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Museums for America Grant Announcement

July 2012

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Birmingham Zoo - Birmingham, AL
Congressional District: AL_06
Award Amount: $133,000; Matching Amount: $154,451
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Carol Hendrickson
Curator of Education

The Birmingham Zoo will use grant funds to support its Africa Zoo School program, which will serve 1,200 students and 40 teachers over two years. In partnership with Birmingham City School, the project will target all seventh-grade students within the city. Participating students, most attending low-performing schools, will attend a week-long "Zoo School" session, where they will be introduced to the Trails of Africa exhibit and will work through related curriculum. The exhibit is the basis of an interdisciplinary experience to teach about the crisis of the elephant species' survival in Africa, the cultures of people in Africa, and the scientific and engineering research involved in sustaining these populations. Students will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which they can adapt to the classroom and home.



Anchorage Museum Association - Anchorage, AK
Congressional District: AK_01
Award Amount: $148,750; Matching Amount: $1,692,768
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Suzi Jones
Deputy Director

The Anchorage Museum Association will develop Dena’inaq’ Huch’ulyeshi: The Dena’ina Way of Living, the first exhibition of its kind to present and interpret the history and culture of the Dena’ina Athabascans. The 5,000-square-foot exhibition will feature more than 200 objects, including important early Dena’ina pieces from European museums: sinew-backed bows, arrows fletched with hawk feathers, and caribou skin clothing adorned with finely woven bands of porcupine quills. Visitors will gain a better understanding of the Dena’ina past through iconic scenes of subsistence activities and learn who the Dena’ina are today and what it means to be a Dena’ina in the 21st century.


Pratt Museum - Homer, AK
Congressional District: AK_01
Award Amount: $129,497; Matching Amount: $130,507
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Ryjil Christianson
Director of Education

The Pratt Museum will use its grant to continue developing and growing its education programs, preparing for the second phase of exhibit installation and the completion of a new facility. The museum will enhance the relevance of education programming, build staff and volunteer capacity, and ensure long-term sustainability of the education program. Each year, the Pratt serves about 30,000 visitors and engages about 4,000 learners of all ages. Its primary audiences are the Kenai Peninsula/Cook Inlet region of Alaska, the local communities around Kachemak Bay, and the thousands of travelers who visit the area each year from across the state, nation, and world.


Kodiak Historical Society - Kodiak, AK
Congressional District: AK_01
Award Amount: $52,706; Matching Amount: $52,810
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Anjuli Grantham
Curator of Collections

The Kodiak Historical Society will complete design development for 2,800 square feet of exhibits at the Baranov Museum, located within the National Historic Landmark building know as the Russian-Ameican Magazin. The project will foster the planning and design of exhibits that use the museum’s assets and better reflect the diversity of the community. The project work will include a complete interpretive design, detailed floor plans for exhibit flow, and construction documents to guide exhibit implementation. The primary themes for the exhibits focus on the magazin—featuring 200 years of Alaska history, and cultural diversity—a central facet of Kodiak’s historic and contemporary reality.



Rogers Historical Museum - Rogers, AR
Congressional District: AR_03
Award Amount: $147,860; Matching Amount: $179,847
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mr. John Burroughs
Assistant Director

Rogers Historical Museum will use its grant to support the "Permanent Exhibits Design Project," a project to complete the redesign of its permanent exhibit space. Since 2006 the museum has been working toward construction of a 27,000-square-foot facility with 6,100 square feet of permanent exhibition galleries. The new exhibit space incorporates a revised interpretive plan and focuses on themes central to the history and culture of Northwest Arkansas. A series of five permanent exhibits in a total of 5,000 square feet will offer an overview of the people, places, and events that define the special character of Northwest Arkansas. The museum received a major contribution from the City of Rogers, in addition to a 2010 National Endowment for the Humanities grant.



Regents at the University of California (Lawrence Hall of Science) - Berkeley, CA
Congressional District: CA_09
Award Amount: $149,930; Matching Amount: $149,999
Category: Building Institutional Capacity

Contact: Ms. Ellen Blinderman
Coordinator of Early Childhood Programs

With BUILDS (Building Understanding in Language Diverse Students in Science), the Lawrence Hall of Science will meet the needs of school-age children who are English Language Learners by embedding effective practices in science and literacy integration into the museum’s programming. Through in-depth professional development using external and internal literacy experts, the museum’s core of educators in the School and Family Programs Division (SFP) will be connected to BUILDS with research-based knowledge about instructional strategies and curricular materials that promote English Language Learners science learning. These educators will then collaborate in grade-level teams to integrate this information into teaching methods and classroom materials. The project will result in the integration of effective literacy supports into SFP’s 50-minute school-visit workshop programs in which about 50,000 students participate in each year.


University of California Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive - Berkeley, CA
Congressional District: CA_09
Award Amount: $149,742; Matching Amount: $239,265
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Mr. Lawrence Rinder

The UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive will catalogue and digitize those elements of its Conceptual Art Study Center collection that have not yet been so treated. Included are the Theresa Hak Kyung Cha Archive, the Ant Farm Archive, the Museum of Contemporary Art Archive, the Alice Hutchins Friends of Fluxus Archive, and the James Lee Byars Collection, all of which help tell the story of the emergence and enduring influence of conceptual art in the late 1960s and 1970s. The materials include paper, films, and videos in a variety of formats. The project will allow the grantee to better manage its resources; improve care of originals by minimizing their handling; and prepare it to provide direct public access to the collections, perhaps through the community-source collection management system CollectionSpace, developed by UC Berkeley’s Department of Information Services and Technology in collaboration with partners at other museums and universities.


Wende Museum of the Cold War - Culver City, CA
Congressional District: CA_50
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $444,834
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Dr. Ljiljana Grubisic
Director of Collections and Public Programs

The Wende Museum will catalogue its collection of 6,500 16mm, 8mm, and Super 8mm films; filmstrips; and audio-recordings, as well as an estimated 10,000 slides from the German Democratic Republic, East Germany. It will then digitize 50 percent of these materials and make them available on DVD for research and make at least 20 percent directly available through an online public access catalogue and a variety of programs. The audiovisual materials document two generations of East Germans living, working, and expressing themselves artistically in a communist culture that lasted for 40 years. By making them widely available, unrestricted and free of charge, the project aims to advance the understanding of the complexities and legacy of Cold War history.


Aquarium of the Pacific - Long Beach, CA
Congressional District: CA_46
Award Amount: $147,258; Matching Amount: $148,722
Category: Building Institutional Capacity

Contact: Mr. Dave Bader
Director of Education

The Aquarium of the Pacific will develop and implement a rigorous professional staff development, education, and training program called Science Interpretation and Technology Integration project, focused on its newly installed Science on a Sphere® (SOS) exhibit in the Ocean Science Center gallery. Science on a Sphere® is a six-foot in diameter sphere that displays dynamic, animated images of the atmosphere, ocean, and continents. With this permanent exhibit, the aquarium addresses the need to develop an expanded skill set and knowledge base of its education staff. Through an integrated approach, education staff will participate in a professional development opportunity to increase their core science knowledge and level of comfort using SOS and learn to communicate more effectively to public and school audiences.


University of California, Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA
Congressional District: CA_30
Award Amount: $144,257; Matching Amount: $345,710
Category: Building Institutional Capacity

Contact: Miss Ann Philbin

The Hammer Museum will purchase and install security upgrades to accommodate dramatic increases in visitor attendance, work-study and internship programs, larger-scale exhibitions, and an increased number of public programs and events. Upgrades will include digital cameras, implementing Radio Frequency Identification, and upgrading door readers to biometric systems so that all access to art storage can be tracked and monitored. A user manual and protocols will be developed, and all security staff will be trained in the use of this new equipment. Upgrading the security infrastructure is an important aspect of the museum’s overall ability to continue to serve growing and diverse audiences.


Oakland Museum of California Foundation - Oakland, CA
Congressional District: CA_09
Award Amount: $149,919; Matching Amount: $157,389
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Lori Fogarty
Executive Director

The Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) will conduct the two-year Building Family Audiences, Enriching Family Experiences audience development and community engagement project. The project will investigate effective new ways the museum can attract East Bay families and deepen their relationships with family audiences. The museum will develop and implement strategies that attract more families so that they return often to learn and be inspired by the art, history, and natural environment of California. Some of these strategies include a marketing assessment, new brand and graphic identity, expanded family-oriented online offerings, a cross-functional OMCA Family Team, increased consistency of drop-in weekend programming, and an OMCA Family Fun Stop.


Chabot Space and Science Center Foundation - Oakland, CA
Congressional District: CA_09
Award Amount: $149,885; Matching Amount: $535,602
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Etta Heber
Programs Director

Chabot Space & Science Center will use its grant to support and expand its Galaxy Explorers/Champions of Science program, a teen education program to "inspire and educate students of all ages about our planet Earth and the Universe." This program engages 200 students in grades six through twelve each year in out-of-school, year-round programs. The purpose of the program is to enhance their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) knowledge and proficiency through hands-on, standards-based science enrichment and experimentation; to provide students with meaningful and challenging volunteer and work experience; to allow them to build crucial interpersonal and professional development skills; and to give them an opportunity to give back to their communities through science outreach.


Armory Center for the Arts - Pasadena, CA
Congressional District: CA_29
Award Amount: $60,000; Matching Amount: $117,200
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Lorraine Cleary-Dale
Director of Professional Development

The Armory Center for the Arts will administer a professional development training program for its teaching artists through the Teaching Artist Fellowship Program—a nine-month intensive course of professional development and mentored teacher training for MFA-degreed practicing artists who are new to the teaching profession. Ten teaching fellows will be trained each year. The program provides a practicum as well as seminars focused on arts education pedagogy, methodology, California and National Visual Arts Standards, curriculum and lesson plan development, and assessment of student learning.


Mission Inn Foundation - Riverside, CA
Congressional District: CA_44
Award Amount: $127,500; Matching Amount: $132,048
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mr. John Worden
Executive Director

Mission Inn Foundation will engage the community through the creation of StoryShare, designed to make a new generation aware of the relevance of arts and cultural heritage. StoryShare is a three-pronged initiative created to ensure that the history we preserve is shared with, by, and for the next generation of community members. Regional teacher and school district curriculum specialist workshops will train teachers to use the Hands on History website—with lesson plans linked to history/social science as well as language arts standards for students in grades three to twelve. StoryShare will pair youth in afterschool programs with writers, photographers, and historians to help students explore, document, and share the history of their neighborhoods.


San Diego Air & Space Museum - San Diego, CA
Congressional District: CA_53
Award Amount: $124,500; Matching Amount: $128,160
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Katrina Pescador
Director of Library and Archives

The San Diego Air & Space Museum, with its partner the Balboa Park Online Collaborative, will increase public access to its photo and video collections online through the two-year Great Explorations project. Great Explorations will develop requirements and standards for catalog record formats and metadata for archival materials, connect the museum's library system to a digital asset management system to reduce duplicate data entry, connect other collection databases to this system, and continue to add information to these systems to aid searching for both the museum staff and the general public. Benefits of Great Explorations extend to multiple audiences, particularly teachers, researchers, the museum's staff and volunteers, and other museum professionals.


San Diego Society of Natural History - San Diego, CA
Congressional District: CA_53
Award Amount: $141,829; Matching Amount: $143,230
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Dr. Bradford Hollingsworth
Curator of Herpetology

The San Diego Natural History Museum emphasizes the use of collections-based research to better understand the biodiversity of southern California and the peninsula of Baja California. The museum will use this grant to create a website for the Herpetology Atlas of Peninsular California for the purpose of delivering collections information in an integrated format centered on geospatial data. The Herpetology Atlas will integrate over 76,000 voucher specimens, representing over 19,000 geo-referenced localities. In addition, the Herpetology Atlas has over 20,000 digital photographs, over 12,000 scanned pages of historical field notes discussing the distribution of amphibians and reptiles, and 483 scanned historical publications (12,731 pages) from science publications.


Museum of Photographic Arts - San Diego, CA
Congressional District: CA_53
Award Amount: $149,506; Matching Amount: $191,512
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Vivian Kung Haga
Deputy Director

The Museum of Photographic Arts will use its grant for Accessibility Through Seniors, a comprehensive approach to providing increased access and comfort to all museum visitors by directly serving the needs of seniors. The project’s goals are to provide creative and social engagement for senior citizens in San Diego; to improve instructional practices and museum facilities to better accommodate seniors with cognitive and physical impairments; to evaluate the effectiveness of targeting seniors to serve the special needs of all visitors; and to create trainings, a manual, and a website to share its findings and assist other museums in improving the visitor experience.


Japanese Friendship Garden Society of San Diego - San Diego, CA
Congressional District: CA_53
Award Amount: $83,150; Matching Amount: $84,725
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Marisa Espinosa
Operations Assistant

In partnership with five other Japanese gardens, the Japanese Friendship Garden Society of San Diego will implement a collaborative project called the Zen of Multi-Touch. Together with Balboa Park Online, the project will create interactive virtual tours of the participating gardens, produce a photography exhibit of the six gardens’ panoramic images, and develop a mobile audio tour. It will help the gardens increase public knowledge of Japanese heritage, excite and engage more than 100,000 visitors through participatory exhibits, and strengthen connections among Japanese gardens in the United States.


Zoological Society of San Diego - San Diego, CA
Congressional District: CA_53
Award Amount: $30,053; Matching Amount: $31,749
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Dr. Lance Miller
Scientist, Behavioral Biology

The San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park will construct a working model to monitor stress in two distinct taxonomic groups of animals: cheetahs and okapi. The project will develop technology to collect behavioral information, validate glucocorticoid (stress hormone) assays using less expensive stock reagents rather than commercially available kits, and it will analyze hormones and behavior to define behavioral measures of welfare. The final model can then be tested with other species to maximize the health and wellbeing of collections within zoological institutions by allowing for proactive management and to ensure the animals are engaging in natural behavior, allowing zoo visitors to connect more meaningfully to wildlife.


