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2. Contra Costa County Library

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Nina Foster
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a young boy uses his phone to caputure a QR code on a sign
Library customer learning about Discover & Go with his phone.


California’s Contra Costa County Library is reshaping how residents access library services on the go. Snap & Go, a smart phone application using a Quick Response (QR) code, enables the Library's card carrying commuters to carry the library with them. People can access e-books, the catalog and other features where and when they want them, not just when libraries are open. A new program, Discover & Go, offers library users and underserved populations 24/7 access to downloadable free passes to a wide range of cultural institutions, such as museums and galleries, throughout the bay area.

"I offer my highest congratulations to Contra Costa Library on earning the National Medal for Museum and Library Service," said Congressman John Garamendi (D-Fairfield, CA). "Their innovative outreach efforts are introducing more members of our community to a world of knowledge and self-discovery. Through mobile applications, the Library is using Northern California’s famed technological ingenuity to engage Contra Costa residents on their daily commute. Through their museum and adult literacy programs, the Library is opening up manifold cultural, social, and economic opportunities for disadvantaged members of our community."

Community Member: Gladys Leeks
Contra Costa County resident Gladys Leeks shows us that it’s never too late to make a change. In her sixties, Gladys joined Weight Watchers and successfully lost 104 pounds. With newfound confidence, she enrolled in Contra Costa County Library’s adult literacy program, Project Second Chance, and at age 67, learned to read. "All facets of my life have been enhanced by the growth of my reading skills. I no longer have to look at pictures to understand movies or menus; I can now read to my grandchildren," she said. Gladys landed her dream job with Weight Watchers because of her new literacy skills and successfully advanced to earn the position of Leader.


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