jonathan Canning
Martin D'Arcy Curator of Art

Project Title: "Restoration and Conservation of Two 19th Century Russian Icons"
The Loyola University Museum of Art in Chicago, IL will use grant funds to restore and conserve two 19th century Russian icons – Holy Trinity with Saints and Angels and Deesis with Saints Michael and George – that have fragile and unstable paint surfaces. These wood panels are painted with egg tempera and gold leaf and are examples of the Western Catholic influence on traditional Byzantine Orthodox imagery introduced in the court of Peter the Great. Once conserved, these works will be presented with panels describing the conservation process. Working with the large Russian immigrant community in Chicago, the museum will also host a series of public programs and web-based exhibits.


Elgin Area Historical Society - Elgin, IL
Award Amount: $2,930; Matching Amount: $4,100
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Ms. Elizabeth Marston

Project Title: "Image Collection Re-housing at the Elgin Historical Museum"
The Elgin Area Historical Society in Elgin, IL will complete the re-housing project for its entire image collection. This collection includes 130,000 photo negatives from the Elgin Courier News taken between 1935 and 1985, as well as 4,500 images from the Gylleck Collection (photos and negatives from the Adams Family Studio, a local photography business operating for two generations in the19th century). This repository of local history will be put into acid-free boxes and folders for long-term preservation, and the index will be made available for research on the museum’s Web site.


Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation and Trust - Oak Park, IL
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $325
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Tiffany Charles
Collections Manager/Registrar

Project Title: "Conservation Treatment of 1908 Louis Sullivan-designed Capital and Post from Demolished Babson Residence"
The Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust in Oak Park, IL will conserve two architectural fragments – a capital and its supporting post – from the Henry Babson Residence. The Babson House was a masterpiece designed by Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright’s mentor. The fragments were salvaged from the ruins of the house when it was demolished in 1960. Once restored, these objects will be used in educational programming at the Frederick C. Robie house, a Wright-designed house museum in Chicago, to encourage the discussion of issues of long-term preservation of buildings and collections.



Studebaker National Museum - South Bend, IN
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $0
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Mr. Andrew Beckman
574-235-9714 ext. 226;

Project Title: "Clement Studebaker portrait"
The Studebaker National Museum in South Bend, IN will use grant funds to repair and restore an oil portrait of Clement Studebaker, one of the founders and guiding forces behind the Studebaker Corporation, acting as president for over 35 years. Painted by John Wycliffe Lowes Forrester, a renowned early 20th century portrait and landscape artist, it illustrates Clement Studebaker’s standing in the company as well as the community. After the conservation has been completed, the painting will serve as a focal point of the permanent exhibit, which introduces visitors to the people and ideas that shaped their community.



Cedar County Historical Society - Tipton, IA
Award Amount: $2,750; Matching Amount: $0
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Ms. Sandra Harmel
Museum Coordinator

Project Title: "Cedar County Historical Society Glass Slide Negatives Preservation"
The Cedar County Historical Society in Tipton, IA will clean and conserve 492 glass slide negatives that date from 1885 to 1910. Images include pictures from the Spanish-American War and members of the county who served, as well as locally significant sites such as the Yule Barn, a stop on the Underground Railroad, and the South Bethel Church, one of the earliest churches built in the county. Once treated, the slides will be clean enough to make good quality digital images and be searchable on the museum Web site. Providing access to images of landmarks long since destroyed will give the community a glimpse at the people and places of their shared past.



Kansas State Historical Society - Topeka, KS
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $1,384
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Ms. Nikaela Zimmerman
Conservation Technician
785-272-8681 ext. 408;

Project Title: "Preserving Ball Gown Worn to Lincoln Inaugural"
The Kansas State Historical Society in Topeka, KS will use grant funds to conserve a rare silk gown worn to President Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural ball. The dress was owned by Mrs. John Usher, the wife of President Lincoln’s Secretary of the Interior, who returned to Kansas after Lincoln’s assassination. The gown is a three-piece dress, consisting of a day bodice, jacket-style evening bodice, and skirt. The delicate fabric of the skirt has begun to split, and textile conservators will clean, repair, and stabilize each section of the dress allowing it to be exhibited to the community and in traveling exhibits as a whole garment, a tangible link to a great leader and to the troubled times of the Civil War.