Contemporary Jewish Museum - San Francisco, CA
Congressional District: CA_08
Award Amount: $70,220; Matching Amount: $137,918
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Fraidy Aber
Director of Education

The Contemporary Jewish Museum will formalize and institutionalize its successful Family Outreach Initiative and begin the preliminary groundwork for the creation of a drop-in Family Creativity Center. The Family Outreach Initiative promotes intergenerational learning, intercultural exchange, and increased participation in the arts. These programs are designed to remove barriers to participation by making the arts easily accessible, affordable, inclusive, and multigenerational. They include on-site and in-community activities offered in collaboration with organizations serving diverse families, and they provide a range of time-based, drop-in, large-scale, and intimate experiences designed to accommodate the busy and varied lifestyles of urban families.


Yerba Buena Center for the Arts - San Francisco, CA
Congressional District: CA_08
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $310,494
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mr. Kenneth Foster
Executive Director

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts will launch YBCA:YOU, an adult education and engagement program. YBCA:YOU participants receive individualized attention that helps them develop a lifelong appreciation for the arts. Participants receive an All-Access Pass to YBCA; a YBCA:YOU LiveGuide who guides them through the program, collaboratively developing their personal Aesthetic Development Plan; and a self-selected set of arts programs, or arts curriculum, which helps participants achieve an individualized set of outcomes. YOUers track their progress and network with one another online at


San Francisco Botanical Garden Society at Strybing - San Francisco, CA
Congressional District: CA_08
Award Amount: $149,849; Matching Amount: $159,067
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Mr. David Kruse-Pickler
Associate Curator

The San Francisco Botanical Garden Society will undertake a two-year geographic-information-system (GIS) mapping project to verify and record the location for each plant in 13 of the garden’s 18 geographic and thematic plant collections. Each plant’s accession number will then be used to tie its GIS location to information in the existing plant-collection database. An internship program will give undergraduate and graduate students opportunities for practical experience using GIS mapping, and plant collection maps will be used by the curatorial staff and city-employed gardeners to streamline their operations. Project results will be integrated into enhanced outdoor learning experiences for visitors by providing garden staff, docents, and teachers with more detailed information about specific plants and their locations, and scholars worldwide will have improved online access to SFBG’s collections.


San Jose Children's Discovery Museum - San Jose, CA
Congressional District: CA_16
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $359,505
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Jennifer Martin
Director of Education and Programs

Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose will engage in an exploration of the cultural, social, and economic practices of food production and consumption in Silicon Valley through Family Foodways. The museum will transform its spaces to address food literacy: The Kids’ Cafe will become a sustainable food site featuring locally grown produce; Kids’ Garden will expand into a demonstration garden, serving as a food source for the cafe; and throughout exhibitions, new interpretive strategies and interactive experiences will support learning about local food sustainability. Family Foodways goal is to become an environmentally sustainable museum food service model, demonstrating an economically viable business model while providing affordable, nutritious, and appealing options for diverse visitors, while linking the experience to the core exhibitions and the overall museum experience.



Cheyenne Mountain Zoological Society - Colorado Springs, CO
Congressional District: CO_05
Award Amount: $47,250; Matching Amount: $93,636
Category: Building Institutional Capacity

Contact: Ms. Nicole Mantz
Education Curator

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Mission Possible! project will focus on research and training designed to help zoo staff accomplish their mission through experiences shown to effectively inspire conservation action. Staff, docents, and volunteers will learn how to better understand guests’ interests and motivations so they can learn how to effectively provide them with the tools needed to take conservation action in their daily lives. Through Mission Possible! the zoo will expand its capacity to provide memorable guest experiences that truly inspire conservation action.


History Colorado (State Historical Society of Colorado) - Denver, CO
Congressional District: CO_01
Award Amount: $144,895; Matching Amount: $212,414
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Ms. Elisa Phelps
Director of Collections and Library Division

History Colorado will inventory approximately 4,500 items stored at the Museum Support Center in Pueblo, Colorado, in order to gain physical and intellectual control of the collection, improve collections access, and make collections resources and associated information broadly available for research and use. Project activities will include inspecting each object, reviewing the associated database record, and recording current location information in the Argus database; identifying misnumbered and uncatalogued objects; resolving cataloguing and numbering problems so all items have accurate data; and entering basic records for uncatalogued items into the Argus database. History Colorado will use the inventory data to assess the collection to ensure management and growth are aligned with the organization’s mission and strategic goals.


Denver Art Museum - Denver, CO
Congressional District: CO_01
Award Amount: $147,216; Matching Amount: $154,785
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Melora McDermott-Lewis
Director of Education

The Denver Art Museum will present Thread, a celebration of textile art across collections that coincides with the opening of new textile art galleries at the museum. This suite of exhibits, in-gallery activities, and programming provides a unique opportunity to test optimal methods of adult visitor engagement. The museum education team will develop three types of in-gallery activities inspired by textile objects on view and aimed at adult visitors: Creative Process Stations that offer activities related to technical mastery and artists’ conceptual processes; Hotspots, manned art-making stops designed to illuminate artists’ creative processes and encourage visitors’ creativity; and new content created to connect visitors with the creative process through a smartphone application.


Children's Museum of Denver - Denver, CO
Congressional District: CO_01
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $570,878
Category: Building Institutional Capacity

Contact: Ms. Sarah Brenkert
Director of Education

The Children’s Museum of Denver will create a schematic and design development phases of exhibit planning and design for five new indoor exhibits to be installed as part of a planned expansion. These concepts will include a greatly expanded arts area, a new exhibit gallery exploring the properties of water; a new exhibit gallery that makes visible the effects of air and tests the properties of moving air; a climbing experience that encourages physical activity; a kitchen where young chefs and their caregivers can prepare delicious, healthy foods; and a vast outdoor playscape where children can engage in exuberant physical play. These new exhibits and related programming will enhance 21st century skills such as critical thinking, invention, and collaboration; celebrate the arts; support academic achievement in the sciences; and promote physical activity and good nutrition.


Southern Ute Cultural Center and Museum - Ignacio, CO
Congressional District: CO_03
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $205,097
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Mrs. Jill Carlson
Collections Manager and Archivist

The Southern Ute Cultural Center and Museum will undertake a comprehensive inventory and cataloging project to gain intellectual control over its material culture and archival collections, improve access to the collections, and improve security. Activities will include verifying the identity, precise location, donor or lender, insurance appraisal value, and condition of each collection item; updating object images; standardizing terminology; and reconciling the numbering systems used in the past. New and corrected data will be entered into an upgraded collections management database that will be installed as a networked program on several computers throughout the museum.


Colorado Ski Museum - Vail, CO
Congressional District: CO_02
Award Amount: $111,514; Matching Amount: $120,181
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Mr. Dean Ericson
Trustee and Collection Committee Member

The Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum will digitize 100 historic films and 300 videos from its collection, which spans more than 70 years and includes footage of the 10th Mountain Division of the U.S. Army, interviews with Hall of Fame inductees, ski racing competitions, and adaptive/Paralympics alpine and Nordic teams. A motion picture laboratory will digitize the films, and trained volunteers will convert VHS videos to DVD format. The project will develop a searchable index of film subjects and make the materials available on the museum’s website. The digitized works will be shown at the museum and in two visitor welcome centers during the World Alpine Ski Championships in Vail and Beaver Creek, Colorado, in 2015. Additional information will be accessible via smartphones.



Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art - Hartford, CT
Congressional District: CT_01
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $179,055
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Johanna Plummer
Director of Education

The Wadsworth Athenaeum Museum of Art will implement the first phase of a new wayfinding system. The project is visitor-centered and designed to encourage active experiences with works of art. The goal is to make it easier to find the museum, providing simple tools for navigating five interconnected buildings and integrating new content delivery systems into the overall design environment of the museum. This master plan of this project has four phases. This phase of the master plan provides various options that will improve wayfinding. It will be refined with museum review and evaluation during implementation and on an ongoing basis.


Antiquarian and Landmarks Society - Hartford, CT
Congressional District: CT_01
Award Amount: $149,643; Matching Amount: $149,643
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Cynthia Cormier
Education & Historic Sites Operations Manager

Connecticut Landmarks will create an interpretive plan for its Joshua Hempsted House located in New London, CT. Through the development of an interpretive plan, Landmarks will challenge the traditional historic house model by turning the Hempsted House into a learning lab for historic house museum interpretation and community engagement. The plan will explore new and more accessible methodologies and treatments for sharing the house’s significant stories with museumgoers, community members, children, and young adults.


Connecticut Science Center - Hartford, CT
Congressional District: CT_01
Award Amount: $99,750; Matching Amount: $100,000
Category: Building Institutional Capacity

Contact: Ms. Alecia Kintner
Vice President of Advancement

The Science Center of Connecticut will conduct business and market research including market positioning, advertising, pricing, promotions, and visitor services. This project will answer key questions about the center’s service to the general public based on quantitative and qualitative research and a close analysis of best business practices. Project results will strengthen capacity to attract and better serve a diverse and growing audience. The center will solidify its role as a magnet for in-state and out-of-state tourists, as a driver of economic development in Hartford and the greater Hartford/ Springfield metropolitan area, and as a catalyst for informal science learning and exploration by families, school groups, community groups, and convention-goers.


Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center - Mashantucket, CT
Congressional District: CT_02
Award Amount: $32,430; Matching Amount: $80,792
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Kimberly Hatcher-White
Executive Director

MAshantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center, a tribally owned and operated institution in southeastern Connecticut, will use its grant to develop new programmatic explorations aided by handheld technologies. Each program, five-to-seven minutes in length, will consist of a multimedia, in-depth exploration of an aspect of Pequot Indian history, accessed through the use of touch-screen technologies and enriched by images, oral histories, and objects. Visitors have the opportunity to deepen their understandings of how race-based misunderstandings and stereotypes impacted the lives of Pequot people and how they in turn challenged those myths by creating organizations to make their "Indianness" more visible. This is the next step in a long-range renovation plan.


Yale University - New Haven, CT
Congressional District: CT_03
Award Amount: $148,050; Matching Amount: $148,344
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Jane Pickering
Deputy Director

The Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History will deliver a professional development program for teachers in ecology and environmental science. The Peabody Teachers Collaborative on Global Change provides a science literacy program to meet the needs of K-12 students and their teachers. CGC serves several local school districts, particularly Title 1 schools districts of New Haven and Hartford, and other districts in Connecticut. The project will target 48 schools and approximately 1,500 students, together with their families and communities. The project begins with a traveling exhibition, Seasons of Change, and associated activities for K-12 groups. The initial project will focus on curriculum writing by a group of eight experienced educators, two summer institutes for 20 teachers, and the production of classroom materials that include museum objects and specimens.


Lyme Historical Society - Old Lyme, CT
Congressional District: CT_02
Award Amount: $124,386; Matching Amount: $169,869
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mr. David Rau
Director of Education and Outreach adult programs
(860)434-5542 x115;

The Lyme Historical Society will expand the use of the historic grounds of the Florence Griswold Museum will expand the use of its historic grounds to better serve the region as a community gathering place. Inspired by and taking its name from the open-air common courtyards of ancient Greece, the museum’s Agora Project will more effectively use the riverfront campus as an entry through which visitors can explore the museum’s full range of resources. The museum will design, test, and implement outdoor interpretive tools essential to communicating the site’s historical significance. The museum will use outdoor reading rails positioned where historic paintings were made, sites where important events of the Lyme Art Colony happened, and a portable learning cart equipped with educational materials and technological resources that will prompt learning and inspire creativity outdoors.


District of Columbia

Corcoran Gallery of Art - Washington, DC
Congressional District: DC_01
Award Amount: $149,180; Matching Amount: $204,576
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Mr. Philip Brookman
Chief Curator and Head of Research

The Corcoran Gallery of Art will implement Corcoran Access, a collections management system that will allow users to access records on the more than 30,000 works of art within its collection. The project will begin with cleaning existing data by checking individual records, correcting errors, standardizing terminology, scanning existing transparencies and negatives, and adding them to database records. Clean data will be migrated to an industry-standard collections management system, and then the information will be made available via a web publishing tool to K-12 teachers and students, art historians, researchers, gallery visitors, and the general public, as well as to staff and Corcoran College of Art + Design faculty. Entries in the database will be picked up by most Internet search engines, and individuals searching various names or pieces of art will be brought to the Corcoran’s website and thus introduced to its deep and historic permanent collection.


National Trust for Historic Preservation - Washington, DC
Congressional District: DC_01
Award Amount: $79,956; Matching Amount: $90,385
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Erin Carlson-Mast

President Lincoln’s Cottage, operated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, will launch a year-long interpretive planning process to review key aspects of its guided tour experience and implement a new system design focused on cost-effective, adaptable equipment. The cottage will upgrade its methodology to create a cost-effective, multisensory experience for visitors while giving interpreters an array of tools and means of storing notes for themselves and fellow interpreters to build a base of shared knowledge. Lincoln developed his Emancipation Proclamation and led the country through the Civil War during his 13 months in residence at the cottage.



Montgomery Botanical Center - Coral Gables, FL
Congressional District: FL_18
Award Amount: $111,219; Matching Amount: $116,208
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Dr. Michael Griffith
Executive Director

The Montgomery Botanical Center will partner with the USDA Agricultural Research Service Subtropical Horticulture Research Station and Botanic Gardens Conservation International U.S. in developing a plan for managing its population-based collection of cycads, a group of woody plants found in the subtropical and tropical parts of the world and at risk for extinction. The collaborative project team will use proven genetic assay techniques to capture the genetic diversity of Zamia decumbens as a case study and then incorporate this protocol into collections planning for future work devoted to cycad and palm conservation. Project results will be shared broadly with plant researchers, botanical gardens, research facilities, and the public through websites, tours, educational programming, conferences, reports, and scientific and popular publications.


