National Leadership Grants

September 2010 Project Grant Announcement

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Museum of Photographic Arts - San Diego, CA
Award Amount: $675,072; Matching: $989,669
Grant Category: Advancing Digital Resources

Contact: Ms. Vivian Kung Haga
Deputy Director
619-238-7559 ext. 205;

Project Title: "Presenting Balboa Park: An Online Resource for San Diego's Museums"
The Balboa Park Online Collaborative (of which the Museum of Photographic Arts is a member) is a unique consortium founded to encourage technology-focused cooperation between San Diego's arts, science, historical, and performing arts organizations. The collaborative will undertake the "Presenting Balboa Park" project. Through a joint development process focusing on the needs and interests of museum staff, community educators, and visitors, the project will use open source tools and shared standards to create a rich library of digital content from the collections of Balboa Park's cultural organizations, resulting in unprecedented public access to rare and unique collections. It also creates new opportunities for educational programming and cross-collection, interdisciplinary exploration of collection information.


California Academy of Sciences - San Francisco, CA
Award Amount: $428,753; Matching: $438,130
Grant Category: Advancing Digital Resources

Contact: Ms. Danielle Castronovo
Archives and Digital Collections Librarian

Project Title: "Connecting Content: A Collaboration to Link Field Notes to Specemins and Published Literature"
The California Academy of Sciences will partner with the Academy of Natural Sciences, Harvard University?s Herbaria and Botany Libraries and its Museum of Comparative Zoology, the Missouri Botanical Garden, the New York Botanical Garden, and the Smithsonian Institution?s U.S. National Herbarium to develop a system for integrating biological researchers? field and specimen notes, with museum specimens and related electronically published literature. The enhanced and integrated access to biological data will serve a wide variety of users, and will connect to other ongoing projects such as the Biodiversity Heritage Library, a consortium of 12 major natural history museum libraries, botanical libraries, and research institutions that have joined forces to deliver important, page-level digital content representing the core of published literature on natural history.


San Jose State University Research Foundation - San Jose, CA
Award Amount: $335,156; Matching: $112,204
Grant Category: Research

Contact: Dr. Anthony Bernier
Assistant Professor

Project Title: "Making Space for Young Adults in Public Libraries: Establishing a Research Foundation"
The School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University and the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice will examine current library practices regarding the creation and uses of space for young adults. The three-year study will document, analyze, and share project findings on current practices in a selected sample of representative libraries. Research results will help library and design professionals assess, prioritize, and evaluate current spaces and involve young people in future redesigns. Further, this project will make it possible for a group of library school students to effectively engage in the topic of space and its connections to services, programs, and building relationships with young adults. The ultimate goal of this research is to improve library utilization by youth through creating equitable and engaging spaces and resources for them.



Denver Public Library - Denver, CO
Award Amount: $461,257; Matching: $482,456
Grant Category: Library-Museum Collaboration

Contact: Mr. James Kroll
Manager, Western History/Geneaology Dept

Project Title: "Creating Your Community: Empowering Individuals and Safeguarding Communal Heritage Through Digital Community Archiving"
The Denver Public Library will collaborate with multiple partners including the Colorado Historical Society, Historic Denver, Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society and Beck Archives, Aurora History Museum, Four Mile Historic Park, Lakewood Heritage Center, Colorado Genealogy Society, Auraria Library and Center for Colorado & the West, Douglas County Libraries, and the Inscribe/Zion Baptist Church. This pilot project will create an online community archive and preservation education project for the public. Together, these efforts will provide both training and technical infrastructure to assist local communities in digitally preserving and sharing important personal artifacts. The developed digital archive will include Web-based upload capabilities, a social networking environment for community members to exchange information, and services to help ensure that community memory is preserved.



Hartford Public Library - Hartford, CT
Award Amount: $637,896; Matching: $731,140
Grant Category: Demonstration

Contact: Ms. Homa Naficy
Manager, Multicultural Education & Outreach

Project Title: "Building Relationships and Bridging Social Capital: An Inclusive Approach to Immigrant Civic Engagement within"
The Hartford Public Library will partner with Catholic Charities Migration and Refugee Resettlement Services, the City of Hartford?s Office of Human Relations, Everyday Democracy, and the University of Connecticut?s School of Social Work to promote immigrant civic engagement. Focusing on legal permanent residents within Hartford?s immigrant community, the library and its partners will train a core group of volunteer immigrants who will help other newly arrived immigrants in tasks such as accessing community services. To further encourage civic participation, the city and the library will establish a broadly represented library-based Advisory Council on Inclusivity. With the library as the catalyst, this integration model will transcend the existing naturalization process to give immigrants a specific sense of belonging in America, and experience as active community participants and future civic-minded individuals. A project Web portal and other materials will offer other libraries guidance on establishing similar programs in their communities.