Loyola University New Orleans - New Orleans, LA
Award Amount: $2,753; Matching Amount: $0
Grant Category: AHPG-Library

Contact: Patricia Nugent
Special Collections Librarian Archivist

Project Title: "Monitoring and Improving the Environment in Special Collections and Archives"
Loyola University’s J. Edgar and Louise S. Monroe Library will purchase six temperature and humidity monitors and associated software to help maintain a stable, preservation environment for its special collections and archives. This equipment will help protect the library’s significant holdings of Jesuit materials, which include the Archives of the New Orleans Province of the Society of Jesus. The library also has significant holdings related to environmental activism, public affairs, literature, and the arts, among them, the papers of author Robert Giroux, letters written by journalist H. L. Mencken, and a fine collection of fore-edged painted books.



City of Methuen - Methuen, MA
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $245
Grant Category: AHPG-Library

Contact: Ms. Alene Reich
Historic Planner

Project Title: "Frost Register Conservation"
The Methuen Historical Commission of Massachusetts will clean, stabilize, and rebind the 1893 "Methuen School Register," better known locally as the "Frost Register." This unique literary artifact is a 312-page volume filled with loose-leaf sheets used to keep attendance by Robert Frost’s mother, and it documents the famous poet’s own substitute teaching. Apparently, Frost left Dartmouth College after his first semester to help in his mother’s unruly classroom. As a result, this register is an important record of Frost’s early life. Digital copies of the volume will also be created and made available to the public.


City of New Bedford - New Bedford, MA
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $2,928
Grant Category: AHPG-Library

Contact: Ms. Janice Hodson
Curator of Art

Project Title: "Conservation Treatment of Audubon Birds of America Engravings"
The New Bedford Free Public Library will use grant funds to provide conservation treatment to 23 hand-colored engravings from an original edition of John James Audubon’s double-elephant folio The Birds of America, a seminal work in both American art history and scientific illustration. New Bedford Free Public Library received its copy, only one of 143 complete, original sets of Audubon illustrations still in existence, in 1866. It was the institution’s first significant gift. The treatment will help prepare materials for a collaborative library and museum exhibition of Audubon prints, which will open in summer 2010.


City of Somerville - Somerville, MA
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $1,854
Grant Category: AHPG-Library

Contact: Ms. Nancy Milnor
Library Director
617-623-5000 ext. 2910;

Project Title: "Preserving a Spanish-American War Diary"
The Somerville Public Library in Massachusetts will provide conservation treatment to the leather-bound pocket diary kept by Lieutenant Frederick Watson Pierce, a Somerville soldier who served during the Spanish-American War. Pierce’s diary covers the months leading up to the war, his military service stateside during the war, and his experiences in Cuba as part of the postwar occupation force. The diary is especially valuable as it records the day-to-day activities of a young officer surrounded by historic events.


Gore Place Society - Waltham, MA
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $800
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Ms. Lana Lewis


Project Title: "Improving the Collections Environment in the Gore Place Library"
The Gore Place Society of Waltham, MA will use grant funds to install removable interior storm windows with UV filtering glass in the library of the 1806 mansion, which is furnished with furniture and artworks dating from 1660-1830. Collections include a miniature by John Trumbull and 179 rare books from the early 18th and 19th centuries. These windows will provide long-term conservation of the library collection by controlling the humidity changes and limiting the damaging effects of the sun’s rays on the fragile books and artworks in the room. These improvements will be shared with community members on tours, education programs, and concerts held in the museum.



Kingman Museum - Battle Creek, MI
Award Amount: $2,603; Matching Amount: $29,668
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Ms. M. Nelson
Collections Manager

Project Title: "Archives project"
The Kingman Museum in Battle Creek, MI will re-house 75 linear feet of archival material dating from the late 1800s to the present day in acid-free folders and boxes. The collections include documents on the founding of the museum, as the Battle Creek Public School Museum, in the early 1930s, as well as papers from two of the early leaders of the community, Edward M. Brigham and Edward M. Brigham, Jr. These papers contain memoirs and photographs documenting numerous expeditions around the world, which resulted in collections for the museum, and journals discussing their many scientific discoveries, such as the hoatzin, the four-footed bird of the Amazon basin. Once re-housed, the collections will be available for researchers and for exhibitions about this community treasure.



