Native Hawaiian Library Services
August 2013 Grant Announcement


ALU LIKE, Inc. - Honolulu, HI
Award Amount: $214,031

Contact: Mr. Analu Josephides
Library Director

ALU LIKE, Inc.’s Native Hawaiian Library will address key issues identified by the Native Hawaiian community in a recent needs assessment: (1) improve access to library and literacy services; (2) increase awareness of the Native Hawaiian Library; and (3) assist Native Hawaiians in documenting their genealogy. To meet these, ALU LIKE, Inc. and its partners will expand access services to both traditional and digital library materials; develop learning boxes based on Hawaiian themes and promote them through creative outreach programming; assist elders and children to develop a culturally based and family-centered reading pilot program; and develop a five-year strategic plan for the organization.


Hula Preservation Society - Kanehoe, HI
Award Amount: $49,492

Contact: Ms. Maile Loo
Project Director

The Hula Preservation Society (HPS) will work with its partner, the Brigham Young University - Hawaii (BYU-HI) Library, to develop the technology to share access to their collections and increase access to primary source materials. The project will focus on material housed in the BYU-HI Library, cataloging and digitizing 800 photos and documents and 90 rare videos that make up a long neglected, unsorted collection of culturally significant moving and still images. The longer term goal is to develop HPS’s capacity to maximize digital technology for cultural collection management while taking conservation measures to preserve original formats.


Kanu o ka ‘Aina Learning ‘Ohana (KALO) - Kamuela, HI
Award Amount: $112,639

Contact: Ms. Nancy Levenson 
IT Director/Grants Compliance Officer

Kanu o ka ‘Aina Learning ‘Ohana’s (KALO) project will provide funding for a College and Career Specialist who will plan and implement activities at KALO’s Native Hawaiian Library to improve college readiness among Native Hawaiian high school seniors and adults interested in returning to college.  The library will also provide career-related skills training for Native Hawaiians seeking employment or wanting to start a small business.  Building on active partnerships with local and statewide organizations, KALO’s long-term goal is to increase the rate of college enrollment and the number of community members earning a viable living, ultimately improving the socio-economic status of Native Hawaiians.


Papahana Kuaola - Kanehoe, HI
Award Amount: $146,838

Contact: Ms. Mahealani Merryman
Project Director

Papahana Kuaola’s Wai Ahu Project addresses Native Hawaiian students’ need for effective literacy opportunities that are culture-based and responsive to their learning styles. The project will target students, teachers, and community members on the islands of O’ahu, Moloka’i, and Lana’i to increase interest in reading and to experience Hawaiian ways of knowledge, all to inspire participants to become lifelong learners. Participants will be introduced to traditional and contemporary stories (mo’olelo) that have been adopted for a student reader. They will be engaged with nature (in activities such as stargazing), participate in demonstrations and in hands-on learning through activities and games.