Grant Applicants - Program Guidelines

Schedule of Completion

A Schedule of Completion marks important milestones for the project and shows when each major project activity will be undertaken. The Schedule of Completion must correspond to the activities described in the narrative and the project dates identified on the Application for Federal Domestic Assistance/Short Organizational Form (SF-424S) and Budget Form.

One way to plot this information is in a graph or chart that lists project activities and the corresponding months when these activities will take place during the project. See the example below. You may also format the schedule as a narrative or spreadsheet, but it should be no longer than one page per project year. Regardless of which format is used, list each major project activity addressed in the application narrative and the date each activity begins and ends. If the proposed activity is part of a larger project, make sure the IMLS-funded portion is clearly identified. Click image below for a larger view.

sample schedule of completion