St. Joseph Museums - Saint Joseph, MO
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $13,788
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Mrs. Nancy Hampton
Assistant Curator of Collections

Project Title: "Eckel/Brunner Architectural Blueprint Storage Facilities"
The St. Joseph Museums in St. Joseph, MO will purchase storage and shelving materials to house 20,000 blueprints that are part of the Edmund Eckel/Brunner Architectural Collection. These blueprints depict buildings designed by Edmund Eckel, one of the most significant architects in Missouri. Active from 1869 through 1934, his firm was responsible for the design of 75 percent of the buildings in the city of St. Joseph. Invaluable for architectural scholars as well as local historic preservation efforts, these blueprints will be made available for research on the rich built environment in Missouri.


Eugene Field House - St. Louis, MO
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $14,150
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Valerie Pates

Project Title: "Storage Improvements for Field Collection"
The Eugene Field House in Saint Louis, MO will purchase archival storage boxes and custom-designed mounts for over 600 objects owned by the famous poet and his family. Working in the second half of the 19th century, Eugene Field was known as the Poet of Childhood and the Father of the Personal Newspaper Column, for his humorous essays and children’s poems. Items in the collection include clothing and an extensive collection of books owned by the author, as well as more personal items such as toys, walking sticks, and musical instruments. Each item will be carefully re-housed in an appropriate storage container to halt deterioration and allow more frequent exhibitions to share these private documents of the beloved writer with the community.



Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art - Great Falls, MT
Award Amount: $2,998; Matching Amount: $0
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Mr. Robert Durden
Curator of Art

Project Title: "Enhanced Collection Preservation Data Collection and Dissemination"
The Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art in Great Falls, MT will purchase and install electronic monitoring equipment in the exhibit and storage areas of the museum. The museum collections include over 600 works, primarily of Modern and Contemporary art of the American Northwest, with works from regionally important artists such as Freeman Butts and Jesse Wilber. Also significant are the collections of self-taught artists, whose works provide a framework for understanding the more conceptual and non-pictorial works of many Contemporary artists. The collection of data will provide a comprehensive climate study of the building, allowing the museum to more accurately design and calibrate the environmental systems and provide for the long-term care of the collections.


New Hampshire

American Independence Center - Exeter, NH
Award Amount: $2,907; Matching Amount: $1,025
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Professor Gail Nessell Colglazier

Project Title: "Environmental monitoring of collections storage and exhibit areas"
The American Independence Center in Exeter, NH will purchase and install temperature and humidity monitors in and around the 18th century Ladd-Gilman House. Built in four stages with the first phase lasting from 1721-1738, this house is not only a rare example of 18th century New England construction, but holds the majority of the museum’s collections as well. The data collected will allow museum staff to design short- and long-term solutions to address the detrimental impact of the conditions, and will serve as a case study for other small historic houses in the state of New Hampshire.


City of Manchester - Manchester, NH
Award Amount: $2,720; Matching Amount: $0
Grant Category: AHPG-Library

Contact: Mrs. Sally Fellows
Archivist/Records Management Officer

Project Title: "Preservation of Civil War Account Books"
Manchester, New Hampshire’s City Archives will restore three volumes of financial records related to the payment and support of local Civil War soldiers. These volumes illustrate the financial hardship and personal distress felt by families and individual soldiers as they served in the Union Army. They also indicate a commitment by the Manchester City government to support its citizens during a time of war. These important homefront records represent a relatively undocumented aspect of Civil War history by illustrating some experiences of families trying to cope with the head of household being away from home for months and sometimes years.


New York

Putnam County Historical Society and Foundry School Museum - Cold Spring, NY
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $375
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Ms. Mindy Krazmien
Exhibition Manager

Project Title: "Putnam County Historical Society Costume Conservation"
The Putnam County Historical Society and Foundry School in Cold Spring, NY will use grant funds to repair and conserve an afternoon visiting dress made in 1900. A delicate, two-piece silk and lace summer ensemble worn in the Gilded Age, this dress in an outstanding example of Art Nouveau fashion at its peak and reflects the social life of the upper class of the era. Part of one of the most significant costume collections in the state, this dress, once conserved, will be part of an extensive exhibit planned for 2011 titled, A Summer Afternoon, providing insight into the material culture and history at the turn of the 20th century.