District of Columbia

Association of Research Libraries - Washington, DC
Award Amount: $464,286
Grant Category: Research

Contact: Dr. Karla Hahn
Assistant Executive Director

Project Title: "The Sustainability of Digital Special Collections"
The Association of Research Libraries, in partnership with Ithaka S+R, will study how libraries, archives, and museums are sustaining digital collections. This study will provide actionable recommendations, best practices, and planning tools to help project leaders in higher education, public libraries, museums, historical societies, and other organizations plan for sustaining their own digital projects. The study builds upon past work done by Ithaka S+R. Project activities under this cooperative agreement will include a literature review, focused interviews, an online survey of leaders and project staff in selected cultural heritage organizations managing digital collections, and case studies. The study?s final report of lessons learned, recommendations, and case studies will be shared through the partners? Web sites, through a media distribution plan, and through a series of conference presentations, talks, and workshops.



Athens-Clarke County Library - Athens, GA
Award Amount: $343,100; Matching: $601,974
Grant Category: Library-Museum Collaboration

Contact: Ms. Kathryn Ames
706-613-3650 ext. 333;

Project Title: "The Boomers: Reflecting, Sharing, Learning"
The Athens-Clarke County Library will partner with the Lyndon House Arts Center in an innovative collaboration to develop new services and programs for the aging baby boomer population, born between 1946 and 1964. The partnership will include local baby boomers as advisers who will help guide the project to meet the needs of this target audience. The goals and objectives are to provide lifelong learning opportunities for and by older, active adults, expanding museum and library services beyond existing walls. The partners will generate new users through creative use of new technology employing live webcasts and a video archive of these programs. The project will develops a best practices model to engage boomers in the work and mission of libraries and museums in their communities.



Honolulu Zoo - Honolulu, HI
Award Amount: $816,562; Matching: $403,726
Grant Category: Research

Contact: Dr. Kathy Carlstead
Research Scientist
808-926-3191 ext. 118;

Project Title: "Using Science to Understand Zoo Elephant Welfare"
This study, involving the entire population of 290 elephants housed in AZA zoos, will address the need to apply scientific techniques to the assessment of zoo elephant welfare, and to understand the relationship between environmental variables and physical and mental health. Using an epidemiological approach, data will be collected on a broad spectrum of input variables, such as enrichment, training, enclosure size, group size, and animal-based outcome variables, such as physiological status, social behavior, and keeper-animal relationships. Detailed behavioral data will also be collected at a subsample of zoos. Variables have been selected to assess both negative and positive welfare. This study will produce the first comprehensive measurements of elephant well-being and determine management changes to improve welfare. The model will also be generally applicable for other zoo species.



Chicago Zoological Society - Brookfield, IL
Award Amount: $346,378; Matching: $349,119
Grant Category: Demonstration

Contact: Ms. Jessica Whitham
Animal Welfare Biologist

Project Title: "Developing a Process for Quantitative Welfare Monitoring at Zoological Institutions"
To address the professional need for animal-based welfare monitoring tools, the Chicago Zoological Society?s Center for the Science of Animal Welfare recently developed 12 species-specific Welfare Score Sheets for tracking the well-being of individuals representing a variety of mammal, bird, and reptile species. These sheets allow keepers to quantify their qualitative assessments of individual animal well-being. This project will test how sheets can be incorporated most effectively into daily animal management and institutional welfare review processes. By applying score sheets, institutions will be able to identify emerging welfare issues proactively, examine whether attempts to address such issues are successful, and quantitatively assess the impact of animal management decisions on individual well-being.


University of Illinois - Champaign, IL
Award Amount: $785,898; Matching: $318,594
Grant Category: Research

Contact: Dr. Jerome McDonough
Assistant Professor

Project Title: "Preserving Virtual Worlds II: Methods for Evaluating and Preserving Significant Properties of Educational Games"
Libraries and museums already have extensive holdings of computer games, video games, and interactive fiction, but they generally do not have long-term preservation plans for such content. The University of Illinois will collaborate with the University of Maryland, the Rochester Institute of Technology, and Stanford University to study effective strategies for preserving educational computer games and other complex interactive materials. The research project will determine the significant properties of these digital materials that must remain intact over time and analyze the likelihood that various preservation strategies such as virtualization and data migration can preserve these properties. A final project report will include recommended best practices for libraries, archives, and museums to preserve these kinds of material.


