National Leadership Grants
September 2012 Grant Announcement

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University of California Museum of Paleontology - Berkeley, CA
Congressional District: CA_09
Award Amount: $401,833; Matching Amount: $401,905
Category: Demonstration

Contact: Dr. Roy Caldwell
Director, UC Museum of Paleontology

The University of California Museum of Paleontology, in partnership with the Museum of the Earth, the University of Kansas Natural History Museum, and the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, will develop a freely accessible online resource about evolutionary trees called "The Tree Room." Building on scientific expertise, learning research, and current project partner efforts, this resource will clarify what evolutionary trees are, how to read and interpret them, how they are built, how they inform research, and their applications relevant to society. The project will correct common misconceptions about evolutionary trees, identify best practices for using trees in exhibits, and provide lessons and tools for teaching about trees.


University of California, California Digital Library - Oakland, CA
Congressional District: CA_09
Award Amount: $149,070; Matching Amount: $34,928
Category: Demonstration

Contact: Ms. Patricia Cruse

The California Digital Library will leverage the early success of its new Data Management Planning Tool (DMPTool) to continue developing a cohesive set of resources that help academic libraries promote and provide better data management planning services for their campuses. DMPTool users include researchers, librarians, and administrators such as grant officers. Because data management practices and norms are still evolving, the project work plan includes significant information-sharing and feedback strategies with key stakeholder groups. The project team also will explore greater integration of the DMPTool with other research and data management workflow tools.


Richmond Public Library - Richmond, CA
Congressional District: CA_07
Award Amount: $50,000; Matching Amount: $16,628
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Luis Perez

To further increase digital literacy and access to computers among children and families in Richmond's Iron Triangle neighborhood, the Richmond Public Library and the Building Blocks for Kids Collaborative will lead a planning group that includes community residents, to assess currently available services and resources, identify best practices for achieving higher digital literacy rates in communities, create a plan to identify local needs, and develop an action plan that includes consideration of issues that cannot be resolved with current resources.


Regents of the University of California at Riverside - Riverside, CA
Congressional District: CA_44
Award Amount: $250,000; Matching Amount: $86,405
Category: Advancing Digital Resources

Contact: Dr. Brian Geiger

The Center for Bibliographical Studies and Research at the University of California, Riverside will expand and enhance its growing database, A Union Catalog and Bibliography of Latin American Imprints to 1851. This database currently contains approximately 51,000 titles. The project team will collect approximately 30,000 new title records from distributed online catalogs, printed bibliographies, and other sources to help the database grow to sufficient size and scope to become a transformative tool in Latin American studies research. This multiyear project will also include planning for making the database contents shareable and harvestable in new ways that are compatible with evolving library technical practices.


Peninsula Library System - San Mateo, CA
Congressional District: CA_12
Award Amount: $333,391; Matching Amount: $525,314
Category: Demonstration

Contact: Barclay Ogden

The Peninsula Library System will lead the California Audio-Visual Preservation Project (CAVPP), a two-year statewide collaborative effort by at least thirty-six libraries, museums, and archives, to preserve and provide online access to the state's endangered, historically significant, audiovisual recordings. CAVPP will produce training materials and guidelines to help all participating organizations through a preservation planning process. The project will bring to light hidden media collections via the Internet Archive the Online Archive of California.


Santa Barbara Public Library - Santa Barbara, CA
Congressional District: CA_23
Award Amount: $50,000; Matching Amount: $0
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Irene Macias

To encourage early learning, the Santa Barbara Public Library and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art will plan, pilot, and evaluate the potential for full implementation of a new program called the "Siblings Project." This initiative will promote grade-level reading skills in children age eight and younger by recruiting, training, and encouraging older siblings to read with younger members of families. The project will intentionally leverage a segment of families that to date has not been broadly targeted as an ally in encouraging early literacy.


University of California, Santa Cruz, University Library - Santa Cruz, CA
Congressional District: CA_17
Award Amount: $400,000; Matching Amount: $1,023,407
Category: Advancing Digital Resources

Contact: Ms. Virginia Steel
University Librarian

The University of California, Santa Cruz Library will partner with the Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University to develop and test a new "curator dashboard" plug-in for the Omeka web-publishing system for digital collections. The partners will produce a suite of workflows and tools that help educators, scholars, and library and museum staff build, describe, manage, and prepare digital collections for deposit in digital preservation storage repositories.



Colorado State Library - Denver, CO
Congressional District: CO_01
Award Amount: $41,146; Matching Amount: $9,058
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Beth Crist
Youth and Family Services Senior Consultant

To encourage early learning, the Colorado State Library will partner with the Fort Morgan Public Library and Museum, the Aurora Public Library, the Pikes Peak Library District, and the Lake County Public Library to plan for Project SPELL: Supporting Parents in Early Literacy through Libraries. The planning team will review existing and new research to create a blueprint of promising practices for libraries working with other agencies to deliver early literacy information and resources to low-income families with young children. This blueprint will be shared broadly and will suggest library policies, services, community partners, and practices that can make the library more accessible and usable for this target audience.