Farmingdale State College - Farmingdale, NY
Award Amount: $2,997; Matching Amount: $8,211
Grant Category: AHPG-Library

Contact: Ms. Karen Gelles
Librarian / College Archivist

Project Title: "Preservation of Historical Documents, Photographs, and Negatives in the Farmingdale State College Archives."
Farmingdale State College’s Greenley Library will re-house approximately 1,000 photographic prints from 1914-1950, a selection of historical and mission critical documents, and glass plate negatives from 1914-1916 that show the first construction on campus, as well as significant, early campus figures. These important archival materials record the efforts of the first public institution of higher education on Long Island as it sought to serve the agricultural education needs of "city boys and girls." These photographs also help illustrate the development of Long Island by depicting farms and open swathes of land, now home to suburban tracts, shopping centers, and commercial parks linked by highways.


Research Foundation CUNY - Queens College - Flushing, NY
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $100
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Dr. Amy Winter
Director and Curator

Project Title: "Treatment and repair of "Washington Irving's House," ca. 1930-1940, oil on canvas, 20ωωω h. x 24ωωω w., by"
The Godwin-Ternbach Museum, part of the City University of New York and located in Flushing, NY, will use grant funds to conserve Humbert Arcamonte’s painting, Washington Irving’s House c. 1930-1940. Depicting the famous author’s Manhattan home, said to be at the corner of 17th Street and Irving Place (named for the author), the painting depicts a village scene of red-brick houses and tree-lined streets, traveled by horse-drawn carriages. Created under the WPA program, the painting is one of four such works donated to the museum that act as both historic and artistic documents of the period. Once conserved, the painting will go on exhibit so that scholars and community members alike will have access to the stories this painting may unlock.


Harness Racing Museum and Hall of Fame - Goshen, NY
Award Amount: $2,695; Matching Amount: $0
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Ms. Rebecca Howard


Project Title: "Painting Conservation - Hambletonian and the two Van Zandt's"
The Harness Racing Museum and Hall of Fame in Goshen, NY will use grant funds to conserve two paintings from the museum’s collection of equine art, Rysdk’s Hambltonian, Albany, NY 1878 and Hambletonian, 1934. Painted by father and son artists Thomas van Zandt and William G. Van Zandt more than fifty years apart, these works capture the power of American Standardbred foundation sire Hambletonian, and illustrate the long-term cultural and historical importance of this American equine hero. Conserving these two paintings will provide an opportunity to remind the community of the heritage behind the images of horses on display on shops, restaurants, and homes around town that serve as community identity. It is a history not only of a sport or a single breed of horse, but of the cultural traditions of a region and the transportation history of a nation.


Puerto Rican Workshop - New York, NY
Award Amount: $2,794; Matching Amount: $0
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Mr. Marcos Dimas
Artistic Director / Curator

Project Title: "Taller Boricua Archival Project"
The Puerto Rican Workshop (Taller Borica) in New York, NY will use grant funds to re-house nearly 6,000 archival items, photos, film, artwork, books, articles, slides, videos, and blueprints that chronicle the birth and growth of the Newyorican Art Movement and the artists associated with it. Purchasing shelving and acid-free boxes, folders, and other archival storage materials, the museum will begin to address the long-term conservation needs of these collections. Once re-housed, the museum will be able to allow researchers, contemporary artists, and community members to explore the rich cultural heritage of Puerto Rican, Afro-Caribbean, and Latino artists working in New York’s Harlem neighborhood in the late 20th century.


Raices Latin Music Museum - New York, NY
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $4,890
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Ms. Nancy McGary
Collection Manager

Project Title: "Preservation of a Cultural Icon"
The Raices Latin Music Museum in New York, NY will use grant funds to preserve an iconic straw boater hat worn by world-famous Cuban-America musician and bandleader Desi Arnaz. The hat will be cleaned, humidified and reshaped, tears will be mended, and weak spots in the material will be reinforced with appropriate fiber. An archival mount and box will be created to minimize further damage when handling for storage and display. Once treated, the hat will be used to excite the community about the collections and educate them about the process of long-term care and conservation.


Rochester School for the Deaf - Rochester, NY
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $0
Grant Category: AHPG-Library

Contact: Mrs. Mary Mowl
Chair, Siegfried Archive Center

Project Title: "Preserving Deaf History and Culture"
Founded in 1876, the Rochester School for the Deaf is one of the nation’s first schools for the deaf. As such, it plays a unique role in the life and history of the deaf community in the United States. The school's Siegfried Archive Center will use grant funds to flatten and re-house panoramic photos of alumni taken at reunions held between 1920 and 1952. Grant funds will also be used to duplicate oversized, original images of the school’s superintendents, allowing these originals to be taken from permanent display.