American Library Association - Chicago, IL
Award Amount: $581,609; Matching: $583,155
Grant Category: Demonstration

Contact: Ms. Jessica McGilvray
Assistant Director, ALA-OGR

Project Title: "Libraries and E-Government: New Partnerships in Public Service"
The American Library Association will partner with the University of Illinois, the University of Maryland, and Florida State University to develop a Web-based resource to help libraries and governments provide better e-government?related services such as filing taxes, applying for citizenship, enrolling children in schools, and applying for social services. This project will enable greater coordination between government agencies and libraries, reduce costly duplication of effort, and provide a more comprehensive model for serving users of e-government. The Web-based resource will include useful content, tutorials, best practice recommendations, an embedded government information digital reference service, guidance on the provision of e-government services, an online forum for service providers to share and exchange information, and tools to facilitate local customization of e-government services provision in libraries. The project will design, develop, and test the Web-based resource in coordination with multiple states and public libraries.


Center for Research Libraries - Chicago, IL
Award Amount: $590,766; Matching: $662,912
Grant Category: Demonstration

Contact: Ms. Lizanne Payne
Print Archives Program Manager
773-955-4545 ext. 319;

Project Title: "Cooperative Print Archiving by Discipline: Developing an Infrastructure to Sustain Scholarly Resources"
To mitigate the high costs of acquiring, storing, and maintaining extensive physical collections in research libraries, the Center for Research Libraries will partner with the Law Library Microfilm Consortium and the U.S. Agricultural Information Network to build a sustainable and scalable plan for cooperative management of legacy print materials at the local, regional, state, and national levels. The high costs of maintaining physical collections are impeding library investment in new technologies and services, and consuming scarce university resources such as funding, space, and personnel that could be used to improve support for teaching and research. This project will establish a model for cooperative, coordinated management of physical collections by large numbers of libraries.


Center for Research Libraries - Chicago, IL
Award Amount: $335,905; Matching: $336,171
Grant Category: Advancing Digital Resources

Contact: Ms. James Simon
Director, Global Resources Network
773-955-4545 ext. 324;

Project Title: "ICON Global Newspaper Directory to enhance collection assessment"
The Center for Research Libraries will partner with the American Antiquarian Society to jointly assemble a comprehensive directory of newspapers published globally from the seventeenth to the twenty-first century. This directory will integrate information on newspapers published in the United States and abroad, supplemented with valuable details on where titles are held in print, microfilm, and digital format. The database will contain more than 200,000 bibliographic entries searchable through a single unified directory. The objective of this activity is to provide libraries and researchers with an authoritative tool that may be used for resource discovery, collection development and analysis, content verification and comparison, and preservation assessment.



Purdue University - West Lafayette, IN
Award Amount: $100,000; Matching: $36,135
Grant Category: Planning

Contact: Dr. James Mullins
Dean of Libraries

Project Title: "Library Publishing Services: Strategies for Success"
Library-based publishing services are increasingly common, especially in support of scholarly and academic publishing. However, publishing services are a new activity for most libraries, which are struggling to develop the necessary expertise, infrastructure, and workflows. To help professionalize library-based publishing, Purdue University Libraries and partner libraries at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Utah will investigate existing organizational and service models for library-based publishing, identify best practices for such operations, and identify areas of critical or high need for capacity development, including opportunities for collaboration with university and other publishers. The project will produce a widely shareable report of its findings and recommendations.



University of Maine - Orono, ME
Award Amount: $821,065; Matching: $826,967
Grant Category: Demonstration

Contact: Ms. Deborah Rollins
Head, Collection Development Services

Project Title: "Maine Shared Collections Strategy (MSCS)"
The University of Maine and partners Bates College, Bowdoin College, Colby College, Maine InfoNet, Maine State Library, Portland Public Library, Bangor Public Library, and the University of Southern Maine will participate in a statewide Maine Shared Collections Strategy (MSCS) project. The project will define a strategy for shared management of legacy print collections and explore new ways of delivering content to library users by designing and testing a print on demand and e-book on demand service for available digital collections from the Open Content Alliance and Google Books. The MSCS will demonstrate a new model for others to consider as the idea of shared legacy print collections management gains popularity nationally. It will significantly advance the understanding of how to manage relationships among large-scale digital collections and established print collections. It also will provide a concrete example of statewide collaboration among multiple types of libraries.