University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries - Gainesviller, FL
Congressional District: FL_06
Award Amount: $477,312; Matching Amount: $541,976
Category: Library-Museum Collaboration

Contact: Judith Russell

Financial pressures caused by the economic downturn caused the Panama Canal Museum to close and terminate services this year. The George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida agreed to not only assume custody of and responsibility for the museum’s collections, but also to explore ways to support and increase the community of donors, members volunteers, and other supporters. With IMLS support, the Libraries will collaborate with the Florida Museum of Natural History, the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art, the University’s Center for Latin American Studies, and many other partners to increase public understanding of the importance and scope of the transferred collections and to build dialog and best practices for library-museum partnerships and transfers of collections and other institutional assets.


Orange County Library System - Orlando, FL
Congressional District: FL_08
Award Amount: $212,070; Matching Amount: $91,669
Category: Demonstration

Contact: Mrs. Donna Bachowski
Head of Reference

Obituaries in local newspapers traditionally have provided rich genealogical and historical information to help researchers and community members understand their heritage. In recent years, the number of local newspapers has decreased, and the cost of publishing obituaries in them has increased significantly. As a consequence, a key source of historical information for many communities is in danger of disappearing. Building upon previous planning work funded by IMLS, the Orange County Library System will implement and evaluate a new service to the community, by offering a free library-based community digital obituaries repository. Family and friends of deceased community members will be able to upload detailed obituaries, photographs, and related materials, and in doing so help document their local heritage.


Florida State University - Tallahassee, FL
Congressional District: FL_02
Award Amount: $98,789; Matching Amount: $0
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Dr. Christine Koontz
Director, GeoLib Program

Public libraries are being asked to serve increasingly diverse populations with diverse needs. In order to better measure the value and extent of services being delivered to such populations, public libraries need more specific data about their communities’s needs and about other libraries that serve similar populations. With these goals in mind, Florida State University’s School of Library and Information Studies will partner with the American Library Association and the Chief Officers of State Library Associations to develop a prototype Web-based mapping system that pulls data together from different sources. Through a series of national forum activities, the project team will solicit feedback on the prototype and learn about other services that library leaders believe would help them deliver better services to targeted user markets.



Zoo Atlanta - Atlanta, GA
Congressional District: GA_05
Award Amount: $486,580; Matching Amount: $805,681
Category: Demonstration

Contact: Dr. Hayley Murphy
Director of Veterinary Services
(404)624-5 x801;

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is causing significant mortality in captive apes, often killing members of these endangered species in the prime of their reproductive lives. Zoo Atlanta’s funded project is a direct result of a 2010 IMLS National Leadership Planning Grant and will create an innovative and coordinated national program to investigate ape CVD and establish uniform, state-of-the-art strategies for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.. Through the creation of a comprehensive, consensus-based database, the project partners will develop a cross-institutional mechanism to better understand important diseases of zoo-housed animals to assure their continued survival in living collections. Partners for this project are the Emerging Diseases Research Group of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine and Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.



Idaho Commission for Libraries - Boise, ID
Congressional District: ID_02
Award Amount: $250,000; Matching Amount: $188,476
Category: Library-Museum Collaboration

Contact: Mrs. Stephanie Bailey-White

To encourage early learning, the Idaho Commission for Libraries will partner with the J.A. & Kathryn Albertson Foundation and Idaho Kids Count on a program titled, "Routes to Reading: Idaho Paves the Way with Access to Print." The project will be designed to significantly increase the number of books shared with young children. "Books in a Bag" kits will be made available at 250 Head Start centers, preschools, childcare centers, and home-based childcare sites. The project team also will create a web-based virtual story time to try and reach families who do not attend story time at the library.



University of Illinois - Champaign, IL
Congressional District: IL_15
Award Amount: $499,919; Matching Amount: $219,951
Category: Research

Contact: Dr. Carole Palmer

Researchers at the University of Illinois’ Graduate School of Library and Information Science and the Johns Hopkins University Libraries will use this grant to better understand the motivations, needs, priorities, and workflows of small scientific research environments. Many libraries and data repositories are developing new services to support scientific data management planning and data preservation. But not all scientists have access to such services, particularly in "small science" research sites, and the libraries that provide such services cannot effectively identify and curate all worthy data. Findings from this research will be used to develop and test a Site Based Data Curation Framework of recommended policies and processes that promote productive and successful relationships between scientific research teams, libraries, and data repositories.