Schenectady Museum - Schenectady, NY
Award Amount: $2,993; Matching Amount: $13,208
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Mr. Christopher Hunter
Director of Archives and Collections
518-382-7890 ext. 241;

Project Title: "Preservation Re-housing of GE Photograph Collection"
The Schenectady Museum in Schenectady, NY will use grant funds to continue its ongoing effort to preserve and make accessible the General Electric Photograph collection. This collection documents local workers from 1918 to 1930 and the electrification of American society. The museum will remove 53,200 photographs from leather-bound scrapbooks that have begun to deteriorate and place them in acid-free boxes with acid-free interleaving papers in order to ensure their long-term preservation for national and local researchers. This collection represents a vast resource for the study of American culture and technology.


County of Onondaga - Syracuse, NY
Award Amount: $2,914; Matching Amount: $108
Grant Category: AHPG-Library

Contact: Ms. Barbara Scheibel

Project Title: "Conservation Treatment of the Autograph Manuscript Collection"
Syracuse, New York’s Onondaga County Public Library will provide conservation treatment to its "Autograph Manuscript Collection." This collection consists of 218 letters written in the 18th and 19th centuries by a wide range of United States historical figures, among them Louisa May Alcott, John Quincy Adams, Jefferson Davis, Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, Andrew Jackson, Lucretia Mott, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Walt Whitman, and Laura Ingalls Wilder. A number of the letters contain significant historical content such as Frederick Douglass’s note where he defends his marriage to Helen Pitts, a white woman, or Syracuse pioneer Comfort Tyler’s written description of his plan to set up a colony on the lower Mississippi and to rule it, without ties to the United States, with friend Aaron Burr. Each of these detailed, first-person accounts give their readers a compelling window into the past.


Patterson Library - Westfield, NY
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $2,831
Grant Category: AHPG-Library

Contact: Mr. Eli Guinnee

Project Title: "Westfield Historical Photograph Preservation Project"
Westfield, New York’s Patterson Library will place its "Historical Photographs Collection" in archival sleeves and create a finding aid to help researchers locate useful images. The nearly 5,000 photographs in the collection help tell the story of Westfield "The Grape Juice Capital of the World." This collection includes images of the local grape juice industry, as well as town luminaries, among them Grace Bedell, the little girl famous for petitioning Abraham Lincoln to grow a beard. Other photos show school activities, civic organizations, and street scenes that document the physical development of the town.



University of Akron - Akron, OH
Award Amount: $2,382; Matching Amount: $0
Grant Category: AHPG-Library

Contact: Ms. Cathy Faye
Assistant Director, AHAP

Project Title: "Rare Book Conservation for the Archives of the History of American Psychology"
The University of Akron’s Archives of the History of American Psychology (AHAP) houses approximately 50,000 rare and antiquarian volumes relating to the history of philosophy and psychology. Using grant funds, AHAP will provide conservation treatment to two important, rare books that require immediate care. They include an 1860 edition of Charles Darwin’s revolutionary On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life and Catherine Esther Beecher’s 1831 The Elements of Mental and Moral Philosophy, Founded Upon Experience, Reason, and the Bible. Beecher’s work, the first psychological treatise written by an American woman, was never officially published or sold and is extremely rare with only fifteen copies known to exist.


Northwest State Community College - Archbold, OH
Award Amount: $2,893; Matching Amount: $6,784
Grant Category: AHPG-Library

Contact: Mr. Peter Wilhelm
Coordinator of Historic Preservation

Project Title: "Luther's Werke Conservation"
Northwest State Community College will clean, repair, and provide proper storage for its Luther Werke Collection. This collection of Martin Luther’s printed works represented in 30 volumes published from the early to mid-nineteenth century, carries special significance to the people of Northwest Ohio as many are of German heritage.


County of Delaware - Sunbury, OH
Award Amount: $1,108; Matching Amount: $0
Grant Category: AHPG-Library

Contact: Margaret Arnold
Coordinator of Information Resources

Project Title: "Collection Storage Improvement"
The County of Delaware Community Library in Sunbury, Ohio, will re-house in appropriate storage containers a selection of archival materials, among them the daybooks of a late 19th-century stagecoach inn, hotel registers from the 1920s-1940s, the mid-19th-century ledger of a local general store, directories of local fraternal organizations, school memorabilia, court dockets from the 1860s-1950s, and materials related to the longtime economic center of the area, the Nestle plant. Important records such as these reveal the day-to-day life of a community, and they are frequently consulted by a wide range of users, including schoolchildren, genealogists, teachers, and historians.