Maine Historical Society - Portland, ME
Award Amount: $745,313; Matching: $989,782
Grant Category: Library-Museum Collaboration

Contact: Mr. Stephen Bromage
Assistant Director
207-774-1822 ext. 223;

Project Title: "Maine Library/Museum Mobilization Project: Re-Imagining Local History, Building 21st Century Communities"
The Maine Historical Society in partnership with the Maine State Library will build upon previous efforts to implement a statewide outreach and training program. This project is designed to foster collaboration and resource sharing between libraries, historical organizations, and schools through the exploration of local history and use of technology. The program will include a professional development program designed to help library, museum, and education professionals develop strategies and skills for using local history to mobilize their communities, and conduct a rigorous, stipend-supported program that will provide guidance, training, and support to local teams as they digitize local historic collections, develop online exhibits, and create comprehensive Web sites about the history of their communities.



University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI
Award Amount: $589,728; Matching: $142,371
Grant Category: Research

Contact: Ixchel Faniel
Assistant Professor

Project Title: "Dissemination Information Packages (DIPS) for Information Reuse (DIPIR)"
The University of Michigan?s School of Information, along with its partners the Inter-university Consortium for Social and Political Research, the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, and the nonprofit Alexandria Archive Institute, will study how contextual information about data sets can best be created and preserved along with the data, to promote greater potential for reuse and repurposing of the data. This investigation will focus on research data produced and used by three disciplines: quantitative social sciences, archaeology, and zoology. The intended audiences of this project are researchers who use secondary data and the digital curators, digital repository managers, data center staff, and others who collect, manage, and store digital information. Knowledge gained from the study will help guide current and future international practices for curating and preserving digital research data.


University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI
Award Amount: $674,722; Matching: $288,739
Grant Category: Research

Contact: Dr. Paul Conway
Associate Professor

Project Title: "Validating Quality in Large-Scale Digitization: Metrics, Measurement, and Use-Cases"
Ongoing mass digitization of books and serials is generating extraordinary digital collections and transforming education and research at all levels. However, these efforts also have raised questions about the quality and usefulness of the digital copies produced by such large-scale projects. The University of Michigan?s School of Information and the University Libraries, in collaboration with the HathiTrust and the University of Minnesota Libraries, will investigate possible methods for detecting and measuring errors and other quality issues within mass-digitized literature, and analyze the potential impact of found errors on educational and scholarly use of these digital collections. The findings of this study will be a significant contribution to the field of information quality, and will inform digital repositories about assessing the quality of objects they have committed to preserving on a large scale.


Michigan State University - East Lansing, MI
Award Amount: $686,422; Matching: $147,698
Grant Category: Research

Contact: Mr. Jeffrey Grabill
Professor of Rhetoric

Project Title: "Facilitating Learning in Digital Museum Environments"
This study seeks to understand facilitation styles and their outcomes in two distinct but representative museum environments. The first, Science Buzz at Science Museum of Minnesota, is a popular Web site identified by the field to be exemplary because of its educational value and its use of Web 2.0 functionality. The second is the more distributed use of social software at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, North Carolina. The first uses learning platforms that are hosted internally, while the second is experimenting with building learning communities where people are already gathering on the Web, such as Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube. Researchers will closely follow activity at each museum, using discourse analysis as their primary analytical approach with the goal of identifying clear, replicable facilitation styles and indicators of learning associated with those styles.



Missouri Botanical Garden - St. Louis, MO
Award Amount: $318,215; Matching: $168,670
Grant Category: Research

Contact: Dr. Matthew Albrecht


Project Title: "An integrated framework for assessing the vulnerability of plant diversity to climate change"
The global extinction crisis requires a rapid response from botanical gardens and arboreta that serve the broader conservation community in the United States. This project is designed to advance conservation efforts at botanical gardens and arboreta working to serve the conservation community and help them assume a leading role in preventing the extinction of plants in a rapidly changing climate. The project will develop and test a generalizable, easily replicable approach that integrates bioclimatic modeling and innovative research experiments to elucidate key questions concerning the impacts of climate change on plant diversity and to develop scientifically based protocols to avert the loss of species.