Museum of Science - Miami, FL
Congressional District: FL_18
Award Amount: $149,955; Matching Amount: $149,986
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mr. Sean Duran
Vice President, Exhibition and Design

The Miami Science Museum will develop an exhibit addressing the intellectual needs of adults who accompany young children (aged three to six) to science exhibitions. The core exhibit will focus on the Everglades. The adult section focuses on hydrology and ecology, the importance of this unique natural resource, and efforts to restore the natural water flow. For children, the exhibit will feature a water and sand flow table allowing them to develop early science thinking skills. The goal is to provide access to science for young learners while simultaneously providing rich learning opportunities for adults, thereby optimizing outcomes for multigenerational audiences.


HistoryMiami - Miami, FL
Congressional District: FL_18
Award Amount: $140,700; Matching Amount: $142,063
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mr. Michael Knoll
Folklorist and SFCC Director

HistoryMiami will present the Cultural Heritage Spotlight Series, an annual artist-in-residence project highlighting Miami area traditional artists and cultures. Each year the program spotlights three individual artists or ensembles and their traditions. Participating artists share their art through public and school programs, online content, radio shows, and print materials. The Cultural Heritage Spotlight Series was created to help access the region's rich folklife, facilitating broad public exploration of the region's folk artists, traditions, and cultures. Audiences have cross-cultural educational experiences that increase their awareness of traditional arts and culture. The artists for 2012 include Ezequiel Torres, an Afro-Cuban percussionist and craftsman; James Kelly, an Irish fiddler; and Mieko Kubota, a practitioner of traditional Japanese arts including bonsai, ikebana, and tea ceremony.


Gulf Coast Heritage Association - Osprey, FL
Congressional District: FL_13
Award Amount: $148,692; Matching Amount: $176,780
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mrs. Linda Mansperger
Executive Director

Gulf Coast Heritage Association’s Historic Spanish Point will implement a program to engage seniors through research and creative educational programming. In collaboration with consultants from the National Center on Accessibility, the museum will develop programs for independent living facilities, assisted living facilities, community centers, and libraries. Additional on-site activities, including tram tours, hearing-assistive wireless broadcast tours, and large-print tour brochures, will be designed to serve an older population experiencing age-related limitations. The project is intended to increase community awareness of and visitation to the museum so that residents and tourists may be connected to the rich heritage of the area.


Shell Museum Educational Foundation - Sanibel, FL
Congressional District: FL_14
Award Amount: $146,140; Matching Amount: $184,723
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Dr. Jose Leal

The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum will hire a collections manager to complete the processing, cataloguing, and web posting of 58,000 lots (50 percent) of its specialized natural history collection of mollusks, shells, and complementary materials. The collection holds representatives of recent and fossil mollusks with an emphasis on southwest Florida and provides materials for scientific research in biodiversity, taxonomy, environmental and earth sciences, anthropology, and archaeology. It forms the basis of interpretive and educational programs at the institution. Project activities will include gathering data, confirming or correcting taxonomic designations, cataloguing, entering data, and posting information to the museum’s searchable online catalogue. The project will improve intellectual stewardship of the collection and access to collection data by scholars, researchers, students, and collectors.


South Florida Science Museum - West Palm Beach, FL
Congressional District: FL_22
Award Amount: $114,315; Matching Amount: $114,476
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mrs. Katherine Arrizza-Capaldo
Director of Education and Exhibits

The South Florida Science Museum will develop a three-year science education skills and enrichment project called Science Discovery. The project will serve 200 teachers and 2,400 fourth graders in Title I elementary schools in the Palm Beach County School District. The goal of the project is to instill scientific habits of the mind in effective and entertaining ways, thereby improving students’ analytical skills and helping them succeed in school and in all aspects of their lives. The project is based on the museum’s highly successful Science Passport program and is designed to provide students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills as core components of 21st century scientific literacy.



Columbus State University - Columbus, GA
Congressional District: GA_03
Award Amount: $145,781; Matching Amount: $305,793
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mr. Shawn Cruzen
Executive Director, Coca-Cola Space Science Center

Columbus State University’s Coca-Cola Space Science Center will expand the observatory’s equipment systems and remote resources, including the purchase of a new telescope, filters, cameras and computer hardware and software. These upgrades will significantly advance the science center’s ability to engage museum patrons; provide relevant and exciting professional development opportunities for teachers; give university students, faculty, and K-12 students and educators free, remote access to professional-grade astronomy equipment; and provide online access to historical astronomical events, many of which have typically been unavailable to non-scientists and the general public.



University of Hawaii Systems - Honolulu, HI
Congressional District: HI_01
Award Amount: $113,955; Matching Amount: $114,122
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mrs. Nellie Sugii
Junior Researcher

The University of Hawaii's Harold L. Lyon Arboretum will develop a new interactive Urban Garden to introduce plant-growing concepts suitable for urban residential landscapes. The goal of the Urban Garden is to provide teaching and training areas, as well as demonstrative displays, where participants and visitors can learn practical, cost-effective, and innovative ways to grow plants that can be incorporated into any urban or suburban residential setting. The Urban Garden will promote good health and ways for families to relieve their food budget by demonstrating various gardening techniques for growing high-quality fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals. The Urban Garden will be a "hands-on" teaching and training garden and offer demonstrations in hydroponics, vertical gardening, container growing, and pottage gardening.


National Tropical Botanical Garden - Kalaheo, HI
Congressional District: HI_02
Award Amount: $107,841; Matching Amount: $133,026
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Dr. David Lorence
Director of Science

The National Tropical Botanical Garden will accession, catalogue, and create descriptive, technical, and preservation metadata for 15,000 unaccessioned digital images of materials collected in the field in Hawai’i and the Pacific Basin by NTBG botanists over a 40-year period. The images and their records will then be linked to digital vouchers of herbarium specimens and to Latin and common plant names, and will be made available online. This project will improve access to digital data for plants of the Pacific Basin and will create new opportunities for scientists, students, and policymakers to discover and use collection data by particular species and/or location.



Art Museum of Eastern Idaho - Idaho Falls, ID
Congressional District: ID_02
Award Amount: $10,750; Matching Amount: $59,274
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Alexa Stanger
Education Director

The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho will use its grant to continue its ARTworks education program. First launched in 2003, the program is designed to provide creative learning opportunities in the arts, broaden awareness of museum exhibits and programming, and build a connection to the members of the regional community. During the 2010-2011 school year the ARTworks program reached over 5,000 students with hands-on art lessons in their classrooms; provided in-service training to elementary, junior, and senior high school teachers; offered the Young at Art youth exhibit and four free family days to the public, reaching over 5,000 community members; and provided guided tours with art lessons to over 2,000 student and adult groups.



Field Museum of Natural History - Chicago, IL
Congressional District: IL_07
Award Amount: $125,814; Matching Amount: $174,160
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mr. Jaap Hoogstraten
Director of Exhibitions

The Field Museum will develop and implement Straight from The Field, a series of small visitor-centered, science-focused exhibitions. Six new exhibitions, each open a minimum of six months in a temporary exhibition gallery, will be produced over a three-year period, beginning in August 2012, and running through July 2015. These exhibits will all feature current research projects of Field Museum anthropologists, botanists, geologists, and zoologists, to give visitors the inside story on new discoveries in Field Museum laboratories and sites around the world. The intended audience is teenagers and young adults, who are traditionally a challenging audience for natural history museums. The project’s goal is to help visitors create meaningful personal connections to the natural sciences - to move from being passive recipient to active participant - by responding to, adding to, personalizing, and sharing the exhibition’s content.


National Museum of Mexican Art - Chicago, IL
Congressional District: IL_04
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $474,540
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Cesareo Moreno
Visual Arts Director, Curator

The National Museum of Mexican Art, founded by Chicago Public School teachers in 1982, will improve and restructure the exhibit Mexicanidad: Our Past is Present, evaluating the museum’s 7,000-piece collection, the largest collection of Mexican art in the U.S. In the last ten years, the museum’s permanent collection has more than doubled in size. Accordingly, it is necessary to evaluate the contents of the collection, the interpretive framework being utilized, and the method of presentation. The project goals include improving gallery layout, creating new bilingual gallery panels integrating new technology and design components to enhance visitor experience and increase the museum’s community participation, increase and restructure educational programming, and enhance the museum’s marketing and website.


Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago, IL
Congressional District: IL_07
Award Amount: $139,000; Matching Amount: $139,787
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Ms. Jennifer Draffen
Director of Collection & Exhibition Services

The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago will produce a comprehensive digital image archive of its holdings of visual art from 1945 to the present and will make the results available to the public via an enhanced collections portal on the museum’s website. The project will address a one-time backlog of 700 works that lack adequate digital image records resulting from the museum’s shift from analog to digital image recordkeeping in 2008. It will digitally photograph and catalogue an additional 850 works from the collection. The online archive will make it possible to view the collection at all times and will facilitate the processing of requests relating to research, loans, and reproductions. Desired outcomes for this project include increasing audiences’ knowledge and familiarity with the MCA collection as well as their understanding of regional and international post-war contemporary art history.


Oriental Institute Museum, University of Chicago - Chicago, IL
Congressional District: IL_01
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $390,445
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Dr. Gil Stein
Professor and Director

The Oriental Institute Museum will undertake Phase II of its integrated database project to improve its data management infrastructure and thereby increase its ability to provide information about its ancient Middle East collections to diverse audiences around the world, including scholars and researchers to K-12 educators and students, 21st-century learners, and the general public. In Phase I of the project, also supported by IMLS, staff moved registration and research archives datasets into a new KE EMu collections management system. In Phase II, they will import 92,000 images with associated metadata and approximately 70,000 conservation records into the new system. They will also conduct three user focus groups to develop the next iteration of the web interface.


Chicago Horticultural Society - Glencoe, IL
Congressional District: IL_10
Award Amount: $149,997; Matching Amount: $206,656
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Patsy Benveniste
Vice President, Community Programs

The Chicago Botanic Garden will engage 130 Chicago public school students in science education programs that support African American and Hispanic students from middle school through college, providing a pathway to successful science careers for these underrepresented groups. The project will provide resources and support for students and families as they negotiate educational transitions and formalize and enhance connections between existing programs. It will connect the garden’s youth education programs with its science research division and serve as a model for connecting youth education to more formal undergraduate and graduate programming. Programs offered include Science First, College First, In-Site Research Experience, Mentoring and Community Building, Parent Support, College Application Support, and Facilitating Upward Mobility.


Kohl Children's Museum - Glenview, IL
Congressional District: IL_10
Award Amount: $149,658; Matching Amount: $725,315
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Mary Trieschmann
Vice President of Programs

Kohl Children’s Museum will expand and assess Early Childhood Connections, an innovative professional development model using the Project Approach to benefit teachers and childcare providers of young children at risk of academic failure from low-income communities. The Project Approach is a teaching strategy that can significantly impact children’s learning and has increasingly been shown to be effective in helping children at an early age develop critical skills.


DuPage Children's Museum - Naperville, IL
Congressional District: IL_13
Award Amount: $56,530; Matching Amount: $68,170
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Margaret Hanly
Associate Director of Programs

DuPage Children’s Museum will support the third phase of "Teaching STEM Right from the Start." This is a professional development program for childcare providers, designed to help them acquire the knowledge and skills to deliver high-quality STEM learning activities for young children (aged 3-5) in their care and partner with parents to provide STEM learning activities at home. This project is being conducted in partnership with DuPage/Kane Child Care Resource and Referral, a community organization that works with parents, childcare providers, and low-income families. This project benefits young children from low-income families who do not have access to Preschool for All and Head Start programs to prepare them for success in school.



County of Linn - Cedar Rapids, IA
Congressional District: IA_02
Award Amount: $59,636; Matching Amount: $76,713
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mr. Dan Biechler
Linn County Conservation Board Executive Director

Wickiup Hill Learning Center, an agency of Linn County, Iowa, will develop, fabricate, and install an exhibit called Everyone Lives in a Watershed. This exhibition will center on improving watershed management through interactive displays, including a watershed table and a water droplet game. Education curriculum will be developed around the exhibition content for use with school visitors. Following interaction with the exhibit, watershed table, and associated educational materials, visitors will be able to define a watershed, understand that everyone lives in a watershed, identify good and bad watershed practices, and understand that there are actions everyone can take to better manage water and that poor watershed decisions result in flooding and deteriorating water quality.


Dubuque County Historical Society - Dubuque, IA
Congressional District: IA_01
Award Amount: $122,349; Matching Amount: $124,833
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Cristin Waterbury
Registrar / Collections Manager

The Dubuque County Historical Society will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the battle for Vicksburg by creating an exhibit focusing on the important yet little-known story of The Mississippi River and the Civil War. The exhibit will highlight the crucial role of the region’s significance in one of the longest and most complicated historic campaigns of the war. The exhibit will explore the themes of the war for control of the Mississippi and life on the homefront in the divergent river cities of Dubuque, Iowa, and Vicksburg, Mississippi. It will feature two narratives to engage children, The Drummer Boy and The Soldier Girl. Interactives and curricula for school groups will be developed.



Kentucky Historical Society - Frankfort, KY
Congressional District: KY_06
Award Amount: $110,010; Matching Amount: $110,095
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mr. Mike Deetsch
Interpretive Education Administrator

The Kentucky Historical Society will use its grant for la curriculum called "The Right Answer," is a partnership between KHS and Kentucky schools. The initiative will increase students’ skills in visual literacy, historical literacy, and critical thinking with the aid of historical collections. KHS will conduct a pilot study that will result in a scalable curriculum that can be disseminated statewide. The program will provide schools with a dynamic set of primary and secondary sources that can be used to teach across a broad range of disciplines, including history, social studies, government, humanities, reading, writing, and fine arts.