University of Oregon - Eugene, OR
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $4,962
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Ms. Jill Hartz
Executive Director

Project Title: "Conservation of Carl Morris's "History of Religions" mural series, "Woman Resting," and "Rock Bound Forms""
The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR will use grant funds to treat 11 paintings by the noted American regional artist, Carl Morris. Nine of the paintings comprise the "History of Religions" mural series, created for the 1959 Oregon Centennial Exposition. Two additional works, "Woman Resting" (1939) and "Rock Bound Forms" (1945), are important early works that illustrate the evolution of Morris’s style, which culminated in the mural series. Conservation treatment of these paintings will allow for future traveling and temporary exhibits so that the community of the Pacific Northwest can develop a more full understanding of the artist’s stylistic evolution.



Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia - Philadelphia, PA
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $1,065
Grant Category: AHPG-Library

Contact: Dr. Karl Krueger
Director, Krauth Memorial Library

Project Title: "Conservation Treatment of Chief Justice William Allen (1704-1780)Portrait"
The Krauth Memorial Library of Philadelphia’s Lutheran Theological Seminary will conserve its portrait of William Allen, mayor of Philadelphia (1735), provincial assemblyman (1730-1739), founder of Allentown, PA (1762), and chief justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for 24 years (1750-1774). At one time, Philadelphia’s wealthiest man, Allen generously supported the building of the state house (now known as Independence Hall), the establishment of the Pennsylvania Hospital, and the Academy and College of Philadelphia (now the University of Pennsylvania). This is one of the few surviving images of Allen, and an important part of the story of the United State’s birth as a nation. A Loyalist during the Revolution, Allen left Pennsylvania in 1774 for England where he wrote The American Crisis, returning home in 1779.The seminary stands on the site of Allen’s home, "Mt. Airy."


South Dakota

Augustana College - Sioux Falls, SD
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $16,063
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Dr. Lindsay Twa

Project Title: "Collection Storage Improvements for Eide/Dalrymple Gallery: purchase of Solander boxes to rehouse most"
The Eide-Dalrymple Gallery at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD will purchase storage boxes to re-house 375 of the most significant works on paper by internationally known artists, such as Marc Chagall, Winslow Homer, Kathe Kolwitz, Heri Matisse, Joan Miro and Pablo Picasso, as well as regionally-significant artists, including Robert Aldern and Ogden Dalrymple. Currently the works are housed in over-crowded storage drawers or are mounted in acidic mats. After the works are transferred to new storage boxes and re-matted, they will be part of changing exhibits in the gallery and made available for supervised viewing in a study classroom for researchers, community members, and students.



Texas State Library and Archives Commission - Austin, TX
Award Amount: $2,976; Matching Amount: $0
Grant Category: AHPG-Library

Contact: Mrs. Laura Saegert
Map Archivist

Project Title: "Preservation of fire insurance maps"
The Texas State Library and Archives will re-house in archival enclosures a collection of unique fire insurance maps created by the Texas Fire Insurance Department. Dating from approximately 1930 to 1975, these several thousand manuscript maps supplement the well-known and published Sanborn fire insurance maps by documenting small towns and areas of municipalities not covered by the commercial mapmaker. Created to help determine fire insurance rates for specific areas, these maps provide a wealth of unique and irreplaceable information about the built environment of numerous Texas communities.


Dallas County Heritage Society - Dallas, TX
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $1,545
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Dr. Evelyn Montgomery
Curator of Exhibits and Collections

Project Title: "Conservation treatment and mounting for an endangered silk quilt top created by a historically prominent Dallas"
The Dallas County Heritage Society in Dallas, TX will use grant funds to conserve a delicate silk quilt top created in the late 19th century. Sewn by Emma Dewey Miller, a Dallas pioneer and first owner of the historic house that serves as the focal point of the Dallas Heritage Village, this textile is a work in progress with the newspaper forms still intact and basting stitches still visible. Conservation will include stabilization of the deteriorating silk and creation of a custom case for safe handling and exhibition. Once treated, the quilt top will again serve to illustrate the craftsmanship of women in the 19th century and show the progress of material life as the city moved from frontier to commercial center.