New York

American Museum of the Moving Image - Astoria, NY
Award Amount: $750,999; Matching: $760,542
Grant Category: Advancing Digital Resources

Contact: Mr. Carl Goodman
Senior Deputy Director
718-784-4520 ext. 227;

Project Title: "CollectionSpace: Cultivating Shared Software Solutions among Communities of Practice"
The Museum of the Moving Image, in partnership with the University of California, Berkeley Information Services and Technology Division, and the Walker Art Center, will advance CollectionSpace, an open-source collections information management software designed to answer the need for a more effective collections information and management tool. The project will allow partners to work with five diverse museum communities of practice to shape and extend CollectionSpace software to suit their diverse needs. This project will also model a new way for museums and other collecting institutions to participate in the development, use, and governance of new technologies.


Columbia University - New York, NY
Award Amount: $974,998; Matching: $1,079,299
Grant Category: Advancing Digital Resources

Contact: Ms. Carole Ann Fabian
Director of the Avery Library

Project Title: "Built Works Registry"
Architectural works and the built environment present unique challenges for catalogers and scholars. While the creators and locations of built works can be clearly identified and indexed using globally shared standards and names, no authoritative standards or registries currently exist to help identify the works themselves. To address this problem, the Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library at Columbia University will partner with ARTstor, Inc., and other collaborators to develop a Built Works Registry. The project will include developing the registry?s policies, metadata structure, technical infrastructure, and a body of seed content. The registry will be a key, freely available data resource for scholars, catalogers, and other users across all types of academic and cultural heritage organizations, both in the United States and internationally.


Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester, NY
Award Amount: $444,943; Matching: $222,945
Grant Category: Research

Contact: Mr. Daniel Burge
Research Scientist

Project Title: "Pollution Damage Mitigation for Inkjet Printed Materials in Museum Collections"
This research project will settle a fundamental, long-term preservation policy and strategy question for museums: Which is the better approach to mitigating damage by pollutants to inkjet prints?lowered-temperature storage or enclosure? A survey of the field conducted by the Image Permanence Institute (IPI) of Rochester Institute of Technology found that 80 percent of cultural institutions have inkjet prints in their collections, that they are concerned about continuing influxes of these materials, and that they are not well informed about how to care for them. The same survey showed that objectionable deterioration has already occurred, including fading, yellowing, color bleed, surface cracking and delamination. IPI?s previous research established a clear connection between ozone and nitrogen dioxide and each of those forms of decay. This project will result in strategies for mitigating the effects of these airborne pollutants.


North Carolina

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Chapel Hill, NC
Award Amount: $262,115; Matching: $262,115
Grant Category: Demonstration

Contact: Mr. Christopher Wiesen
Principal Investigator

Project Title: "Virtual Archiving for Public Opinion Polls: A Demonstration Project"
The University of North Carolina?s Odum Institute for Research in Social Science Data Archive will collaborate with partners from the National Network of State Polls to demonstrate the feasibility of a highly streamlined and timely workflow for getting research data into data archives. The project addresses a long-standing problem: There are often very long gaps between when electronic research data are produced and when archiving decisions are made. Many data sets are lost or damaged during this period. Bridging this gap between data producers and archives will help preserve many data sets that would otherwise be lost. The technology needed to bridge the gap already exists, so this project will focus on new ways to promote the technology and archiving services to scholars.


North Carolina State University - Raleigh, NC
Award Amount: $313,655; Matching: $314,230
Grant Category: Demonstration

Contact: Ms. Kristin Antelman
Associate Director for the Digital Library

North Carolina State University?s (NCSU) Libraries and its Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications will partner with strategic consultant DEGW to design, share, and promote an updated model for college and university libraries to support emerging new learning environments. This project will build on the NCSU Libraries? previous leadership in building and promoting a first-generation learning commons, a model that has been widely adopted in academic libraries. The project will produce a kit of parts to build a next-generation learning environment, assembly instructions, and a road map that will elaborate the design processes and phases involved in establishing and maintaining such services. These resources will be designed to be easily customizable and adaptable by a wide variety of college and university libraries.



Pennsylvania Heritage Society - Harrisburg, PA
Award Amount: $806,183; Matching: $1,072,527
Grant Category: Library-Museum Collaboration

Contact: Ms. Barbara Franco
Executive Director

Project Title: "Pennsylvania Civil War Road Show: New Audiences Through Collaboration"
The Pennsylvania Heritage Society and its partners the State Library of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Humanities Council, and the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission will produce innovative programming through a Pennsylvania Civil War Road Show. This project will use the Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War as a catalyst to engage new and underserved public audiences, and to involve local communities in dialogue that links the historical context for issues of race, equality, and freedom with these issues today. A mobile traveling exhibition experience, the Road Show will reach its audiences throughout the state with a combination of exhibitions, dynamic community programming, a collaborative and interactive Web site, and a complementary project of collecting digital artifacts and brief oral history recordings from attendees. The project will also reap long-term benefits from new collaborative relationships, increased visibility, new and expanded audiences, and enhanced Web site and digital connections.