University of Illinois, University Library - Champaign, IL
Congressional District: IL_15
Award Amount: $213,932; Matching Amount: $104,647
Category: Demonstration

Contact: Jennifer Teper

The University of Illinois Libraries will partner with the William R. and Clarice V. Spurlock Museum; the McLean County Museum of History; Heritage Preservation, Inc.; the Chicago History Museum; the Illinois Heritage Association; and the Illinois State Library to develop the Preservation Self-Assessment Program, a free computer-based tool that will help library, museum, and archives staff to conduct physical assessment and prioritization of preservation needs for paper-based and photographic materials. This tool will build upon the project director’s previous work developing a similar tool for assessing audio-visual collections, and will produce a detailed preservation report prioritizing collection items in order of preservation need. The tool will be designed to allow interoperation with other emerging software tools such as the open-source Archives Space collections management tool.


American Library Association, Association of College and Research Libraries -
Congressional District: IL_07
Award Amount: $249,330; Matching Amount: $128,353
Category: Demonstration

Contact: Ms. Mary Ellen Davis
ACRL Executive Director

The American Library Association’s Association for College and Research Libraries will partner with the Association for Institutional Research and the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities to design, implement, and evaluate a new program that helps academic libraries develop new assessment plans that better reflect library contributions. The program will focus on library impacts in key areas such as student learning and success. As part of the project, 300 teams, each consisting of librarians and other campus representatives from U.S. colleges and universities, will receive training in data-informed advocacy, and each team will develop an assessment plan appropriate for its campus and academic library.


American Library Association - Chicago, IL
Congressional District: IL_07
Award Amount: $249,867; Matching Amount: $109,169
Category: Demonstration

Contact: Ms. Angela Baker

Building upon earlier planning work supported by IMLS, the American Library Association and its partner StoryCorps will develop and implement "StoryCorps @ Your Library," a replicable program to be piloted at ten public libraries that will be selected from across the country. Recipient libraries will receive equipment, training, promotional materials, and other resources to help them implement community documentation projects using the popular StoryCorps interview model. Local libraries will retain copies of all interviews, but preservation copies will also be deposited with the Library of Congress. The project team will produce freely shareable training materials to help public libraries better understand strategies for sustaining local oral history programs.


American Library Association - Chicago, IL
Congressional District: IL_07
Award Amount: $486,587; Matching Amount: $284,438
Category: Research

Contact: Ms. Cathleen Bourdon
Associate Executive Director

The American Library Association and the University of Maryland, in partnership with the International City/County Management Association, will conduct a three-year study of public libraries as providers of digitally inclusive services and resources. Digital literacy and digital inclusion are becoming increasingly important aspects of individual and community success. This study will generate new understanding of the roles public libraries are playing, and gaps or needs that must be addressed to help libraries fulfill their vision of equitable access for all. Building on the methods of the long-running Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study, this new investigation will provide useful new data for public policy decision makers and funders.


American Library Association, Young Adult Library Services Association - Chicago,
Congressional District: IL_07
Award Amount: $99,937; Matching Amount: $30,652
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Ms. Beth Yoke
Executive Director, YALSA

The American Library Association’s Young Adult Library Services Association will conduct a yearlong series of national forum activities to bring together key stakeholders from libraries, education, technology, adolescent development, and the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Invited participants will meet both virtually and face to face to explore the world of young adult library services and ultimately produce a white paper that will provide direction on how these services needs to adapt to better meet the needs of 21st century teens.



Eastern Iowa Community College District - Davenport, IA
Congressional District: IA_01
Award Amount: $449,714; Matching Amount: $527,555
Category: Library-Museum Collaboration

Contact: Dr. Ellen Kabat Lensch
Exec. Director, Resource Development & Innovation

Eastern Iowa Community College District Library will partner with seven partners including city museums, libraries, and cultural and educational organizations to develop programs to advance the science and information literacy skills of Davenport residents, attract new audiences to current programs, and engage residents in activities promoting environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. These coordinated activities will support the City of Davenport’s efforts to become a sustainable city, one that manages harmful emissions and uses resources wisely; improves local air and water quality; respects native flora and fauna; and provides natural habitats, shade, and natural cooling. This project will include a significant evaluation component to help measure outcomes and progress toward stated community goals.



University of Kansas Libraries - Lawrence, KS
Congressional District: KS_02
Award Amount: $48,480; Matching Amount: $81,461
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Ms. Deborah Ludwig
Assistant Dean/Assoc. Librariian

The University of Kansas Libraries and the campus research office will partner with the Greater Western Library Alliance and the Great Plains Network to explore the potential for a shared regional approach to managing research data. The project team will collect and analyze information about regional research data practices at member institutions; develop a two-day regional workshop to consider and discuss issues, policies, and practices related to lifecycle management of research data across disciplines; and develop a plan and a funding strategy for a data management "test bed" within a regional academic consortium.



Walters Art Museum - Baltimore, MD
Congressional District: MD_07
Award Amount: $50,000; Matching Amount: $86,226
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Ms. Emily Blumenthal
Manager, Family Programs

The Walters Art Museum, in partnership with the Johns Hopkins University Brain Science Institution and the Department of Cognitive Science, will establish an arts-enriched museum preschool to measure the impact and outcome of an arts integration curriculum on the development of early cognitive skills in children. The project will impact both the local community by providing high-quality preschool where an arts integrated curriculum supports early learners’ school readiness, and the museum education field by providing evidence-based curriculum and assessment tools needed to study the cognitive skills development in young children engaged in this program.