New Orleans Museum of Art - New Orleans, LA
Congressional District: LA_02
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $360,179
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Ms. Lisa Rotondo-McCord
Assistant Director of Art

As Phase Two of its digitization project, the New Orleans Museum of Art will photograph, tag, and archive 10,000 images of works in its collections of prints and drawings, photography, and modern and contemporary art in order to make them available on the museum website and to benefit the development of collections-based exhibitions, programs, interpretation, and communication. The museum’s goal is to have 30 percent of its permanent collection accessible via its website by the end of this phase of the work.


Louisiana Children's Museum - New Orleans, LA
Congressional District: LA_02
Award Amount: $148,000; Matching Amount: $236,290
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mrs. Catherine Bacelieri
Education Director

The Louisiana Children’s Museum will support a multifaceted literacy program called "Word Play," which addresses language and literacy development in the three domains of a young child—home, school, and community/museum. The program will expand the offerings through a dedicated programming space called a Literacy and Documentation Center. Word Play will engage a professional advisory committee to shape the core components, goals, and standards for the project. Family programming around literacy and parents’ documentation of their child’s learning will unfold through new activities in the literacy center located onsite at the museum. School-based programs for students between pre-K and third grade will engage specific children on a daily or weekly basis, working with long-term partner schools or sites.


National World War II Museum, Inc. - New Orleans, LA
Congressional District: LA_02
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $294,984
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mr. Bob Farnsworth
Senior VP of Capital Projects

The National World War II Museum will use this grant to support The Campaigns Pavilion Road to Berlin, composed of two exhibitions, The Road to Tokyo: Asia-Pacific Campaign Gallery and The Road to Berlin: European-Mediterranean Campaign Gallery. The exhibitions will enhance the visitors’ educational experience by offering an opportunity to follow the stories of historical figures and to digitally create a personal collection of content. The objectives of this project are to implement an interactive technology to allow visitors to digitally collect content, to provide a digital device for visitors to follow the stories of WWII historical figures; to create a mechanism to collect data of user interactions, and to develop a tool to collect visitor information to facilitate post-visit communications.



Abbe Museum - Bar Harbor, ME
Congressional District: ME_02
Award Amount: $144,350; Matching Amount: $213,740
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Raney Bench
Curator of Education

The Abbe Museum will use its grant to institute a comprehensive teacher training and evaluation program that will provide 16 free workshops throughout the state of Maine, reaching 800 classroom teachers. The project will support the Wabanaki Initiative, Maine’s requirement to teach Native American history and culture in all schools. Project outputs will include a resource CD for teachers with lesson plans, activities, and other useful instructional tools and content; 16 teacher workshops held throughout the state; an Outcomes Based Evaluation logic model; fully realized evaluation strategies that include front-end, formative, and summative evaluation; and a highly functioning Education Advisory Committee and Native Advisory Council.


Good Will Home Association - Hinckley, ME
Congressional District: ME_02
Award Amount: $31,252; Matching Amount: $46,177
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Deborah Staber

The Good Will Home Association’s L.C. Bates Museum will implement its Very Young Naturalist project, designed to reach rural, mostly low-income preschool children and their families with a combination of outreach and museum-based science education programming. The project activities will focus on developing young children’s school readiness, literacy, and basic science skills through guided explorations of regional wildlife. This project will bring a series of natural history programs to 34 classrooms at six childcare programs with eight preschool sites, assemble five preschool science labs to lend to preschool teachers, create four cable-TV programs of the presentations, and offer family museum programs for young children and their families.



Trustees of the Walters Art Gallery - Baltimore, MD
Congressional District: MD_07
Award Amount: $111,615; Matching Amount: $298,447
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Joy Heyrman
Senior Development Officer

The Walters Art Museum will support American Visions: Engaging the Community with American Art, a 23-month program designed to foster meaningful visitor experiences with the museum’s collection. By creating emotional and intellectual connections between audiences and works of art, the museum brings 18th- and 19th-century America to life. The museum will engage visitors through a series of activities including a special exhibition, with a publication, on the painter Richard Caton Woodville; public programs for school, family, and adult audiences; educational and interpretive materials; a companion student exhibition; an interactive resource to use online and in the permanent collection galleries; and the digitization of over 600 American works of art that will be made freely accessible.



New England Aquarium Corporation - Boston, MA
Congressional District: MA_09
Award Amount: $145,783; Matching Amount: $175,622
Category: Building Institutional Capacity

Contact: Dr. William Spitzer
Vice President for Programs, Planning & Exhibits

The New England Aquarium will develop, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive approach to increasing the capacity of front-line staff and interpreters to engage with visitors and interpret ocean health in a compelling way. With increasing demands on their interpretive staff the aquarium will develop a training model responsive to their audiences and adaptable to new exhibits, increase visitor satisfaction through personal and positive engagement with interpreters, and increase integration of the aquarium’s mission into the visitor experience. This project will prepare aquarium staff to be able to convey the conservation mission to any audience at any one of their current and future exhibits. They will provide a more exciting, memorable experience and a lasting impact on visitors and on the oceans.


Museum of Science - Boston, MA
Congressional District: MA_09
Award Amount: $76,087; Matching Amount: $77,558
Category: Building Institutional Capacity

Contact: Ms. Anna Lindgren-Streicher
Program Manager of Research and Evaluation

The Museum of Science, Boston will develop an infrastructure to create an environment inclusive of people with disabilities through the universal design of educational experiences. The museum will compile, refine, extend, and more effectively share in-house staff expertise on creating universally designed educational experiences with any of the museum’s staff involved in producing educational experiences for the public. The resources developed through this project will also be used in collaborative exhibit development ventures, such as the development of travelling exhibitions for the Science Museum Exhibit Collaborative. The project’s activities seek to increase museum staff and partners’ awareness and use of best practices for the universal design of educational experiences in the short term, and the development of educational experiences at the museum for the long term.


Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities - Boston, MA
Congressional District: MA_09
Award Amount: $142,559; Matching Amount: $153,163
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Ms. Julie Solz
Team Leader for Collections Services

Historic New England will improve and enhance public access to its nationally significant 6,000-design wallpaper collection. The project will catalogue, digitize, and rehouse 2,000 items in the Waterhouse Archive for Historic Wallpapers, 100 individual photographs, 26 photo albums of domestic interiors that contain approximately 1,000 images, 76 wallpaper sample books, and 20 pieces of wallpaper ephemera. In addition, it will create new high-quality imagery and updated catalogue records for 4,250 previously documented wallpaper samples, expand the quantity of archival material present on the website, and redesign the wallpaper section of the website to improve usability. Together, these activities will increase by 50 percent the number of online records from the wallpaper collection, will make high-resolution zoomable images available for the first time, and will provide more effective search and browse capabilities for visitors.


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Boston, MA
Congressional District: MA_08
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $311,637
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Lisa Krassner


The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, will implement its Ambassador Program, which will provide Boston-area university students with competitive work-study positions at the museum. Those accepted into the program will complete an intensive orientation and training, after which they will take on customer service roles within the museum for a year. Ambassadors will provide museum visitors with a helpful understanding of the museum’s collections and operations, and they will gain valuable career skills and knowledge that will benefit each of them academically and professionally.


Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum - Boston, MA
Congressional District: MA_08
Award Amount: $70,600; Matching Amount: $73,400
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Margaret Burchenal
Curator of Education and Public Programs

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum will develop a series of twelve two- to three-minute films designed to make the work of the museum more accessible to visitors. Over two years, museum educators will collaborate with curators, artists-in-residence, conservators, gardeners, and community members to develop collection-centered films exploring the process of creating and responding to art. Films will be available for viewing on the museum’s website and on kiosks in the Gardner’s new visitor orientation space. Project goals are to increase access to the museum’s collection, which is limited due to gallery size, and encourage deeper engagement by local audiences by showing them multiple approaches to the permanent collection.


Concord Antiquarian Society - Concord, MA
Congressional District: MA_05
Award Amount: $140,979; Matching Amount: $188,040
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Dr. Margaret Burke
Executive Director

The Concord Antiquarian Society will present Early Spring: Phenology and Henry David Thoreau, an exhibit and program drawing from its collection of Thoreau-related material. The exhibit will examine the relationship between climate and natural phenomenon, exploring Thoreau’s 19th-century observations and comparing them to contemporary studies of Concord. It includes items never shown together before, showcasing Thoreau’s herbarium specimens, a survey of Walden Pond, field notes, and journal. The project has three goals: to help students, teachers, and the public learn about phenology (the study of the relationship between climate and biology) and understand its value to climate research; use the museum’s collection to increase understanding of Thoreau as a thinker and scientist; and create a sustainable framework that enables visitors to explore Thoreau and the natural environment.


New England Wild Flower Society - Framingham, MA
Congressional District: MA_07
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $150,832
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Mr. Aaron LaFleur
Director of Horticulture

The New England Wild Flower Society will develop a comprehensive master plan for Garden in the Woods, its 45-acre native plant botanic garden. The plan will provide the framework for renewing and strengthening the collection; improving the visitor experience; expanding visitor services, interpretation, and public programs; and increasing revenue from admission, retail sales, events, and programs. The yearlong project will have four phases: 1) site analysis, 2) program conceptualization and development, 3) design, and 4) development of final drawings and presentation materials. Through the master plan, the NEWFS will better align the garden with the organization’s focus on New England native plants and ensure that the garden reaches its full potential as a modern public museum, a venue for learning, and an attraction that provides a robust revenue stream for the society.


American Textile History Museum - Lowell, MA
Congressional District: MA_05
Award Amount: $94,806; Matching Amount: $103,043
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Ms. Clare Sheridan

The American Textile History Museum will accession, catalogue, and scan 2,600 photographs of textile workers, textile mills and machinery, and views of textile cities and towns from the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as 1,950 insurance maps of textile mills dating from 1872 to 1953. Images and information will then be uploaded to the museum’s website. This project constitutes the final phase of a four-phase effort to improve intellectual control of and online access to the museum’s library and curatorial collections through the Chace Catalogue. The materials will be of particular interest to architects and renovators of mill buildings, engineers, urban planners, historians, textile artists and designers, and genealogists, as well as teachers, students, publishers, filmmakers, and exhibit designers.


Peabody Essex Museum - Salem, MA
Congressional District: MA_06
Award Amount: $146,300; Matching Amount: $200,000
Category: Building Institutional Capacity

Contact: Mr. Sean Pyburn
Information Systems Manager

The Peabody Essex Museum will significantly upgrade its information and data-driven infrastructure by purchasing a new large-capacity server system and a new collection management database system. The new server system will include a main consolidated data server and a backup. The new collection management system will allow the existing collections data to be migrated from the current database. Additional collection’s content, such as images of works or original documentation that have been made into electronic files, will be stored on the new large-capacity consolidated server. Both systems will enhance the museum’s institutional capacity by improving the museum’s current storage issues, but will allow flexibility for continued growth.


Mount Holyoke College - South Hadley, MA
Congressional District: MA_02
Award Amount: $148,599; Matching Amount: $400,696
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Ms. Wendy Watson

The Mount Holyoke College Art Museum will digitally photograph and catalogue approximately 4,000 objects in three of its most frequently studied and noteworthy holdings: works of art on paper, objects of American material culture, and American and European silver. Representing Phase II of the museum’s digitization efforts, the project will provide college faculty and students with access to an increased array of objects to include in teaching and learning. A new K-12 module created as part of this project will be instrumental in bringing object-based teaching into the classrooms of area primary and secondary schools. The database will also serve to familiarize public visitors with the collection and act as a first level of research support for scholars.


Springfield Library and Museums Association - Springfield, MA
Congressional District: MA_02
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $451,874
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Kay Simpson
Director of Museum Education

The Springfield Museums will exhibit The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss, a permanent, interactive, bilingual exhibition designed to promote joy in reading and introduce children and their families to the stories of Springfield-born author Theodor Seuss Geisel. The 3,200-square-foot exhibition will provide opportunities to explore new sounds and vocabulary, play rhyming games, invent stories, and engage in activities that encourage teamwork and creative thinking. Interactivity is deeply embedded in the exhibition, both in the real world of the galleries and in its multimedia technology. The exhibition and related programming will target the needs of economically disadvantaged Springfield children.


Norman Rockwell Museum at Stockbridge - Stockbridge, MA
Congressional District: MA_01
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $154,015
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Ms. Venus Van Ness

Norman Rockwell Museum will inventory, catalogue, rehouse, and digitize its collection of 50,000 Rockwell-related photographic prints to make them accessible for the first time to museum curators, visiting researchers, and the public. With the potential to provide insight into the artist’s working process, personal life, and the times in which he lived, the collection includes candid shots of the artist interacting with John Wayne, Ann-Margret, Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy, and many other 20th-century icons who were subjects of his work. After processing and digitizing, the project team will develop a finding aid and will upload the image files to the museum’s Vernon Collections Management System and to Archivists’ Toolkit. The images will be published online and made accessible through computer workstations in the museum’s Reference Center as well as on the website.


Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute - Williamstown, MA
Congressional District: MA_01
Award Amount: $109,925; Matching Amount: $111,500
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Ms. Susan Roeper

The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute will digitize and provide enhanced cataloguing and metadata for images from 393 volumes in the Clark Library’s Mary Ann Beinecke Collection of Decorative Arts. Spanning the 16th to 20th centuries, the collection is particularly strong in costume history, handicrafts, and textile design. The use of authorized vocabularies and thesauri in indexing will provide comprehensive access to the collection to researchers in all arts and humanities disciplines as well as curators, students, critics, cultural historians, writers, and textile artists. The materials will be available through the library’s Digital Collections interface, the Internet Archive, and the Massachusetts Digital Commonwealth.


