Connecting to Collections Statewide Implementation Grant Announcement
September 2012

Colorado  |  Nebraska  |  New Jersey  |  New York  |  Ohio  |  Oklahoma  |  Oregon  |  Wisconsin


University of Colorado, Auraria Library - Aurora, CO
Congressional District: CO_07
Award Amount: $248,130

Contact: Dr. Mary Somerville
Professor and Library Director

The Colorado Collections Consortium, headquartered at the University of Colorado Denver at Auraria Library and partnering with Colorado Board of Education, the Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists, and the State Historical Society of Colorado, will create a network of trained preservation assessors; foster the development of emergency plans and a multiyear training program; encourage individual institutions’ responsibility for collections care; increase awareness of collections needs among state and local government officials and the public; and build a sustainable, collaborative Colorado Collection Care initiative among the state’s archives, libraries, museums, professional organizations, and government emergency management offices. Action! Colorado Connecting to Collections will increase the number of trained professionals who can assess institutional preservation needs, increase institutional capacity collections preservation, and strengthen relationships with emergency managers and first responders.



Nebraska Historical Society - Lincoln, NE
Congressional District: NE_01
Award Amount: $181,996

Contact: Ms. Lynne Ireland
Deputy Director

Through the Husker Heritage NEtwork, the Nebraska Historical Society and its partners, the Nebraska Arts Council, the Nebraska Humanities Council, the Nebraska Library Association, the Nebraska Library Commission, the Nebraska Museums Association, and the Nebraska State Historic Records Advisory Board, will provide opportunities for staff and volunteers of Nebraska cultural heritage organizations to connect, confer, and collaborate in improving collection preservation over the long term. Linking local organizations with state associations, the network will provide support and resource sharing in person; expand sets of online materials; carry out collections care and emergency planning workshops at annual association meetings; and establish mentor relationships to develop next-step plans and peer-to-peer assistance among museums, libraries, and archives personnel.


New Jersey

New Jersey State Library - Trenton, NJ
Congressional District: NJ_12
Award Amount: $238,755

Contact: Ms. Michele Stricker
Deputy Director, Library Development Bureau

The New Jersey State Library will lead a two-year NJ Collections Care Initiative to address urgent collections care needs through educational programs and training. Intended to reach collections care professionals and volunteers, these programs will encourage the use of collections care best practices, support targeted fundraising and marketing, increase the use of existing resources, and accelerate the development of collaborative strategies. Building on the success of New Jersey’s "Connecting to Collections" planning process, the New Jersey State Library will continue its partnerships with the New Jersey State Archives, the Newark Museum, the New Jersey State Museum, the New Jersey Historical Commission, and Rutgers University. The public will incur long-term benefits from this initiative through increased accessibility to unique and rare collection materials, improved security of important state collections through disaster planning, and the assurance that the great collections within the state will be preserved for the enjoyment and research needs of future generations.


New York

Greater Hudson Heritage Network - Elmsford, NY
Congressional District:
Award Amount: $250,000

Contact: Mrs. Priscilla Brendler
Executive Director

The Greater Hudson Heritage Network, in partnership with the New York Council on the Arts, the Albany Institute of History and Art, the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences, the Fenton Historical Society of Jamestown, the Historic House Trust of New York City, the Museum Association of New York, Museumwise, the Niagara County Historical Society, the NY 3Rs Association, the Onondaga Historical Association, and the Oyster Bay Historical Society, will address specific preservation training needs in connection with the collection types identified as "at risk" in New York’s planning project: books and paper, photographic collections, digital materials, and historic objects. Training will be provided via a four-part webinar series, viewable independently or in groups to encourage informal discussion; web-based "how to" video tutorials providing instruction to organizational staff and to a more general audience who may have personal collections; a statewide, interactive cross-disciplinary knowledge portal that will serve as a clearinghouse for preservation best practices and as a landing page for disaster preparedness plans; and a circuit rider mentoring program serving each of nine regions through free site assessment visits for collections care. The project will reach approximately 5,000 cultural heritage institutions in New York.