University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries - Amherst, MA
Congressional District: MA_01
Award Amount: $48,368; Matching Amount: $14,859
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Rebecca Reznik-Zellen
Digital Strategies Coordinator

The University of Massachusetts, Amherst will partner with the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research, and the Centers for Nanotechnology and Society at Arizona State University and at the University of California, Santa Barbara in a planning project to explore future integration of digital services for researchers studying ethical, legal, and social implications associated with the development of nanotechnology and other emerging technologies. Through facilitated organizational meetings and other activities, the project team will seek community consensus on top needs. Topics to be discussed include expansion of the concept of subject repositories to other services such as data curation, and possible new types of discovery and collaboration tools.


Museum of Science - Boston, MA
Congressional District: MA_09
Award Amount: $99,937; Matching Amount: $26,559
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Ms. Christine Reich
Director of Research and Evaluation

Creating a Collaboration for Ongoing Visitor Experience Studies (C-COVES), a National Forum Project, will convene a forum of experts to study the visitor experience within and across a diverse group of science museums. The two-day forum will bring together experts, evaluators, and stakeholders from a range of informal science institutions to start developing a sustainable, flexible system for collecting, managing, sharing, and analyzing science museum visitor data within and across institutions. The development of a collaborative community of institutions with shared strategies and instruments will build capacity for field-wide understanding of science museum visitors while enhancing the ability of individual institutions to measure and assess the experiences of their own visitors.


Trustees of Tufts College, Inc. - Medford, MA
Congressional District: MA_07
Award Amount: $49,488; Matching Amount: $17,054
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Anne Sauer

Though archives have had a standard for more than a decade for creating and sharing collection information and inventories online, many archivists still struggle with the challenge of effectively describing and providing access to complex archival collections and digital resources. In particular, current practices often are not well suited for describing electronic records or resources such as databases and social network sites. Tufts University’s Digital Collections and Archives will explore and pilot new approaches to these challenges, using more web-native approaches to linking and sharing information.


The Worcester Museum of Natural History (EcoTarium) - Wocester, MA
Congressional District: MA_03
Award Amount: $48,920; Matching Amount: $25,245
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Ms. Patricia Crawford
Deputy Director

The EcoTarium will explore the feasibility of expanding its role as a STEM-focused preschool educator. Working with an education professor and the early childhood specialist of the local school district, the museum will undertake a series of planning activities including preparing a demographic research report analyzing the current and potential preschool populations, reviewing the literature on preschool teaching and learning, scanning the museum’s current preschool offerings, developing a preschool advisory panel, developing a STEM-focused early childhood strategic plan, compiling a short list of college/university partners with which to work on the concept of a learning laboratory, and creating a list of criteria to explore the feasibility of developing a learning laboratory. These planning tools will be made available for other museums to use.



Hill Museum & Manuscript Library, Saint John's University - Collegeville, MN
Congressional District: MN_07
Award Amount: $350,930; Matching Amount: $533,442
Category: Advancing Digital Resources

Contact: Dr. Columba Stewart
Executive Director, HMML

The Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML), a sponsored program of Saint John’s University, will lead a team of collaborators drawn from St. Louis University, the University of Kentucky, and other organizations to build vHMML, a new integrated online environment for the discovery and use of digitized manuscripts, and collaborative scholarship among students and scholars in the manuscript studies and paleography fields. A library of introductory texts to the field and a glossary of terms used in manuscript studies will help make vHMML more easily accessible to interested non-experts. The project will explore new models of collaboration between technical experts, scholars, archivists and librarians, and students in building a research community’s new online collaboration and learning space.


Minnesota Children's Museum - Saint Paul, MN
Congressional District: MN_04
Award Amount: $50,000; Matching Amount: $49,700
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Ms. Samantha Smart Merritt
Director of Institutional Giving

The Minnesota Children’s Museum, in partnership with the Saint Paul Library System, the Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood, the Hennepin County Library System, the Northside Achievement Zone, and the Center for Education and Early Development will target low-income parents of very young children with a mobile communications application and support system to stimulate increased engagement in and support of children’s early education and literacy development, leading to increased school readiness. The mobile application will be shared nationally with community, library, and museum collaborations.



Kansas City Public Library - Kansas City, MO
Congressional District: MO_05
Award Amount: $41,935; Matching Amount: $18,514
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Helma Hawkins

To encourage early learning, the Kansas City Public Library will partner with The Family Conservancy in a planning project to identify and evaluate existing community programs that support school readiness. The planning team will produce a blueprint for collaboration among early educators, parent support groups, literacy organizations, social services, and others that share a common goal of promoting early language development. Through surveys, facilitated community conversations, and mapping research, the team will catalog the scope of existing programs and identify overlapping areas and gaps in service delivery. Data collection and analysis will identify opportunities for better coordination and expanded reach to families with young children, and to child care professionals.