Worcester Art Museum - Worcester, MA
Congressional District: MA_03
Award Amount: $123,679; Matching Amount: $129,245
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Mr. Joseph Leduc

The Worcester Art Museum will create digital, visual, and descriptive records of 800 American and European paintings that are currently off-view in its storage areas in order to make high-resolution digital images easily accessible to a worldwide audience; develop a foundation of high-priority electronic metadata to share globally through proprietary and public websites; and enhance the museum’s ability to provide timely and comprehensive responses to local, national, and international inquiries for educational and professional research and support. Included will be major works by American artists such as Cassatt, Copley, Hunt, LaFarge, Sargent; and Stuart, as well as Europeans Boucher, Boudin, Courbet, Delacroix, Giordano, Hogarth, Pissarro, and Renoir. The project will ensure that paintings normally off-view will be made accessible, and for the first time in its history, the museum will be able to make a complete presentation of these holdings available to scholars, students, and the wider public.



Detroit Zoological Society - Royal Oak, MI
Congressional District: MI_12
Award Amount: $88,546; Matching Amount: $88,549
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Jo Ann Neal
Interim Director of Education

The Detroit Zoological Society will use its grant to support "Tomorrow’s Leaders Today," a three-year project to increase familiarity with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) among demographic groups that are underrepresented in those fields. This scalable and replicable education model engages students and their teachers through a series of day-long experiences. These include inquiry-based field work; classroom learning opportunities; behind-the-scenes experiences at the Detroit Zoo and Belle Isle Nature Zoo; and other trips that introduce students to zoo-inspired careers in animal welfare, humane education, veterinary medicine, conservation, and environmental science and engineering. Teacher orientation, resources, and follow-up will support classroom application of inquiry-based education beyond the project. The project will engage 50 students and ten teachers each year.



Minneapolis Society of Fine Arts - Minneapolis, MN
Congressional District: MN_05
Award Amount: $149,956; Matching Amount: $161,537
Category: Building Institutional Capacity

Contact: Mr. Douglas Hegley
Director of Technology

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts will define and implement an enterprise content management system to store, organize, and make accessible the museum’s vast amount of intellectual property, including information about each work in the collection; interpretive content used in didactic labels and program materials; catalog essays; and the museum’s donor publication, Arts Magazine. Also, the museum will develop an application program interface that allows users to retrieve, via the museum’s website, digital kiosks, touch screens, or hand-held devices, more extensive information about the collection using keywords and other related cues.


Science Museum of Minnesota - St. Paul, MN
Congressional District: MN_04
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $154,186
Category: Building Institutional Capacity

Contact: Dr. Kirsten Ellenbogen
Senior Director for Lifelong Learning

The Science Museum of Minnesota, in an effort to improve school services and outreach programs, will build staff knowledge of state and national educational standards and integrate this knowledge into everyday work at the museum. Professional development for a broad range of staff will be conducted to enhance their capacity to produce museum learning experiences that are more relevant for school audiences and other visitors, and to represent those experiences and underlying educational philosophy clearly and compellingly to a variety of internal and external stakeholders. The project will result in internal guidelines that clearly align educational standards with the design and facilitation of learning experiences by museum staff and external guides for K-12 educators that show the links between museum exhibits and school programs and classroom curricula through educational standards.



Magic House - Saint Louis, MO
Congressional District: MO_03
Award Amount: $128,000; Matching Amount: $135,925
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Elizabeth Fitzgerald

The Magic House will upgrade, expand and evaluate Math Path, an interactive exhibit that addresses the critical curricular subject of mathematics. Originally opened in 1997, Math Path is a 655-square-foot learning environment. The Magic House will update and enlarge the exhibit so it encompasses a 1,200-square-foot corridor that extends the length of the museum, provides state-of-the-art installations that illustrate important math concepts and processes, and better aligns with the content of the museum’s math education programs and the major math standards outlined by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and the Common Core Standards.


Discovery Center of Springfield - Springfield, MO
Congressional District: MO_07
Award Amount: $138,207; Matching Amount: $138,379
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mrs. Laurie Duncan
Education Director

Discovery Center of Springfield will provide educational resources through nine outreach programs that can be delivered to Head Start classrooms. Children in the programs will receive high-quality instruction in science. They will be active participants in developmentally appropriate lessons designed to encourage critical thinking and inquiry. Head Start teachers will receive access to in-class training, including modeling of questioning strategies, use of materials for science exploration, and ideas for continuing science learning beyond the classroom. They will also participate in biannual teacher trainings designed to sharpen concepts within the context of daily classroom interactions and learning experiences.


Missouri Botanical Garden - St. Louis, MO
Congressional District: MO_01
Award Amount: $149,950; Matching Amount: $155,388
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Ms. Rebecca Sucher
Coordinator of Plant Records/Applications

Missouri Botanical Garden will create three integrated database modules with related web interfaces as Phase II of its efforts to create a modern, comprehensive living collections management system. The Greenhouse Tracking, Gardening Help, and Conservation Management modules will enable staff to improve the care and management of MBG’s living collections; support the increased use of native, at-risk, and wild-sourced plants in MBG’s horticultural displays; increase public engagement with the garden’s living collections; provide enhanced public access to plant and gardening information; and promote habitat restoration and plant conservation within and beyond the St. Louis region. The web applications will be accessible on any desktop computer or mobile device for viewing, searching, and editing data about MBG’s living collections. These tools will support MBG’s habitat restoration efforts at its Shaw Nature Reserve as well as habitat conservation and restoration projects related to endangered plants in other areas.


New Jersey

Newark Museum Association - Newark, NJ
Congressional District: NJ_13
Award Amount: $91,789; Matching Amount: $113,564
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Ms. Rebecca Buck
Deputy Director of Collection Services

The Newark Museum will catalogue and digitize objects from its African Art collections in order to improve public access, intellectual control, and administrative oversight. The museum will photograph 300 works professionally to produce publication-quality images, photograph an additional 300 works in-house for its database and e-museum, catalogue 500 works to include basic descriptions and more detailed contextual information, and increase the number of African Art objects shared on the Newark Museum eMuseum site from 50 to 550. This work will help the museum meet the increasing demands of a growing audience for African art, create educational materials for a national audience of K-12 students and educators, and help with planning for exhibitions and related programming that will engage tens of thousands of visitors annually.


New Mexico

516 ARTS - Albuquerque, NM
Congressional District: NM_01
Award Amount: $100,000; Matching Amount: $903,936
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Suzanne Sbarge
Executive Director

516 ARTS will develop a major exhibition entitled ISEA2012 Albuquerque: Machine Wilderness in partnership with the University of New Mexico and the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History. The exhibit will be part of the 18th International Symposium on Electronic Art. It will promote and sponsor creative exploration and encourage new artistic forms that demonstrate innovative ways to incorporate the use of the latest advances in technology. The project includes an international conference; a large-scale, multisite main exhibition in Albuquerque; a STEM-focused education program through art for teachers and youth; and a season-long, regional collaboration involving 65 arts and environmental organizations that will present in-depth public programming. This project is the largest arts collaboration in New Mexico history and the first of its kind to develop extensive collaborations between artists and scientists.


New York

American Museum of the Moving Image - Astoria, NY
Congressional District: NY_14
Award Amount: $149,095; Matching Amount: $170,952
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Mr. Wendell Walker
Deputy Director for Operations and Design

The American Museum of the Moving Image will move 5,500 objects, including technical apparatus, production design materials, posters, and other oversized artifacts from a rented off-site storage space to the museum’s new onsite storage facility. The new facility will give collection staff direct, daily access to artifacts and thus improve collections care; enable exhibition staff to properly identify and select new pieces for the museum’s core exhibition and temporary exhibitions; enable curatorial staff to efficiently conduct research on the objects and facilitate research by outside scholars; and allow the general public controlled access to collections for tours and educational opportunities.


Palisades Interstate Park Commission - Bear Mountain, NY
Congressional District: NY_19
Award Amount: $46,522; Matching Amount: $46,596
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Dr. Edwin McGowan

The Palisades Interstate Park Commission will develop a conceptual plan to revitalize Trailside Museums and Zoo’s interpretation to create a satisfying and informative visitor experience. Trailside is home to the nation’s first self-guided nature trail and environmental education center. Intersected by the Appalachian Trail, Trailside features a nature trail along which visitors encounter signs, museums with exhibits of historical and geological collections, and native wildlife designed to introduce visitors to the history, flora, fauna, geology, and wildlife found throughout the park.


New York Botanical Garden - Bronx, NY
Congressional District: NY_16
Award Amount: $132,000; Matching Amount: $133,935
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Jennifer Rothman
VP for Children's and Public Education

New York Botanical Garden’s Everett Children’s Adventure Garden opened in 1998 to teach children (aged seven to twelve) fundamental lessons in plant science. The garden has 12 acres of indoor and outdoor inquiry-based learning galleries, hands-on interactive exhibits, immersive natural environments, and programming. The New York Botanical Garden will conduct a detailed and comprehensive one-year evaluation study of the garden. The goals of the project include completing a thorough evaluation of the existing exhibit and landscape, researching the emerging theory that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) experiences can occur in a nature play setting, and evaluating the effectiveness of proposed new exhibits and space design. The proposed project will serve three core audiences: parents/caregivers and their children, teachers and students, and teen docents.


Museum of Contemporary African Diasporian Arts - Brooklyn, NY
Congressional District: NY_11
Award Amount: $120,000; Matching Amount: $201,300
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Isissa Komada-John
Exhibition Coordinator

The Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts will support "MoCADA City" a community-based initiative that provides direct services to the museum’s immediate surrounding Brooklyn neighborhoods. "MoCADA City" is an innovative approach to the contemporary role of the museum. Events will include KIDflix Annual Film Festival in Fulton Park; the MoCADA Apprentice Program held at Long Island University’s Brooklyn campus; Public Exchange Series in partnership with the Walt Whitman and Ingersoll Public Housing Projects in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, in conjunction with the New York City Housing Authority; and Satellite Exhibition Series, Outside of the Museum Walls. The museum will curate or co-curate five satellite exhibitions in non-traditional spaces.


Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences - Buffalo, NY
Congressional District: NY_28
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $885,610
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Karen Wallace

The Buffalo Museum of Science will use its grant to create a Motion Science Studio, one of eight science studios being developed at the museum, each based on a scientific concept and focusing on regional science. These studios will provide several layers of engagement for visitors and include hands-on activities and interactive exhibits that will strengthen multigenerational learning and engagement. As part of each new studio, the museum will highlight regional achievements and organizations to support stronger connections to contemporary physical science, engineering, and biomedicine, and provide the museum with ongoing opportunities to collaborate with and showcase the science done at local businesses and universities. The museum hopes that these studios will serve as models for other collecting museums to transform their engagement experiences with the public.


Louis Armstrong House Museum - Corona, NY
Congressional District: NY_05
Award Amount: $42,305; Matching Amount: $43,297
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Mr. Michael Cogswell

The Louis Armstrong House Museum will arrange, preserve, catalogue, and make available to the public the contents of the recently acquired Gösta Hägglöf Collection of Armstrong material. Approximately 192 cubic feet in extent and covering at least four decades, the collection is especially strong in European concert recordings, news clippings, periodicals, photographs, and correspondence. The work will be supported by interns from the Queens College Graduate School of Library Studies and the College’s Aaron Copland School of Music. Once the materials are processed, the museum will make them available to researchers, students, scholars, and the general public via its website. The materials may also be exhibited and, when appropriate, lent to other organizations.


Explore and More: A Children's Museum - East Aurora, NY
Congressional District: NY_27
Award Amount: $20,613; Matching Amount: $21,485
Category: Building Institutional Capacity

Contact: Ms. Claudia Newton
Education Coordinator

Explore & More: A Children’s Museum will develop a long-range education plan to correspond with its move to a new site in the City of Buffalo. The education plan will focus on the first year of educational programming in the new site and the necessary expansion prior to the move. It will focus on the museum’s changing audience with regard to numbers and demographics and develop strategies to ensure the museum is meeting the needs of this audience. The plan will build capacity by enabling the museum to better serve a multigenerational audience that includes children aged one to ten and the adults who care for them. The overarching outcome of this work will be a detailed plan of work for the museum’s staff, board, and committees that includes specific strategies, responsibilities, timelines and costs.


Long Island Children's Museum - Garden City, NY
Congressional District: NY_04
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $527,514
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Suzanne LeBlanc
Executive Director

The Long Island Children’s Museum will support the fabrication, installation, and evaluation of a new exhibition called Broken? Fix It! This 1,200-square-foot exhibition has been developed as part of the museum’s participation in the Youth Museum Exhibit Collaborative and is scheduled to open at the museum in June 2013 before traveling to the five other venues. Broken? Fix It! explores the collective experience of fixing broken things while supporting hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning. Visitors to the exhibition will encounter problems, determine and implement solutions, and recognize how others have responded to similar challenges. The intended audience for this exhibition is children (aged four to twelve), their family members, and school groups.


Slate Valley Museum - Granville, NY
Congressional District: NY_20
Award Amount: $27,902; Matching Amount: $28,851
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Kathryn Weller

The Slate Valley Museum will launch its Website Implementation and Community Education Project. This one-year initiative is aimed at using the museum’s digital collection to make information, images, and recordings accessible to the public. The initiative will upgrade the website to a user-friendly, educationally focused website that will increase the museum’s online presence. This strategic project is built on improvements from previous IMLS-funded initiatives and has several goals: creating an interactive, educationally focused website based on constituent feedback and the website plan; linking the museum’s new website with the digitized collection; providing educational introductions of the new digital collections database and website to local educators through school district-supported workshops; and gathering, evaluating, and reporting constituent feedback.


