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4. EdVenture Children’s Museum

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photo of a boy looking at a petri dish with a magnifying glass
Left to right: Community Member Noah Aitchison Adams, Director Catherine Wilson Horne, Cokie Roberts, Community Member Mary Aitchison, and Susan Hildreth. Click image to access full-size version.

Visitors entering EdVenture Children’s Museum are immediately greeted by EDDIE®, the world’s largest child. The four-story high, 17.5 ton 10 yr old boy is the museum’s centerpiece and a hands-on exhibit large enough for children and adults to explore the inner wonders of the human body. EdVenture has more than 350 individual hands-on interactives including nine world-class exhibit galleries, a library, learning laboratories and resources centers with a focus on creativity, science, literacy and early learning. Visitors can roll up their sleeves and discover the "World of Work," where children can recognize and appreciate the diversity of jobs such as farmers, mechanics, firefighters, scientist and builders. Other interactive exhibits involve creativity using recycled products in the "Aha Factory," a 30-foot Energy Tower in "The Great Outdoors," biodiversity of plants and animals native to South Carolina in "Blooming Butterflies," home and fire safety in EdVenture’s 4-D theater "Home Safe Home" and health and nutrition." 

Community Member: Noah Aitchison Adams
Noah Aitchison Adams and his mother Mary Aitchison joined the EdVenture community health initiative, the Big ED Health Team, four years ago. Noah’s mother wanted to find community supports for Noah that would reinforce the ideas and beliefs she felt were important to help him grow and succeed. Noah has made repeated trips through EDDIE, the museum’s centerpiece and world’s largest child. EDDIE is a 40-foot, 17.5-ton, hands-on exhibit, made of reinforced, molded plastic and is large enough for adults and children to climb through to learn about the human body. Noah also enjoys playing down on the farm, milking the cow, plucking eggs from chickens, planting and pulling vegetables from the garden, and of course, driving the tractor! He can also shop at the Piggy Market and check his own heart rate at the museum. Noah and his mother are grateful for all of the special health initiatives presented by the museum; being a part of the Big Ed Health Team is a particularly cherished memory.

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