Springfield-Greene County Library District - Springfield, MO
Congressional District: MO_07
Award Amount: $97,091; Matching Amount: $105,055
Category: Library-Museum Collaboration

Contact: Ms. Nancee Dahms-Stinson

To encourage early learning, the Springfield-Greene County Library District will partner with the County Health Department’s Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program, to train WIC staff and provide new early literacy programs for low-income families. This project will lay the foundation for expanding early literacy programs to additional community social service agencies in the future.


Saint Louis Science Center - St. Louis, MO
Congressional District: MO_03
Award Amount: $249,815; Matching Amount: $101,091
Category: Library-Museum Collaboration

Contact: Ms. Carol Valenta
Chief Scientific Officer

Science Beyond the Boundaries Early Learning collaborative is a partnership of twenty science centers to share programs, research, and lessons learned. Building on the early learning expertise of five of the partners, all museums will enhance their science and school readiness programs for children aged 0-4. The collaborative will provide individual assistance to museums by linking them to knowledgeable colleagues and helping to customize materials. It will also provide free science resources and curriculum guides on its website and in a quarterly newsletter. Science Beyond the Boundaries intends to expand to serve 160 museums seeking innovative, research-based interactive strategies for early childhood science.



Montana State University - Bozeman, MT
Congressional District: MT_01
Award Amount: $47,952; Matching Amount: $18,000
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Dr. Anton Bekkerman

There is little economic research investigating the impacts of patrons' Internet access—both in the library and at home—on the changing use and availability of traditional library resources. Researchers at Montana State University and the American Library Association will explore the feasibility of an economic study of the Internet's impacts on public libraries. The planning project team will design and test a research questionnaire to see if it can elicit information that would be used to effectively model and quantify these economic impacts and provide insights into appropriate changes in public library operations.



City of Omaha - Omaha, NE
Congressional District: NE_02
Award Amount: $407,175; Matching Amount: $585,717
Category: Demonstration

Contact: Ms. Linda Trout

The Omaha Public Library and the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Center for Public Affairs Research will produce a toolkit of useful resources and a replicable model to guide public libraries toward leadership roles in civic engagement efforts in their local communities. The project will also help libraries to measure and communicate the value they add to the community. Deliverables will include principles, practices, and tools to help libraries engage with citizens and other organizations to produce a map of local needs and available assets, a portal of resources and guidelines to help position libraries as key community anchor organizations, and methods and metrics to help public libraries measure, assess, and communicate the success and impact of their services and programs.


New York

Erie County of New York - Buffalo, NY
Congressional District: NY_28
Award Amount: $319,809; Matching Amount: $335,644
Category: Demonstration

Contact: Ms. Anne Conable
Special Projects Coordinator

The Buffalo & Erie County Public Library System will partner with the Buffalo Broadcasters Association, the University at Buffalo Center for Urban Studies, Cleveland State University’s Center for Public History & Digital History, and Randforce Associates, LLC, to demonstrate the concept of a "digitized commons" that emphasizes selection and digitization of collections that are tied directly to virtual and physical activities and events that encourage local civic engagement. A broad range of community partners was selected to build this new resource, and model for community engagement, in a way that will help forge links between historical legacy and contemporary community challenges.


Middle Country Public Library - Centereach, NY
Congressional District: NY_01
Award Amount: $450,000; Matching Amount: $912,138
Category: Demonstration

Contact: Ms. Kathleen Deerr
National Coordinator, Family Place Libraries

The Middle Country Public Library will work with twenty-eight libraries across seven states to implement and evaluate Family Place Libraries™, a library-based early childhood and family support service model. This program will focus on parents/caregivers as first teachers, will be organized around the developmental needs of the child, and will link library services with other regional and local family support agencies. The program emphasizes libraries as key institutions within the early childhood and family support community, and partners in the promotion of healthy child and family development. Partner libraries were selected in Colorado, Kansas, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, and Oklahoma to include communities in a variety of socio-economic and diverse urban, suburban, and rural settings.


New York University, Graduate School of Arts and Science - New York, NY
Congressional District: NY_08
Award Amount: $50,000; Matching Amount: $0
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Malcolm Semple

The Center for Creative Research and the Fales Library at New York University will partner with the Bebe Miller Dance Company, the Pick-Up Performance Company, and participants at Florida State University and Ohio State University in a planning project to explore the feasibility of a new model of archival engagement with artists and scholars. The envisioned model would place artists in new and sustained roles related to the archival collections that document their works. Specific project activities include conducting needs and feasibility assessment, designing and hosting two national meetings, and ongoing evaluation. A report explaining the project’s findings during the planning phase will be made broadly available online.