Museum of the Earth at the Paleontological Research Institution - Ithaca, NY
Congressional District: NY_22
Award Amount: $145,000; Matching Amount: $145,658
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mr. Robert Ross
Director of Education

The Museum of the Earth at the Paleontological Research Institution will mount Our Changing Earth Glaciers, a new 1000-square-foot permanent exhibit. The interactive and interdisciplinary exhibit will focus on the evolving nature of global earth changes. The exhibit will include educational programming on glaciers and their link to global change. The museum will use its collection of over 3 million specimens—the 10th largest in the United States—to bolster the exhibit’s focus on earth science education for children between the ages of two and eight.


Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum - Long Island City, NY
Congressional District: NY_14
Award Amount: $50,000; Matching Amount: $60,699
Category: Building Institutional Capacity

Contact: Mr. Brad Loving
IT Administrator

The Noguchi Museum will upgrade its technology infrastructure to further strengthen its institutional capacity and commitment to public responsibility. New systems, servers, workstations, and software will increase the museum’s capacity to further advance its public mission now constrained by inadequate technology to support the management of digital material, effective communications, and day-to-day operations. This project will enable the museum to reach technological competency while providing the flexibility to meet future information technology needs. The museum houses a comprehensive collection of the artwork of renowned Japanese-American sculptor Isamu Noguchi (1904–1988) and is the prime resource by which his extensive production in sculpture, architecture, and designs are kept alive.


Mohonk Preserve - New Paltz, NY
Congressional District: NY_22
Award Amount: $18,770; Matching Amount: $18,845
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Mr. Glenn Hoagland
Executive Director

Mohonk Preserve will hire a Special Collections Librarian/ Collections Manager to inventory, catalogue, and assess the condition of all the Daniel Smiley Research Center’s collections, and unite them into a PastPerfect database. The materials address landscape architecture, horticulture, and natural and cultural history in the northeastern United States and the northern Shawangunk Mountains of New York State. Developed as the result of recommendations made in a 2009 IMLS CAP report, the project will enable staff to gain intellectual control over the collection, provide a learning opportunity for graduate students, and increase accessibility to the collection for researchers, students, and the general public. The inventory will be uploaded to the Southeastern New York Library Resources Council’s Koha (web-based integrated library system) Virtual Union Catalog and thus be available online.


Eldridge Street Project - New York, NY
Congressional District: NY_14
Award Amount: $149,906; Matching Amount: $175,904
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Amy Stein-Milford
Deputy Director

The museum at Eldridge will use its grant to develop and implement a new orientation experience for visitors. The disorientation visitors now experience upon approaching, entering, and making their way through the building’s entryway, and the confusion generated by the building’s multiple identities—museum, landmark, and synagogue—has presented a challenge to visitors. The museum will create an inviting, informative, and engaging introductory experience focused on how a visitor first encounters the museum. The project will benefit approximately 150,000 visitors.


Children's Museum of the Arts - New York, NY
Congressional District: NY_08
Award Amount: $80,600; Matching Amount: $82,801
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Lucia Scheckner
Director of Community Programs

The Children’s Museum of the Arts will develop and implement an education initiative called "Pop-Up Museums." The program will make the museum’s 2,000-piece international collection of children’s artwork available to new audiences in underserved New York City communities. Over a two-year period, the museum will curate and present three themed traveling exhibits, which will be based on selected works from its permanent collection. The museum will also develop print enrichment guides for the exhibits. Each of the pop-up museums will be installed at one community partnership site. To accompany each exhibit, the museum will present an eight-week-long series of museum education workshops exclusively for pre-teens and teens aged 10 to 15. Each of the exhibits and related workshop series will be based on a theme exploring questions of personal identity.


New-York Historical Society - New York, NY
Congressional District: NY_08
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $2,183,628
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Dr. Kimberly Orcutt
Curator of American Art

The New-York Historical Society will fabricate a 6,700-square-foot exhibition called The New Art Spirit: The Armory Show at 100, which will use the 1913 Armory Show to revisit a milestone moment in American history. The 1913 Armory Show, often remembered for the introduction of avant-garde European painting and sculpture, represents not only an important art world event, but a moment of political, social, and cultural change that marks the genesis of the 20th century’s spirit and its relation to the origins of trends still vital today. The exhibition will include a selection of 80 to 90 paintings and sculptures that were in the 1913 exhibition as well as prints and photographs from the museum’s collections.


Children's Museum of Manhattan - New York, NY
Congressional District: NY_08
Award Amount: $149,703; Matching Amount: $300,810
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Karen Snider
Deputy Director of Exhibitions

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan will plan and design a new exhibition called Muslim Worlds. Upon its completion, Muslim Worlds will be the third in a series of exhibitions designed to translate complex cultural issues into engaging educational experiences for children aged 7 to 12. The project will further three core areas of the museum’s strategic plan by expanding its key mission area of "exploring world cultures," reaching new and diverse audiences both locally and nationally, and engaging adult caregivers in activities that help support children's educational and cultural development. The exhibit will be designed for a long-term run in New York City with the potential to travel nationally.


Museum of the City of New York - New York, NY
Congressional District: NY_15
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $152,118
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Susan Madden
Senior Vice President for External Affairs

Museum of the City of New York will redesign its website in order to increase public access to the museum and provide a richer online experience to its diverse and growing audience. The museum’s 2003 strategic plan launched a series of projects, including a capital project; the advancement of the stewardship of the museum’s collections; and the launch of ambitious new exhibitions, publications, and public and educational programs. The redesigned website advances key strategic goals of accessibility, visibility, and mission enhancement. With an effective online presence, the museum will continue to build an engaged audience.


Queens Museum of Art - New York, NY
Congressional District: NY_05
Award Amount: $147,683; Matching Amount: $147,778
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Prerana Reddy
Director of Public Events

Queens Museum of Art will launch Corona Urban Studio, the next phase of an eight-year project in community engagement. The museum will develop a series of community-driven seasonal programming in Corona Plaza, a space located a few blocks away from the museum, featuring a mix of independently produced events by community coalition members and those presented by the museum. Additionally the museum will produce two annual art and design commissions for artists and continue a long-term art residency program. The primary audience is residents of Queens, where 167 languages are spoken and 46 percent are foreign born. Project outcomes will include art projects successfully initiated and completed in Corona; community participants engaged in the process; a student body versed in social practice; documentation posted on a blog; and a workbook, Corona Plaza Report: Queens Museum's Engagement with Local Livability Issues, an in-depth case, available for online download.


Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum - Rochester, NY
Congressional District: NY_28
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $404,430
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mr. Christopher Bensch
Vice President for Collections

The Strong Museum of Play will fabricate and install a 4,200-square-foot thematic zone featuring games and puzzles, one of five components in the museum’s expansive America at Play exhibit. The museum’s game and puzzle collection is the largest diversified collection of such artifacts in a public institution in the United States, showcasing not only how play and game design have changed over time, but also how these changes have reflected and influenced American culture in general. This zone will focus on the history of board games, card games, puzzles, and more public amusements such as electromechanical coin-op games, pinball machines, and products for home or public game rooms such as foosball and air hockey.


Rochester Museum and Science Center - Rochester, NY
Congressional District: NY_28
Award Amount: $149,733; Matching Amount: $315,897
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Kathryn Murano

The Rochester Museum and Science Center will develop an interactive exhibit component—the "Inventor Center"— of the larger Inventing Futures exhibit. The primary purpose of the "Inventor Center" is to create a participatory space where museum visitors will develop creative critical thinking and social skills through hands-on engagement. Visitors are invited to design and build based on authentic problems faced by the industry and academics. The exhibit will reach over 400,000 annual visitors. Visitors will understand the inventive process and find it accessible and relevant to their lives, get interested and excited in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), learn skills that promote critical and creative thinking, and understand the social and scientific processes that contribute to contemporary innovation and invention.


National Women's Hall of Fame - Seneca Falls, NY
Congressional District: NY_24
Award Amount: $140,000; Matching Amount: $163,225
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Christine Moulton
Executive Director

The National Women’s Hall of Fame has collected the stories of nearly 250 influential women who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame in recognition of their contributions to the United States. They cover a wide range, from the early history of the United States to contemporary times, and are drawn from politics, business, arts, science, and sports. The museum will tell their stories in a new way by recording and digitizing the inductees’ oral histories. Digitizing the stories through the use of oral histories will enhance accessibility at the Hall of Fame, through an enhanced website, and as part of educational kits for field trips or classroom use.


Staten Island Museum - Staten Island, NY
Congressional District: NY_13
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $240,869
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Diane Matyas
Director of Public Programs and Exhibitions

The Staten Island Museum will exhibit Tales from the Mastodon in the museum’s new facility at Snug Harbor Campus. The exhibition will introduce a generation of visitors to the museum and demonstrate its redesigned exhibition strategy. The 500-square-foot mastodon exhibition helps fulfill the museum’s commitment to serve as an incubator for a new generation of naturalists and science teachers. Tales from the Mastodon will be an accessible gateway for the general public designed to increase scientific literacy. The museum will use an interdisciplinary approach, integrating art and history in support of science. The exhibition will dramatically increase the visibility of the museum within the community, put objects that have been in storage on display, and establish new partnerships with other institutions engaged in educating on biodiversity and the extinction of species.


People Inc. - Williamsville, NY
Congressional District: NY_26
Award Amount: $48,364; Matching Amount: $48,441
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Theresa Fraser
Museum Director

The Museum of disABILITY History will research and develop a project called Writing the Wrongs: Journalism and disABILITY History. The project will highlight journalism’s role in exposing the harsh conditions faced by people with disabilities in custodial care facilities operating under the prevailing standards of treatment for their time, and it will document journalism by and for people with disabilities and its continuing role in illuminating social injustice. Products will include a traveling exhibit, an exhibit pamphlet, an On-Cell guided tour, a virtual museum exhibit, a grade-four-to-twelve curriculum, and a book and e-book.


North Carolina

Friends of the North Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences - Raleigh, NC
Congressional District: NC_13
Award Amount: $129,697; Matching Amount: $155,199
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Dr. Betsy Bennett
Executive Director

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences will develop experiential programming and purchase educational supplies and equipment for its Earth Observation and Biodiversity (EOB) Investigate Lab, which will be housed in a new museum wing, the Nature Research Center. The EOB Investigate Lab will engage adults and teens, with a primary focus on middle and high school students, in authentic science research to prepare them for college, the workforce, and science and civic literacy. The museum will develop curricula that tie to the EOB Investigate Lab programs on biofuels and the science of scent.


Marbles Kids Museum - Raleigh, NC
Congressional District: NC_02
Award Amount: $100,288; Matching Amount: $132,365
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Pam Hartley
Vice President of Learning Initiatives

The Marbles Kids Museum will develop and implement a school readiness project called Ready, Set, School. Through hands-on play in a new Ready, Set, School classroom exhibit and participation in play-based, school-like programming and events, children and families will experience together what school will be like. Shared experiences with adults and peers in the exhibit and related programming and events will spark curiosity and conversation about what to expect in school. Because the parent-child relationship forms the critical foundation for lifelong learning, parent messaging and resources throughout the exhibit space will educate parents about child development and school readiness, as well as provide information on how to support school success at home.


Reynolda House - Winston Salem, NC
Congressional District: NC_12
Award Amount: $137,698; Matching Amount: $137,947
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Emily Wilder Santillo
Assistant Director, Creative Services

The Reynolda House will implement Phase II of a website redesign project that will include development, implementation, testing, and evaluation of the new site with the goal of launching a new online presence in 2013. This website project presents an opportunity for Reynolda House, recognized as the Southeast’s premier collection of American art, to rethink the possibilities of digital engagement with its visitors. The museum’s core values will guide the site’s development, create a welcoming environment, pursue excellence, and support personal learning. Digital documentation of the museum’s decorative arts, historical archives, and fine art collection is the first step in providing complete access to the museum’s rich resources and educational opportunities.



Canton Museum of Art - Canton, OH
Congressional District: OH_16
Award Amount: $67,000; Matching Amount: $67,315
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Christine Shearer
Development Director

The Canton Museum of Art will facilitate a collaborative project based on an exhibition of Ohio artist Joseph O’Sickey. This retrospective exhibition will cover the art produced by O’Sickey from 1940 to the present. There will be an emphasis on O’Sickey’s belief in the importance of sketching and drawing, which will be incorporated into related education programs. The subjects and themes of the artist’s work will also be explored and highlighted, including racetracks and horses, the circus, the Cleveland Metropark Zoo, Maine’s coast, France, and the artist’s own studios and gardens. The museum will develop the exhibition, publish an accompanying catalog, and develop and implement educational programming.


Cincinnati Art Museum - Cincinnati, OH
Congressional District: OH_02
Award Amount: $149,656; Matching Amount: $176,722
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Ms. Kristin Spangenberg
Curator of Prints

The Cincinnati Art Museum will inventory and photograph its works-on-paper collection of approximately 25,000 prints, drawings, watercolors, pastels, photographs, posters, and specially illustrated books. The inventory project will ensure that all works on paper are accounted for and that the inventory is accurate and reconciles database records with paper records. As each object is inventoried, corrections will be made to database records, objects will be photographed, and digital images will be linked to the database. The images and associated information will be available for use by staff, volunteer docents, scholars, and the public via the art museum’s website. A final report will detail the inventory process, staffing assignments, and a manual of storage guidelines to ensure a logical accommodation of future acquisitions within the storage system.


