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4. Las Vegas-Clark County Library District

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Left to right: Avree Walker, Jeanne Goodrich, Mrs. Obama.

Left to right: Avree Walker, Jeanne Goodrich, Mrs. Obama. Click image for a larger view.

The Las Vegas-Clark County Library District serves 1.5 million people who live in the city of Las Vegas, the surrounding towns in Clark County, and nearby remote rural areas. The Library District is being recognized for its efforts to align programs and services with the needs of a community struggling with foreclosure, unemployment, bankruptcy, and other impacts of the Great Recession.

Community member Avree Walker is a shining example of how libraries change lives. Avree “grew up” at the West Las Vegas Library branch, using the collection and electronic resources to complete his schoolwork and conduct research for projects and papers. The informational and cultural programs offered by the library exposed Avree to a world outside his neighborhood, and inspired him to pursue his passion for dance. Today, Avree is pursuing a BFA in dance from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and is a dancer with Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theatre. He gives back to his community and library by working with youth at the library as both a choreographer and a producer.

“I am thrilled the Library District has been recognized for its important work to address the needs of our community during the extremely challenging economic downturn,” said Jeanne Goodrich, Executive Director of the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District. Goodrich and community member Avree Walker, along with Library Board of Trustees Chair Keiba Crear, will travel to Washington and share the impact the Library District has had on Avree’s life during the May 8 celebration. Watch video of Avree's story on YouTube. Read transcript (PDF, 51KB)

Praise for Las Vegas-Clark County Library District:

“I congratulate the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District on receiving the 2014 National Medal for Museum and Library Service award. From Laughlin to Bunkerville, and throughout the numerous communities in-between, the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District does exemplary work providing a most valuable public service: access to educational information for families, students, and adults. I commend the LV-CC Library District for all they do to improve and educate our diverse Las Vegas population and know that they will continue to contribute to the important work of helping our communities succeed.” – U.S. Rep. Joe Heck (NV)

“Congratulations to the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District for being awarded the prestigious 2014 National Medal for Museum and Library Service.  A society cannot flourish without free and open access to information; the Las Vegas-Clark County libraries provide a vital forum for such an exchange through various programs ranging from homework tutoring to tax assistance. Despite a tough economy, our Library District has continued to offer excellent resources to all members of our community here in Southern Nevada. I thank them for their service and commend them for being one of only ten districts recognized with this outstanding award.“U.S. Rep. Dina Titus (NV)

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