Town of Rockingham - Bellows Falls, VT
Award Amount: $2,967; Matching Amount: $4,897
Grant Category: AHPG-Library

Contact: Emily Zervas
Reference and Historical Collections Librarian

Project Title: "Rockingham Free Public Library Cataloged Photograph Collection Rehousing Project"
Vermont’s Rockingham Free Public Library will use grant funds to re-house its "Cataloged Photograph Collection," which was organized in 1976 as part of the local observance of the United States Bicentennial. The library’s most frequently consulted historical resource, this photograph collection documents the area’s rich history as a railroad hub, dairy center, vacation destination, and Native American gathering place. Treatment will remove the photographs from their current acidic construction-paper backing and provide them with new preservation-quality enclosures, helping to ensure that these important documents will be around for the nation’s Tricentennial.



City of Lynchburg - Lynchburg, VA
Award Amount: $2,993; Matching Amount: $0
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Mr. Greg Krueger

Project Title: "Improvement of Collections Storage: Rehousing with Acid-Free Boxes and Support Material"
The Lynchburg Museums in Lynchburg, VA will use grant funds to re-house the growing textile and costume collection in acid-free boxes. Including an extensive collection of military uniforms worn by local residents ranging from the 19th through the 20th centuries, as well as wedding gowns and early 20th century business suits worn by local architect Stan Hope Johnson, these collections provide a tangible link to the changes within the community over time. After conservation, the textiles will add depth and breadth to an ever-changing exhibit interpreting the history of Lynchburg and its surrounding communities.


Manassas Museum Associates - Manassas, VA
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $9,941
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Mr. John Verrill
Director, Manassas Museum System

Project Title: "Preservation and Public Access of the Albert Speiden Architectural Collection"
The Manassas Museum System in Manassas, VA will use grant funds to re-house a unique collection of blueprints, business plans, and conceptual drawings from the firm of Speiden & Speiden, Architects. Active between 1896 and 1933 in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia, the firm designed homes, movie theaters, churches, apartment buildings, and government offices across the capital region. Rich in detail for local researchers and community members, this archive has been stored in rolls and has not been generally available. The project will allow the drawings to be unrolled and stored in acid-free, flat-file cabinets in the stable environmental conditions at the Speiden Carper House museum.



Nordic Heritage Museum Foundation - Seattle, WA
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $700
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Ms. Lisa Hill-Festa
Curator of Collections

Project Title: "Stabilization Treatment for early 18th Century Swedish Trunk"
The Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle, WA will use grant funds to treat and stabilize a rare Swedish trunk painted in the folk tradition in 1702. Traveling to the United States with Swedish immigrants as a family heirloom and a symbol of cultural heritage, this trunk is an exceptional survivor, telling stories of the immigrant experience and age-old art traditions. Once conserved, the trunk will be featured in the newly reinstalled exhibits of the Folk Art gallery, so that visitors will be able to experience the stories of many generations who carefully treasured this object.



Beloit College - Beloit, WI
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $0
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Ms. Nicolette Meister
Curator of Collections

Project Title: "Environmental Monitoring Upgrade Project"
The Logan Museum of Anthropology at Beloit College in Beloit, WI will purchase and install environmental monitoring equipment for the Albert Green Heath Collection of Native American objects. Given to the museum in 1955, this group of 936 artifacts, collected by amateur anthropologist Albert Heath, has extensive records concerning the owners and provenance of the items, making the collection highly significant for researchers and tribal members alike. The monitoring equipment will be used to better understand and adjust for long-term temperature and humidity controls that will lead to increased care for the collection. The grant will also be used to hold an on-site workshop for museum staff and students to understand environmental monitoring of museum collections.


Chippewa Valley Museum - Eau Claire, WI
Award Amount: $3,000; Matching Amount: $538
Grant Category: AHPG-Museum

Contact: Carrie Ronnander

Project Title: "Preserving the Bear for Wear"
The Chippewa Valley Museum in Eau Claire, WI will preserve its Bear for Wear, a three-dimensional expression of the Gillette Safety Tire Company logo. For most of the 20th century, Gillette was the area’s largest employer. The Bear for Wear painted plaster cast, though broken in several pieces, was intentionally saved by the employees when the plant closed in the 1990s. After conservation, the museum will promote the project at the Fourth of July celebration, their largest community event, and on their Web site. This process will be used as an opportunity to discuss the repair of the Bear, as well as the preservation of the entire collection as the memory of the community.