Grant Applicants - Program Guidelines

Partnerships and the Partnership Statement

The members of the partnership must designate a single eligible entity to apply for the grant. Each member of the partnership must complete a Partnership Statement, detailing the activities it plans to perform. The Partnership Statement binds each member of the partnership to every statement and all assurances made in the application. Submit the Partnership Statement(s) with the application. You, as the applicant, must have in your possession signed, original versions of the Partnership Statements and make them available to us upon request.

By submitting Partnership Statement(s) with the application, you affirm that (1) each partner is available and has agreed to participate, and (2) each Partnership Statement is true, complete, and accurate to the best of your Authorized Representative’s knowledge.

If we make a grant to a partnership, the lead applicant for the partnership is the grantee and is legally responsible for the use of all grant funds and for ensuring that the project is carried out by the partnership in accordance with the terms of the grant and all applicable federal laws, regulations, and requirements. The applicant must be the fiscal agent but may subcontract with partners for other specific activities or services. Each member of the partnership is legally responsible for carrying out the activities it agrees to perform and for using the funds it receives in accordance with the terms of the grant and all applicable federal laws, regulations, and requirements.

Federal Partnerships
You may partner with other federal agencies, when appropriate to the project. However, it is important to remember that federally appropriated funds, whether they are disbursed directly to you by an agency of the federal government or indirectly through another organization, do not count as cost share.

International Partnerships
While we do not make grants to non-U.S. entities, such entities may partner with eligible U.S. organizations on an IMLS-funded project. Non-U.S. libraries and museums are encouraged to participate and contribute fully to the project. Such participation, however, does not count toward your cost share.

Partnership Statement form

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