Grant Applicants
Conservation Assessment Program

For application information and examples of how this program can benefit your institution, please visit the Heritage Preservation Web site.

Heritage Preservation Contact:

Melanie Zucker
Director, CAP
1012 14th Street, NW, Suite 1200
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 202/233-0800



Deadline: December 01, 2014
Program Overview:

The Conservation Assessment Program (CAP) is supported through a cooperative agreement between IMLS and Heritage Preservation. Through CAP, professional conservators identify conservation priorities by spending two days at your location and three days writing a report about your museum's collection, environmental conditions, and site. The report can help your museum develop strategies for improving collections care and provide a tool for long-range planning and fund-raising.

CAP offers a maximum of two assessors per institution. Most museums are provided a conservator to assess the museum's collections. If you have an historic structure (a building more than 50 years old), you may also qualify for a historic structure assessment. Zoos, aquariums, nature centers, botanical gardens, and arboreta can be provided a zoologist, botanist, or horticulturalist to assess living collections. For more information, visit

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