Children's Museum of Cleveland - Cleveland, OH
Congressional District: OH_11
Award Amount: $75,000; Matching Amount: $101,350
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Karen Katz
Exhibits: Design & Rental

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland will fabricate and install the exhibit, Centuries of Childhood: The American Story. The museum will also develop and implement related programming for visitors and school groups. The exhibit will offer an exciting opportunity for young children to learn about American history in a way that is meaningful to them. It will present information in interactive-play settings that will engage children and help them imagine what it would have been like to live in an earlier time and place through first-person accounts of an Iroquois girl, a colonial boy, a young pioneer girl, a Jewish immigrant boy, and an African American boy.


Ohio State University - Columbus, OH
Congressional District: OH_15
Award Amount: $149,981; Matching Amount: $150,205
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Gayle Strege


In response to the nation’s need to engage young people in learning history and to better prepare students to become global leaders of the future, the Ohio State University Historic Costume & Textiles Collection and the History Teaching Institute are partnering to develop innovative curricula correlated to academic standards in U.S. history. The curriculum is designed for eighth through twelfth grades using primary source historic museum artifacts. The project will use primary source historic 19th- and 20th-century costume artifacts to create a digital collection useful for history teachers, to deliver workshops to selected history teachers explaining the digital content and providing access to the objects themselves, and to develop curricula and lesson plans that meet academic standards.


Westcott House Foundation - Springfield, OH
Congressional District: OH_07
Award Amount: $94,400; Matching Amount: $214,110
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Marta Wojcik
Executive Director and Curator

The Westcott House Foundation, in partnership with two major universities, the STEM Academy of Springfield High School, designers, artists and the regional community, will create Solar@Westcott Experiential Design Lab. The selected site will be transformed into a community garden and public green space showcasing the Solar Decathlon House, designed by architecture students of The Ohio State University for an international competition organized by the U.S. Department of Energy. Through a series of design-education activities, the museum audience will engage in dialogue about sustainable practices and gain a better understanding of the opportunities for community improvement presented by creative and innovative design.



Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History - Norman, OK
Congressional District: OK_04
Award Amount: $149,956; Matching Amount: $210,494
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Dr. Janet Braun

The Sam Noble Museum will inventory, catalog, and database artifacts and associated archives in its Collection of Archaeology, focusing on its collection from the Spiro Mounds Group and material recovered by the Works Progress Administration from 1934-1942. The museum will share the project via media outlets, events, and publications. The database will be accessible to museum staff, scientists, federal and state agencies, tribes, and the general public through the museum’s website. The project will allow the museum to gain intellectual and physical control over its collection, upgrade the management of collection data, expand the accessibility of artifact information, strengthen the capacity for scholarly research, and contribute to the multidisciplinary teaching and research missions of the museum and university.


Philbrook Museum of Art - Tulsa, OK
Congressional District: OK_01
Award Amount: $141,232; Matching Amount: $143,162
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Susan Green
Museum Educator

Philbrook Museum of Art will use its grant to support the "Free 2nd Saturdays" program. "Free 2nd Saturdays" addresses the challenge of diverse family museum attendance. Honored as the 2010 Outstanding Education Program by the Oklahoma Museums Association, "Free 2nd Saturdays" provides free admission and family activities each month. The program strives to reach an audience that reflects the racial, ethnic, and socio-economic diversity of Tulsa. Outcomes for the program include providing an exceptional family-focused arts experience, encouraging repeat visits, reducing barriers to access; reaching diverse segments of the community, encouraging participants to deepen their engagement with the museum, and contributing to overall museum attendance.



High Desert Museum - Bend, OR
Congressional District: OR_02
Award Amount: $47,000; Matching Amount: $47,294
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Dr. Dana Whitelaw
Vice President of Programs

The High Desert Museum will develop a collecting plan to improve its ability to collect strategically and proactively and to support its mission to educate visitors about the environment, culture, and history of the High Desert region. A Project Committee comprised of museum staff, trustees, advisors, and a consultant will assess strengths and weaknesses of the museum’s current collections, identify a clear collecting mission tied directly to the institutional mission and strategic plan, and establish criteria to guide future accessioning and deaccessioning in support of that mission. The collecting plan will increase the museum’s capacity to care for its collections with current resources and enhance its ability to interpret the High Desert for visitors through collections-based exhibits and programs.


Portland Art Museum - Portland, OR
Congressional District: OR_01
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $232,665
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Mr. Donald Urquhart
Director of Collections Management

The Portland Art Museum will digitize and provide online accessibility to its collection of 8,000 works of Native American art for the benefit of scholars, students, and the general public. With objects dating from pre-European contact to the present, the collection features important works from nearly every tribal group in North America, with especially strong representation of tribes from the Northwest Coastal. Records will include high-quality images and authoritative metadata, as well as interactive features such as dynamic gallery views and links to related public programming, interviews, lectures, and interpretive texts. In addition to sharing images and authoritative information on its website, the museum will publish the collection to federated resources and leading scholarly databases including ARTstor.



Philadelphia Museum of Art - Philadelphia, PA
Congressional District: PA_01
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $444,884
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Mr. Willliam Weinstein
Director of Information Services

The Philadelphia Museum of Art will research, photograph, and digitize more than 4,000 paintings and decorative art objects in its Chinese collection in order to increase accessibility and enhance the information available to scholars, researchers, and the general public. Collection objects range in date from the Neolithic Period to the present with particular strengths in Tang, Ming, and Qing dynasty ceramics. This digitization project will increase the amount of publicly available information about the museum’s Chinese art collection and will inform planning for the first comprehensive publication of the Chinese collection and the major reinstallation of its East Asian galleries.


Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia - Philadelphia, PA
Congressional District: PA_02
Award Amount: $149,911; Matching Amount: $150,335
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Jacqueline Genovesi
Director Education and Living Exhibits

The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, in partnership with the New Jersey Academy of Aquatic Science and the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, will support "Changing Attitudes Towards Autism Access." The intended outcomes of the project include increased visitation by families with children on the autism spectrum, improved engagement between staff and families, greater participation in social and collaborative learning and interaction, and enhanced quality of community engagement for families with autistic children.


College of Physicians of Philadelphia - Philadelphia, PA
Congressional District: PA_02
Award Amount: $149,777; Matching Amount: $210,001
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mr. Robert Hicks
Director, Mutter Museum/Historical Library

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, in partnership with Mütter Museum will support a multi-layered project that explores a medical narrative of the Civil War through personal experiences. Broken Bodies, Suffering Spirits: Injury, Death, and Healing in Civil War Philadelphia includes two key components: an innovative long-term exhibit scheduled to open in July 2013; and unique educational resources, including ten lesson plans that meet Pennsylvania curriculum standards. Both the 1,000-square-foot exhibit and the web resources will draw from specimens, objects, photographs, and primary source material from the college’s unique museum and library collections.


Moore College of Art and Design - Philadelphia, PA
Congressional District: PA_02
Award Amount: $149,869; Matching Amount: $291,852
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Kaytie Johnson
Rochelle F Levy Director and Curator

The Galleries at Moore College of Art & Design will create a new Learning Through Photography (LTP) Regional Resource Hub for arts education and integrated learning strategies. It will also extend the existing LTP program through community arts projects in LTP neighborhoods. The project will include creating guidelines for evaluating the impact of LTP on students, classrooms, and teachers as the program grows in schools across the city. This project will involve home and family, building on the success of the galleries’ Learning Through Photography, a pilot outreach project implemented and sustained in ten Philadelphia schools.


Wagner Free Institute of Science - Philadelphia, PA
Congressional District: PA_02
Award Amount: $111,987; Matching Amount: $141,867
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Dana Semos
Director of Children's Education

Wagner Free Institute of Science’s Science, Nature and Art in Philadelphia (SNAP) is an out-of-school science program for middle school students that aims to increase academic achievement, decrease youth involvement in delinquent behavior, and improve youth attitudes. The museum will incorporate many of the essential components of the Wagner’s successful children’s education programs for elementary school children but at a more complex level appropriate to middle school students. Planned activities involve standards-based, hands-on science activities and will require cooperative small-group work. Students will learn science process skills and will engage in learning activities that require different levels of structured critical thinking. The program will target the low-income community surrounding the museum, where many of the institute’s current participants live.


Wyck Association - Philadelphia, PA
Congressional District: PA_02
Award Amount: $148,643; Matching Amount: $172,108
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Eileen Rojas
Executive Director

Wyck Historic House, Garden and Farm, a National Historic Landmark in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia, will expand its "Home Farm and Farmers Market" and youth education programs by piloting a series of "Second Saturday Festivals." The museum will develop targeted programs to meet the needs of specific constituents: underserved school children in Germantown needing a safe place to experience and learn from nature; neighborhood residents seeking nutritious, affordable local produce; and community members and students interested in broadening their knowledge in horticulture, preservation, and history. It serves as an outdoor classroom for children and adults. The farmers market increases access to fresh, low-cost/subsidized produce for residents of the Germantown neighborhood and extended community.


Children's Museum of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, PA
Congressional District: PA_14
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $291,892
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Jane Werner

The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and its partners, Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center and the University of Pittsburgh Center for Learning in Out of School Environments, will use its grant to support the MakeShop project. The MakeShop, a new hands-on "maker space" within the museum, will nurture informal learning opportunities and research-based understanding, fusing old and new technologies with project-based activities. The project integrates digital-learning technologies with do-it-yourself "Maker" elements to produce a robust place for exploration and creativity. Youths will participate in guided and self-directed making experiences. MakeShop was inspired by the museum’s ongoing commitment to exploring new avenues of learning for its varied audiences.


Carnegie Instititute - Pittsburgh, PA
Congressional District: PA_14
Award Amount: $50,068; Matching Amount: $56,288
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Dr. John Wible

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History will devote one year to planning the reunification of its 134,000-item mammal collection. The project will entail a inventorying the 2,000-specimen large mammal skeleton collection, currently stored ten miles away from the main collection space; cross-referencing to skins stored in a separate fur vault; reconfiguring the space into which the skeleton collection will move; and benchmarking with other institutions that have made recent changes to their collections of oversize mammal skeletons and skulls with horns and antlers. Reunification will provide currently isolated specimens, many of which are threatened or endangered African species, with the appropriate storage environment, a high level of security, and easy access for museum collections staff as well as visiting researchers, university classes, and lay audiences. The museum will make data from the inventory and archival research as well as novel storage solutions available to the museum community through websites and formal publications.


Puerto Rico

University of Puerto Rico at Cayey - Cayey, PR
Congressional District: PR_01
Award Amount: $149,386; Matching Amount: $169,103
Category: Building Institutional Capacity

Contact: Mr. Humberto Figueroa

The Dr. Pio Lopez Martinez Museum will create a comprehensive, bilingual online catalogue of the Frade collection of paintings, photographs, books, printed materials and documents, furniture, tools, sculpture and personal belongings of prolific Puerto Rican visual artist and architect Ramon Frade (1875-1954). The museum will also create an independent site linked to the university website but dedicated solely to the museum where students, researchers, community residents, schoolchildren, and others will be able to access the museum’s collection online, through the eMuseum interface module of the collection management system.


Rhode Island

Preservation Society of Newport County - Newport, RI
Congressional District: RI_01
Award Amount: $147,261; Matching Amount: $179,612
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Ms. Miranda Peters
Collections Manager

The Preservation Society of Newport County will conduct an inventory of nearly 54,000 objects and will digitize 157 selected items from its eleven historic houses representing American culture from the Colonial Era through the Gilded Age. Project activities will include updating and standardizing object descriptions, locations, and condition assessments; creating clear photographs of each object; and professionally photographing a subset of priority objects to post on a new collections section of the museum’s website. By improving the accuracy, user-friendliness, and accessibility of the museum’s database, the project will allow the museum to better serve outside researchers and the general public; improve collections management; and advance the organization’s ability to support collections-based exhibitions, publications, and educational programs.


South Carolina

Historic Columbia Foundation - Columbia, SC
Congressional District: SC_06
Award Amount: $141,047; Matching Amount: $213,009
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mr. James Quint
Education Coordinator

Historic Columbia Foundation, in partnership with Richland County School District One, the University of South Carolina, and the Columbia Housing Authority, will implement, review, and refine a series of youth and senior programs and activities and develop a community engagement plan for the Mann-Simons site, one of seven historic properties managed by the foundation and one of only a few sites in South Carolina once owned by free blacks prior to the Civil War. The project will use local history as the catalyst to extend meaningful outreach programs to high school students and senior citizens and enable the foundation to build greater organizational capacity for community engagement.



Creative Discovery Museum - Chattanooga, TN
Congressional District: TN_03
Award Amount: $148,727; Matching Amount: $159,501
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mrs. Jayne Griffin
Director of Education

The Creative Discovery Museum use its grant to support the "Youth Spark Initiative," will serve new audiences and expand the services the museum provides to the greater Chattanooga area. The overall goals of this initiative include serving the needs of adolescent youth (aged 11 to 16) through the museum experience; increasing participation of young people in museum programs; strengthening ties to youth by giving them a voice in the development of programs and future exhibits; assisting youth in achieving 21st century skills; bringing youth together from different parts of the community; and empowering teens to help the museum. Additionally, the museum will create a youth advisory board and develop a teen media collaborative.


Children's Museum Corporation of Rutherford County - Murfreesboro, TN
Congressional District: TN_06
Award Amount: $62,056; Matching Amount: $62,105
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mrs. Billie Little
Executive Director

The Children's Museum Corporation of Rutherford County will use its grant to create Bridge to Nature at Discovery Center at Murfree Spring. This 9,500-square-foot outdoor discovery play area will stimulate high-quality free play and discovery learning in a natural environment. Bridge to Nature is designed to appeal to children and families with children from birth to 10. The play area will feature eight main components, each with a multidisciplinary approach. Bridge to Nature will provide a place for physical activity and engaging with nature; incorporate at least five activities of the Tennessee Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights; increase the visitors’ respect for themselves, for others, and for the environment; and provide educational opportunities for informal and formal science, environmental stewardship, and sustainable and healthy eating habits.



