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9. Rancho Cucamonga Public Library

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Rancho Cucamonga Public Library

Left to right: Christine DeVries, Robert Karatsu, and Mrs. Obama. Click image for a larger view.

Rancho Cucamonga Public Library serves a highly diverse community in one of California’s fastest growing areas. The Library incorporates rich cultural programming while maintaining a strong focus on family and multi-generational involvement. A series of Cultural Arts Nights showcase culture while Back 2 Basics supports children who read below grade level. Play and Learn IslandsTM(PALs), small scale exhibits that introduce play into libraries, are extremely popular and feature interactive elements and books to help children develop problem solving, reading and writing, spatial relations, motor, collaboration, and creative skills. Since their 2009 introduction, Rancho Cucamonga has loaned PALs at no cost to 35 California library jurisdictions.

"On behalf of the City of Rancho Cucamonga, I am truly honored that the Rancho Cucamonga Public Library has been named a recipient of the 2013 National Medal for Museum and Library Service and would like to acknowledge our strategic partnerships, dedicated Council, Board, Foundation, and Friends, the California State Library, and our outstanding City team for their support," said Library Director Robert Karatsu. "In Rancho Cucamonga, we strive to create engaging and transformational libraries that build a sense of community and joy through innovative services, interactive and experiential programs, and with enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff, so for the Rancho Cucamonga Public Library to be recognized by the IMLS for making exceptional contributions to our community is indeed a great honor."

ommunity Member: Christine DeVries is mom – and, because of the decision to homeschool, teacher extraordinaire – to the family’s 9-year-old triplets: Grant, Kennedy, and Madison. The library has been an integral part of the family’s life since the triplets were tiny one year olds. They’ve grown from storytime to toddler and pre-school programs, afterschool activities, and energetic Discovery Club members. "Through the library, we have found a social network of other homeschoolers – we coordinate playdates with friends we’ve made at the library. I can honestly say that the triplets love to read, the triplets love to learn, the triplets love to explore new worlds, and the triplets love the Rancho Cucamonga Public Library!"

Praise for Rancho Cucamonga Public Library:

I am extremely proud that Rancho Cucamonga Public Library has been recognized by the Institute for Museum and Library Services with this prestigious and well-deserved award. The Library does exceptional and innovative work to promote literacy and learning in our community. I congratulate Library Director Robert Karatsu for his leadership and all the staff and volunteers whose hard work and dedication to community service has made the library one of the top institutions in the country.
U.S. Representative Gary Miller (Calif.)

We are extremely proud of our libraries in Rancho Cucamonga and their commitment to serving the Rancho Cucamonga community. In my view, the library is an outstanding model of an institution that makes a difference not only for its immediate users, but for libraries and communities as a whole.
Rancho Cucamonga Mayor L. Dennis Michael

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