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6. Museum of Contemporary Art

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Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami
A family views the Rita Ackermann exhibition.


The Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, which serves one of America’s most diverse areas, reaches out with educational programming that aims to keep students in school, improve literacy, empower women, deter unsocial behavior, and ease feelings of isolation through the universal language of art. Among its acclaimed outreach programs is Women on the Rise!, in which  MOCA trains local women artists to go into juvenile detention centers and other facilities to teach kids about using art to express themselves. Community art projects encourage children to take pride in their community.

"It is my honor to congratulate the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) on winning the prestigious National Medal for Museum and Library Service. MOCA’s use of art to connect our very diverse community is exceptional. MOCA’S educational programs, aimed at keeping students in school, deterring gang activity, and empowering women, have had a profound and noticeable impact upon our community. The contributions made to South Florida by the Museum of Contemporary Art are inspiring, vitally important and deserve recognition for excellence," said Rep. Frederica Wilson (FL-17).

"Congratulations to the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami. This award is a testament to the positive impact the museum has had on the Miami community, and I hope you have many more years of success!" said U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (FL).

Community Member: Kassandra Timothe
Kassandra Timothe began volunteering at the Museum of Contemporary Art when she was in middle school. Seven years later, she remains actively involved at MOCA. The Junior Docent program sparked Kassandra’s appreciation for art – art became more than just a picture on the wall; instead, a painting or sculpture now conveyed emotion and told a story. "I attribute my success today to the experience I gained through volunteering at MOCA. If it had not been for the mentoring and education I received at the museum, I know I wouldn’t be where I am today – a University of South Florida college graduate and working as a legislative aide to a Tampa City Councilwoman," Kassandra reflects.

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