National Audubon Society - New York, NY
Congressional District: NY_08
Award Amount: $459,732; Matching Amount: $48,043
Category: Research

Contact: Mr. Robert Petty
Director of Field Support

The National Audubon Society will conduct a research study to answer these questions: What roles do nature centers serve? How are they valued by users, neighbors, and other community members? How do their missions align with the values of the communities? The answers are critical to ensure the best service to the public as well as, in some instances, the survival of the centers themselves. Key outcomes will include lessons relevant to improving community relationships for nature centers and similar institutions such as zoos, museums, and aquaria.


Onondaga County Public Library - Syracuse, NY
Congressional District: NY_25
Award Amount: $100,000; Matching Amount: $35,608
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Ms. Elizabeth Dailey
Executive Director

The Onondaga County Public Library will partner with ProLiteracy and the American Library Association to host a forum and related activities to develop a National Library Literacy Action Agenda that will address the need for adult literacy services, identify key stakeholders, and articulate a series of action steps to help public libraries and policymakers develop and advocate for accessible, effective, and innovative adult literacy programs, services, and resources.


Syracuse University, School of Information Studies - Syracuse, NY
Congressional District: NY_25
Award Amount: $150,000; Matching Amount: $51,895
Category: Demonstration

Contact: Scott Nicholson

Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies will partner with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Education Arcade and the American Library Association to plan, develop, and test an Alternate Reality Game Toolkit that could be used by libraries to create engaging game-based learning exercises. The toolkit’s framework will permit libraries to insert their own local content and resources and customize the game experience and learning objectives to meet their own local needs without having to build the entire educational game from the ground up. The project will focus initially on academic libraries and functionality that best supports educators and students at the college undergraduate level, but future work may extend to other types of libraries and target audiences.


Museum Association of New York - Troy, NY
Congressional District: NY_20
Award Amount: $49,999; Matching Amount: $26,954
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Ms. Anne Ackerson

The Museum Association of New York, in partnership with the New York Library Association and Museumwise, will explore the feasibility of developing and sustaining a model statewide program in which history museums and libraries collaboratively create traveling exhibits and related programming aimed specifically at young learners and their families. The project will convene museum and library representatives across the state in learning labs and at conferences to 1) determine the interest in and the feasibility of creating and sustaining traveling history exhibits and related programming for young children; 2) address the potential challenges of a project of this scope; 3) develop a range of possible interpretive and programmatic themes for exhibits and related programming; and 4) identify potential history museum and library partners.


Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks (The Wild Center) - Tupper Lake, NY
Congressional District: NY_23
Award Amount: $49,938; Matching Amount: $22,993
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Ms. Jen Kretser
Director of Programs

The Wild Center will use its grant for the planning phase of a project called,"Visual Literacy Naturally." Partners include LP Quinn Elementary School and the nonprofit Visual Thinking Strategies. This multiyear museum-school collaboration will adapt an innovative teaching strategy to include art and natural history as a way of enhancing critical thinking skills, observation, visual literacy and other 21st century skills in elementary students; model an optimized museum-school relationship; and explore the feasibility of using the Visual Thinking Strategies methodology for natural history and science museum public visitors.


North Carolina

Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenberg County - Charlotte, NC
Congressional District: NC_12
Award Amount: $244,452; Matching Amount: $226,128
Category: Library-Museum Collaboration

Contact: Meryle Leonard

To encourage early learning, the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County will partner with other municipal agencies and programs to create the "Read to me, Charlotte" program. This program will be tested and evaluated for its ability to increase the number of children reading at a grade-appropriate level. The program will be part of a larger community initiative that promotes childhood success through a combination of programs focused on families, health, early care, schools, and community.



Zoological Society of Cincinnati - Cincinnati, OH
Congressional District: OH_01
Award Amount: $461,808; Matching Amount: $358,805
Category: Research

Contact: Dr. Valerie Pence
Director of Plant Research

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife (CREW) will undertake a three-year research study to provide critical information for botanical gardens in the U.S. and worldwide to aid in developing strategies and methods for cryopreservation as a tool for plant conservation. The research team will assess the viability of over 980 samples from CREW’s CryoBioBank, including seeds, spores, pollen, and tissues from 178 species, many among the nation's most endangered, that have been stored up to 24 years in liquid nitrogen. Current viability and genetic integrity will be determined and used to evaluate the effectiveness of the methods used at the time of banking, as well as effects of tissue, age, genotype, species, and storage location.



Erie Art Museum - Erie, PA
Congressional District: PA_03
Award Amount: $245,348; Matching Amount: $140,438
Category: Library-Museum Collaboration

Contact: Ms. Kelly Armor
Education and Folk Art Director
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The Erie Art Museum has partnered with the three largest early childhood providers in Erie County and four social service agencies serving recently resettled refugees to provide children, aged 0-5, with programs to promote school readiness through music and song. The project will train staff at the partner childcare providers and reach parents through an outreach campaign. At the same time, the museum will train refugee women for positions in American daycare where they can promote school readiness through music and song from their diverse cultures. The project intends to use and build an understanding of music’s importance in child development, building social, cognitive, and motor skills, to allow Erie’s higher-than-average number of preschoolers in poverty to start kindergarten at the same level as their more affluent peers.