Texas State Preservation Board - Austin, TX
Congressional District: TX_21
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $2,597,000
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mr. David Denney
Director of Public Programs

The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, in partnership with the Texas Historical Commission, will prepare for the permanent installation of the 17th-century French shipwreck, La Belle. The ship, once commanded by French explorer Robert de La Salle, is a major archeological discovery in North America that has produced an array of artifacts including the ship’s hull, three bronze cannons, thousands of glass beads, bronze hawk bells, pottery, and the skeleton of a crew member. The project will update scholarship and expand interpretation of the La Belle story and its artifacts; implement programming and facilitate visitor viewing during the reassembly of the ship; produce a fully immersive media program, Desperate Voyage; develop a special traveling exhibit to celebrate the installation of the La Belle; and expand partnerships and collaborations with regional Texas museums along the La Salle Odyssey heritage trail to increase public awareness and heritage tourism.


Museum of Nature and Science - Dallas, TX
Congressional District: TX_30
Award Amount: $131,289; Matching Amount: $138,209
Category: Building Institutional Capacity

Contact: Ms. Terrell Falk
Chief Operating Officer

The Museum of Nature and Science will create an expanded and highly productive volunteer program to complement its move to a newly built state-of-the-art facility in downtown Dallas. The new Perot Museum of Nature and Science will require well-trained volunteer floor staff in the new exhibit halls to maximize the visitors’ experiences as they move through the exhibits. The museum will develop a comprehensive updated volunteer program focused on recruitment, job placement, training, and evaluation in order to provide superior customer experiences and efficient operations, while building strong attendance and membership.


Museum of Fine Arts, Houston - Houston, TX
Congressional District: TX_07
Award Amount: $146,559; Matching Amount: $264,122
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Margaret Culbertson
Director, Kitty King Powell Library and Study

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, will develop the Texas Artisans & Artists Archive. The museum will launch a fully digital archive that will document the lives, work and business practices, and products of artists and artisans who worked in Texas through the year 1900. The Texas Artisans & Artists Archive will support all institutional goals, specifically in the areas of research and interpretation. The archive will greatly further the museum’s mission to reach audiences through education and outreach, enabling the museum to serve as a resource for the public by connecting visitors to art and history.



Treehouse Children's Museum - Ogden, UT
Congressional District: UT_01
Award Amount: $74,300; Matching Amount: $94,250
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mr. Wesley Whitby
Program Coordinator

Treehouse Children’s Museum will design and implement The Storybook Diner on Main Street for families and underserved communities. The project includes the designing and building of a 1950’s-style diner with a storybook theme for children and families to explore together. Programming will complement the exhibit and the other existing and planned structures that will fill Main Street. The project will strengthen the museum’s exhibit and programming offerings and use trained teen volunteers who will serve as "Main Street Mentors," modeling ways parents can support their child’s dramatic play. The exhibit and programming will not only support the development and practice of family literacy and numeracy skills as a natural part of play, but also will also deepen and prolong the dramatic play of children resulting in more "deliberate learning."



Lake Champlain Basin Science Center - Burlington, VT
Congressional District: VT_01
Award Amount: $137,497; Matching Amount: $143,607
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Dr. Molly Loomis
Director of Education

The Lake Champlain Basin Science Center will develop a fellowship program designed to create an educational conduit between scholars of science and technology and the public. The Science Center, in partnership with the University of Vermont and Champlain College, will train graduate fellows in science and technology to interpret their disciplines for family, teen, and adult audiences. Fellows will develop powerful educational experiences that use academic content and innovative technology to build STEM literacy among the science center’s 150,000 annual visitors.


American Museum of Fly Fishing - Manchester, VT
Congressional District: VT_01
Award Amount: $21,600; Matching Amount: $21,685
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Sara Wilcox
Director of Visual Communications

The American Museum of Fly Fishing will electronically index and archive The American Fly Fisher, a scholarly journal published since 1974. This journal serves as a significant venue for important findings relating to the heritage of fly fishing. The goals of the project are to increase awareness of the valuable information and research contained within the journal, making it readily available worldwide in an electronic format; and to have a permanently archived record of this publication from its inception, thereby giving the museum the opportunity to reprint significant articles and meet research requests from the public.


Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium - St. Johnsbury, VT
Congressional District: VT_01
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $166,535
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mr. James Gobin
Director of Exhibitions

The Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium will develop Nature, Climate, and Change: The Observer’s Gallery, a dynamic exhibition supporting the museum’s core education and outreach programs. The museum has launched an outreach initiative to engage volunteers in the observation, documentation, recording, sharing, and interpreting of key biological and meteorological indicators of environmental change. The exhibit will introduce visitors to the tools, skills, and protocols of scientific observation using natural history collections and a range of interactive exhibit components. Visitors will be encouraged to apply their observation skills to the natural history specimens displayed throughout the museum and become curious about their own communities, contributing data, anecdotes, and interpretation to a long-term citizen science project.



Amazement Square - Lynchburg, VA
Congressional District: VA_06
Award Amount: $132,944; Matching Amount: $317,993
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mort Sajadian
President / CEO

Amazement Square, in partnership with Centra Health and the Office of the Mayor of Lynchburg, will implement a health-focused curriculum, featuring a new long term 2,700-square-foot exhibition. The 18-month project geared toward K-7th-grade children and their families will promote a public dialogue to address the need for the community to make better lifestyle choices. Balance: Healthy Mind & Body is the culmination of a six-year health initiative program that Amazement Square has explored through school and outreach programs. The exhibition and programs support the museum’s vision of "helping youth and their families/caretakers make informed decisions in addressing changes needed in a balanced nutrition, exercise/active play, and positive thinking for a healthy lifestyle."


Mariners' Museum - Newport News, VA
Congressional District: VA_01
Award Amount: $96,100; Matching Amount: $158,877
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Mr. Marc Marsocci
Manager, Digitial Media & Exhibit Technology

The Mariners’ Museum will catalogue and digitize its 10,000-item archive relating to the USS Monitor and the Battle of Hampton Roads, March 8-9, 1862, and make the documents accessible online in order to create a digital library, the timing of which will coincide with the sesquicentennial anniversary of the battle. Activities will include procuring and setting up digitizing equipment; updating the museum’s collections software; migrating existing records, cataloguing and entering metadata into the collections management system, digitizing the materials, and uploading the digital photographs and metadata into the collections management system. Thumbnail images and collection metadata will be available through and on the museum’s website. This is the first phase of a large digitization effort seeking to increase access to the museum’s collections and accommodate a large and more global audience of maritime scholars and enthusiasts, Civil War scholars, academics, and students.


Virginia Museum of Fine Arts - Richmond, VA
Congressional District: VA_03
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $550,622
Category: Building Institutional Capacity

Contact: Mr. Stephen Bonadies
Chief Conservator and Deputy Director for Collecti

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts will purchase a new collections management system and an online collections catalogue system to upgrade its technology as a crucial next step toward enhancing its visitors’ virtual and physical experiences of the art collection and educational programs. Through these new technologies, museum visitors will now be able to access an online catalogue of the collections, create virtual exhibitions, and find broader and deeper content by accessing the museum’s centralized collections database. The internal and external benefits will ultimately increase capacity to serve the public in art education and enhance its museum experiences with accurate information about the collections in the galleries, in print, in the classroom, and through new technology platforms.



Harbor History Museum - Gig Harbor, WA
Congressional District: WA_06
Award Amount: $5,000; Matching Amount: $5,000
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Victoria Blackwell

Harbor History Museum will produce the "Maritime Interactive Program," a hands-on learning curriculum. Hands-on interactive sessions for adults will teach historic boat restoration techniques for woodworking, tool fabrication and recovery, and vessel construction and repair. Youth-oriented projects will include toy boat building, basic wood preparation, how blocks work, basic navigation, knot tying, boat and fishing terminology, and storytelling. The project will introduce surrounding communities to the museum and the Shenandoah Restoration Project and the importance of saving historic vessels.


Seattle Art Museum - Seattle, WA
Congressional District: WA_07
Award Amount: $140,000; Matching Amount: $146,134
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Sandra Jackson-Dumont
Deputy Director of Education & Public Programs

Grant funds will support the Seattle Art Museum Teen Programs, which serve approximately 1,825 teens. Teen Programs offers a continuum of involvement ranging from exposure experiences, workshops, and participation in a teen advisory group. The project is designed to engage teens and build confidence in their leadership abilities by creating teen-curated and facilitated programs. It includes outreach efforts to increase the number of teens participating to 2,500 and assessment and measurement tools to chart the impact of the program. This program is designed to increase the achievement of Seattle students.


University of Washington - Seattle, WA
Congressional District: WA_07
Award Amount: $118,059; Matching Amount: $121,113
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Ms. Sarah Reichard
Director, University of Washington Botanic Garden

The University of Washington will update plant records, digitize historical documents, and consolidate information into a single open-access geo-referenced database for the Washington Park Arboretum. In addition to making collections data more readily accessible to researchers, teachers, students, and the general public, the project will help the university improve its ability to manage and track the arboretum collections and specifically will help staff prepare to address the impact of bridge construction scheduled to begin in 2016.


Children's Museum of Tacoma - Tacoma, WA
Congressional District: WA_06
Award Amount: $41,527; Matching Amount: $41,527
Category: Building Institutional Capacity

Contact: Ms. Debbie Kray


The Children’s Museum of Tacoma will expand its Play to Learn program to four new sites and expand its annual potential audience from 12,000 to nearly 19,000 participants per year. Play to Learn is a free community outreach program designed to support and educate parents and informal caregivers who nurture children from birth through age six, especially those with limited means and access to resources and enrichment activities. Play to Learn aims to strengthen children’s school readiness by providing adults with information, resources, and support to help them foster child development and learning through play.



International Crane Foundation - Baraboo, WI
Congressional District: WI_02
Award Amount: $71,410; Matching Amount: $76,988
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Ms. Betsy Didrickson
Information Services Manager

The International Crane Foundation will design and implement a management system for its collection of more than 34,000 digital assets to make them available online to the scientific community, teachers, students, media, and the general public. Using open-source Omeka as a web-publishing platform, the new digital collection will offer users an expanded selection of images, video, and sound files, as well as a more robust and interactive interface for searching and viewing. Project activities will include hiring a cataloging technician, developing internal protocols for evaluating and contributing digital assets to the management system, organizing and prioritizing key digital assets, installing Omeka, cataloging files, internal testing and trouble-shooting; developing the public interface, staff training, developing promotional materials for external audiences, publishing online exhibitions, surveying users, and evaluating feedback.


Cable Natural History Museum - Cable, WI
Congressional District: WI_07
Award Amount: $52,034; Matching Amount: $55,084
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Ms. Kathleen Connolly

The Cable Natural History Museum will upgrade its collections record-keeping and public display practices in order to strengthen its school programs, improve its environmental education programs, and help prepare the museum for accreditation by the American Association of Museums. To improve collections management, the museum will acquire PastPerfect software, transfer data from original accession records into the database, photograph each specimen, and incorporate digital images into the specimen records. The museum’s naturalist will be trained formally in collections management, and student interns will assist in cataloguing, photography, and website work. To improve public display practices, the museum will acquire twelve movable display units to permit frequent rotation of objects from the permanent collection into public view, install two information kiosks to provide online access to the collections database from within the museum, and install interpretive signage addressing environmental relationships pertinent to the specimens on display.


Chippewa Valley Museum - Eau Claire, WI
Congressional District: WI_03
Award Amount: $149,784; Matching Amount: $221,191
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Ms. Carrie Ronnander

The Chippewa Valley Museum will complete the final phase of its "Intersections" project producing two exhibits: What Country Now? and Here We Are. In addition to these exhibits, the museum will produce a publication, a panel exhibit, history kits, a teachers’ workshop, and an exhibit-development training series for local historical groups. Intersections supports the museum’s mission to unite people in the belief that understanding community history is fundamental to democratic life and promotes appreciation of state and national heritage.


Madison Museum of Contemporary Art - Madison, WI
Congressional District: WI_02
Award Amount: $73,050; Matching Amount: $80,692
Category: Engaging Communities

Contact: Mr. Stephen Fleischman

The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art will develop a greatly expanded website for its 2013 Wisconsin Triennial website, a juried, statewide survey of contemporary artwork. The site will include a virtual exhibition tour, artist pages with information contributed by the exhibition’s curators and artists, a parallel mobile website, offsite lectures presented statewide in advance of the exhibition, and a cell phone-based audio commentary with narrative from the artists. The museum will use this project to continue to broaden and diversify audiences and support and to advance the museum as an industry leader among artists, collectors, and peer institutions.


Milwaukee Public Museum - Milwaukee, WI
Congressional District: WI_04
Award Amount: $146,382; Matching Amount: $177,864
Category: Collections Stewardship

Contact: Ms. Patricia Coorough-Burke
Collection Manager

The Milwaukee Public Museum will partner with The Field Museum of Natural History to convert the institutions’ 31,000 handwritten, paper-based catalog records of its Silurian fossil invertebrate collections to electronic form in the KE Emu Collections Management System. The cooperative effort will create a consolidated online database with location, stratigraphic, and systematic data as well as select photographs of the extensive Upper Midwest Silurian collections. Twenty data-entry technicians, preferably undergraduate students with interest in paleontology from local universities, will be hired to work directly with the collections at each museum. The project will improve access to the collections and make information about them more accurate, engaging, and widely available to diverse audiences of research scientists, the general public, and students of all ages.