State Library of Ohio - Columbus, OH
Congressional District:
Award Amount: $133,516

Contact: Ms. Melissa Lodge
Associate State Librarian for Library Development

The State Library of Ohio will partner with the Ohio Historical Society, the Ohio Museums Association, the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, the Follett House Museum, and the Kennedy Museum of Art to conduct a two-day preservation boot camp. Both practical and tactical, this focused, educational event will bring together 176 individuals in 88 teams comprised of museum/history staff and library staff. Sessions will address environmental controls, demonstrations for disaster recovery, collections care, and digital preservation basics. Discussing local issues and sharing problem-solving ideas will help develop a core community to continue information sharing after the training. Attendees will be encouraged to provide outreach and information to other cultural organizations in their home areas, and they will have the opportunity to apply for one of eleven follow-up preservation site surveys. Ongoing discussions, site survey reports, and boot camp documents will be posted on the Ohio Connecting to Collections website, an ongoing resource and repository for those interested in preservation and cultural heritage issues.



Oklahoma Department of Libraries - Oklahoma City, OK
Congressional District: OK_05
Award Amount: $243,671

Contact: Ms. Susan Feller
Project Director

The Oklahoma Department of Libraries will partner with the Oklahoma Museums Association and the Oklahoma Historical Records Advisory Board to form the Oklahoma Cultural Heritage Trust. Over the two-year grant period, the trust will provide the services of professional conservators to assess collection care needs and develop written preservation plans for 20 organizations; provide a minimum of 60 training activities; and conduct a statewide public awareness campaign that includes a marketing campaign, two media/advocacy days, two collection care events targeted to the general public, and a program that will help raise private funds to conserve 20 endangered objects. These efforts will ensure safer conditions for Oklahoma’s cultural heritage collections, improve collections stewardship, and increase public awareness of the significance of the state’s collections.



Oregon Department of State Parks and Recreation - Salem, OR
Congressional District: OR_05
Award Amount: $241,810

Contact: Mr. Kyle Jansson

The Oregon Heritage Commission, in partnership with the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Reservation, the Oregon Historical Society, the Oregon Library Association, the Oregon Museums Association, the Oregon Secretary of State, and the Oregon State Library, will provide preservation and preparedness trainings and regional mentoring networks, supported by online resources, in order to address three major issues challenging cultural heritage organizations in Oregon: collections care, collections management, and disaster preparedness. To address special demographic and technological issues identified during Oregon’s planning grant, the trainings will take place in each of seven regions and at least three individuals in each will train as mentors. Mentors will in turn will provide consultations with heritage organizations using a neighbor-teaching-neighbor approach. They will also help strengthen organizations’ relationships with local emergency response organizations. This project is the result of unprecedented cooperation during the past few years by the library, museum, and archival organizations in Oregon, including federally recognized Indian tribes.



Wisconsin Historical Society - Madison, WI
Congressional District: WI_02
Award Amount: $237,760

Contact: Ms. Kathleen Mullen
Preservation Coordinator

The Wisconsin Historical Society, in partnership with Wisconsin Library Services, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s Division for Libraries and Lifelong Learning, and the Wisconsin Federation of Museums, will address the most urgent needs of the state’s collecting institutions through a series of targeted trainings and expanded access to resources. Workshops in risk assessment, disaster planning, and salvage for 200 institutions across the state will result in tangible draft disaster plans and partnership in regional networks of institutions experienced in salvage techniques following disasters. More than 300 collecting institution staff will receive instruction in low-cost, practical measures to improve the foundations of their current collections care protocols, as well as instruction in the use of a preservation self-assessment tool delivered to the attendees at 13 statewide organizational and regional conferences. The major grant partners will collaborate to promote a short, reliable list of preservation information sources to all collecting institutions in the state through the broad use of their newsletters, websites, and listservs, and the public will benefit from improved overall preservation and care of the collections held in trust by Wisconsin’s cultural heritage organizations.