Franklin Institute - Philadelphia, PA
Congressional District: PA_02
Award Amount: $249,534; Matching Amount: $131,061
Category: Library-Museum Collaboration

Contact: Dr. Dale McCreedy
Director of Family and Gender Learning Programs

The Franklin Institute will develop a pre-K version of a program that integrates children’s literature and hands-on science activities and promotes student and family engagement in science and literacy. LEAP PreK will be piloted in 10 sites including public libraries, science museums, children’s museums, school districts, afterschool providers, and public television, all of which demonstrate access to underserved populations. Through a series of workshops, resources for children, science book lists, training resources, and a community of practice among the sites, LEAP PreK will work with educators to increase interest and engagement in science and literacy learning, understanding of how science inquiry and reading strategies support one another, proficiency and confidence in integrating reading and informal science for early learners, and awareness of how literature can be used to elevate pre-K learning. The children involved and their parents/caregivers will gain increased engagement in reading and science learning at home and in the community.


Children's Museum of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, PA
Congressional District: PA_14
Award Amount: $444,296; Matching Amount: $169,466
Category: Research

Contact: Ms. Jane Werner

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh (CMP), in partnership with the New York Hall of Science, will conduct a research study of family participation in museum-based "makerspaces," places where people can create in a shared physical environment. The museums will work with academic researchers to design tools that recognize and measure productive patterns of family participation and their associated learning outcomes in these spaces. Museum-affiliated "maker faires" will serve as additional sites for investigating the range of museum-based making experiences for families. Results will benefit other family-oriented museums looking to provide space in which families can create together.


Carnegie Mellon University Libraries - Pittsburgh, PA
Congressional District: PA_14
Award Amount: $497,756; Matching Amount: $171,226
Category: Research

Contact: Dr. Gloriana St. Clair

New types of educational electronic content such as learning games and interactive data visualizations are transforming teaching research and scholarly publishing. However, such executable content is difficult to preserve. A team of Carnegie Mellon University computer scientists and library staff currently are building Olive, an archiving system for executable content. To better inform the development of the system, this team will work with other collaborators at the University of Illinois and with publisher Reed Elsevier, Inc. to identify the significant properties of executable content that must be preserved over time in a digital archive, and to explore possible refinements to existing models for building and evaluating digital archive systems. Knowledge gained from this study will be shared broadly and will help the project team as it develops and evaluates the Olive archive.


Rhode Island

Rhode Island School of Design, Fleet Library - Providence, RI
Congressional District: RI_01
Award Amount: $50,000; Matching Amount: $28,587
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Ms. Carol Terry
Director of Library Services

As the world of design is increasingly transformed by technology, sustainability considerations, and other forces, libraries supporting art and design instruction programs are challenged to continually update their services and collections. The Rhode Island School of Design Library will host a forum of invited stakeholders including artists, architects and designers, educators, researchers, and librarians to provide advice on the resources and documentation required to prepare art and design students for knowledgeable and responsible use of materials in their professional work. A final whitepaper summarizing participant recommendations will be prepared and a website containing information produced during the forum will be available.


South Carolina

Richland County Public Library - Columbia, SC
Congressional District: SC_06
Award Amount: $50,000; Matching Amount: $20,439
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Mrs. Clo Cammarata
Programs and Partnerships Manager

To encourage early learning, the Richland County Public Library will partner in a planning project with the University of South Carolina’s Office of Program Evaluation and the Midlands Reading Consortium of the United Way of the Midlands. The planning team will pilot and evaluate Project Summer Stride, which will focus on reducing summer reading loss through effective tutoring, reading programs, and other interventions. Thirty students will participate in the pilot program during the summer of 2013, and the project team will examine the feasibility and scalability of libraries providing such services to larger numbers of students.


South Carolina Research Foundation - Columbia, SC
Congressional District: SC_06
Award Amount: $498,812; Matching Amount: $25,057
Category: Research

Contact: Dr. Stephen Morgan

Libraries and museums in the U.S. often hold large collections of audio and video recordings on magnetic tape. Recent surveys indicate significant portions of these collections need immediate preservation treatment, and that the condition of a large portion of the rest of such collections is unknown. A major challenge for these organizations is finding non-destructive, affordable, and practical tools for identifying which portions of their magnetic tape collections are degraded or most at risk. Building on previous work, a team of scientists from the University of South Carolina and the Library of Congress will conduct a study to validate methods for measuring the degree of degradation in samples from magnetic tape collections. The team also will design a prototype device and software that could be shared between cultural heritage organizations to help them assess their tape collections’ preservation needs.


South Carolina Research Foundation - Columbia, SC
Congressional District: SC_06
Award Amount: $98,491; Matching Amount: $63,143
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Dr. Kenneth Vogler
Associate Professor

The University of South Carolina’s (USC) South Caroliniana Archival Library and College of Education will work with numerous campus partners, and with external organizations including the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University, the South Carolina State Library, and South Carolina State University to create a strategy for coordinating and improving access to and use of civil rights oral histories for study, presentation, and teaching. A forum and subsequent activities will produce a report of recommendations for archives, libraries, educators, and other stakeholder.



University of Tennessee - Knoxville, TN
Congressional District: TN_02
Award Amount: $49,938; Matching Amount: $18,732
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Dr. Rachel Fleming-May
Assistant Professor

Librarians and digital humanities faculty at the University of Tennessee and the University of Illinois will partner in a planning grant to explore the feasibility of an online index, and possibly a full-text repository, of individual poetry works published only in electronic format. The project team will consider a variety of issues ranging from technical and intellectual property issues, to discovery and use rights, licensing schema, and strategies for sustaining such a resource. A final report will be widely disseminated detailing findings and recommendations for future action.



City of Arlington, Texas - Arlington Public Library - Arlington, TX
Congressional District: TX_06
Award Amount: $49,572; Matching Amount: $9,153
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Ms. Yoko Matsumoto

To encourage early learning, the Arlington Public Library will partner in a planning project with the Arlington Independent School District, the Mansfield Independent School District, the United Way of Tarrant County, and Child Care Associates. The planning team will establish a coordinating body for all partners to inventory current resources, programs, and families currently being served. The project also will identify gaps and needs not being met in the community and will formulate a full action plan that involves all partners working in better coordination. This project is modeled on the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP), which is funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and coordinated by the Urban Institute.


City of Houston (Houston Public Library) - Houston, TX
Congressional District: TX_18
Award Amount: $250,000; Matching Amount: $104,546
Category: Library-Museum Collaboration

Contact: Mary Wagoner

To encourage early learning, the Houston Public Library will partner with the Children’s Museum of Houston to establish the "Pop-up Library" program. Designed to reduce summer reading loss in children in Grades K-3 and to involve families in summer reading programs, the Pop-up Library will be a transportable unit that brings library materials, resources and programming into a variety of public spaces.


Texas Tech University’s Archive of Modern American Warfare - Lubbock, TX
Congressional District: TX_19
Award Amount: $50,000; Matching Amount: $14,792
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Dr. Stephen Maxner

Texas Tech University’s Archive of Modern American Warfare will plan a strategy for collecting and documenting the stories of U.S. soldiers in the digital age. Beginning with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, many of the photographs, videos, communications, and other personal records created by individual soldiers exist only in digital formats, and are at high risk of permanent loss. The project team will plan a cohesive strategy to identify and build partnerships with other organizations and collaborators, develop an outreach plan that helps soldiers understand their options on donating personal collections to a digital archive, select appropriate technologies and policies for a digital archive, and involve key stakeholder communities such as veterans groups and military historians.



Association of Children's Museums - Arlington, VA
Congressional District: VA_08
Award Amount: $100,000; Matching Amount: $64,023
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Ms. Korie Twiggs
Program Officer, Education

The Association of Children’s Museums and its partners will use its grant to identify and synthesize existing research about how children’s museums foster learning, both for children and families. Funds will support a national symposium to discuss this existing research and identify reseach needs, and to develop a field-wide research agenda that guides future research efforts. This project will provide a meaningful framework for ongoing research investigating how children’s museums support learning.


Richmond Public Library - Richmond, VA
Congressional District: VA_03
Award Amount: $39,960; Matching Amount: $7,005
Category: Planning Grants

Contact: Krista Dawson

To encourage early learning, the Richmond Public Library will partner with the Boys and Girls Club of Richmond, the YMCA of Richmond, and Woodville Day Nursery to develop a plan for working with a variety of community summer programs to combat summer reading loss among third-grade students in the city’s Promise Neighborhood. Partners will assess needs in the area, inventory existing summer programs, establish a sample component curriculum that could be used by multiple organizations offering summer programs, train program staff, develop an evaluation plan, pilot the program in summer of 2013, and measure the pilot program’s potential for success and replication in other areas of Richmond and in other urban communities.



University of Washington, The Information School - Seattle, WA
Congressional District: WA_07
Award Amount: $460,337; Matching Amount: $219,636
Category: Research

Contact: Karen Fisher

The University of Washington’s Information School will investigate the roles immigrant minority youths perform as technical intermediaries between their families and resources found in their local libraries. It will also explore the value of providing targeted information literacy and digital literacy training for these youths. Most public libraries across the U.S. now are serving growing communities of non-English speaking legal immigrants. Knowledge gained from this study will help better inform the design and provision of public library services to immigrant populations and will help libraries better understand the ways youths serve as key links between immigrant groups and their new home communities.