University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, PA
Award Amount: $200,002; Matching: $191,606
Grant Category: Demonstration

Contact: Mr. Joseph Zucca
Director, Planning and Communication

Project Title: "MetriDoc: A Technology Framework for Decision Support Services in Libraries"
The University of Pennsylvania Libraries will develop an open-source decision support system (DSS) called MetriDoc to support evidence-based strategic planning in libraries. Building on a decade of work in this area by project staff, this one-year project will create a robust, scalable software platform to collect, store, and analyze a wide array of service data flowing from user activities and interactions with the library. This tool will enhance access to data needed by library managers and reduce the cost and complexity of converting the data into actionable information. MetriDoc will help advance the use of DSS technology in libraries and provide a focal point for more libraries to cooperate and coordinate assessment and measurement of their operations.


South Carolina

Clemson University - Clemson, SC
Award Amount: $773,444; Matching: $799,167
Grant Category: Advancing Digital Resources

Contact: Ms. Emily Gore
Head of Digital Initiatives, Assistant Librarian

Project Title: "The Open Parks Grid: the Gateway to Parks Information"
Clemson University will partner with Purdue University, the National Parks Service-Southeast Region, South Carolina State Parks, Georgia State Parks, and North Carolina State Parks to build an online research repository of park-related publications, including the National Parks Service directors? papers, housed at Clemson University?s Special Collections and to be digitized as part of the project. The repository will be built using multiple open-source components, and will feature a collaborative workspace for park professionals, enthusiasts, and scholars. This repository and the shared workspace will virtually unite the highly distributed parks community of practitioners, academics, policy makers, and citizens with the highly distributed parks-related information created and collected by government agencies, research labs, universities, libraries, and other organizations.



Rhodes College - Memphis, TN
Award Amount: $257,767; Matching: $1,224,034
Grant Category: Library-Museum Collaboration

Contact: Dr. Suzanne Bonefas
Director of Special Projects

Project Title: "Memphis Coalition for Cultural Heritage"
Rhodes College, the Memphis Public Library, the National Civil Rights Museum, and other community partners in Memphis will create the Memphis Coalition for Cultural Heritage (MCCH) and the Memphis Preservation Corps. MCCH will constitute an organizational framework that will address the need to build capacity for preservation and access to significant primary resources about the history of our community. While building capacity for cultural heritage organizations, the project will also engage communities in preserving and telling the stories of their neighborhoods, as part of a dialogue to address past and present social inequities and their impact on Memphis and the Mid-South. The project will also serve as a national model for cultural heritage organizations to work together to involve community members directly in preservation, access, and education activities.


Vanderbilt University Medical Center - Nashville, TN
Award Amount: $421,737; Matching: $210,205
Grant Category: Research

Contact: Dr. Nunzia Giuse
Asst Vice Chancellor of Knowledge Management

Project Title: "Using Patient Literacy Levels and Learning Style Preferences to Optimize the Delivery of Health Information"
The Vanderbilt University Medical Center and partner University Community Health Services, Inc., will test a patient?s ability to understand health information and his/her best way to learn, whether through seeing, reading, listening, or doing. They will then build an Internet-based tool that will use the results to automatically create information to give to patients about their illness that is more understandable and more likely to be followed. Content for this tool will be developed for two common conditions?high blood pressure and diabetes?and the tool will be tested and improved in two settings, a large university hospital emergency department and a community health clinic.



University of North Texas - Denton, TX
Award Amount: $271,344; Matching: $133,991
Grant Category: Research

Contact: Jiangping Chen
Assistant Professor

Project Title: "Enabling Multilingual Information Access to Digital Collections: An Investigation of Metadata Records Translation"
The University of North Texas will partner with Wuhan University in China and the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico to facilitate multilingual information access to digital collections. This project will evaluate the extent to which current machine translation technologies generate adequate translation for metadata records and identify the most effective metadata records translation strategies for digital collections. Expected project deliverables include a machine translation evaluation model appropriate for metadata records; an open-source machine translation evaluation system; multi-engine machine translation algorithms for metadata records translation; recommendations and guidelines for digital collection developers on selecting appropriate machine translation strategies; a test body of content to be used by the machine translation research communities; publicly available machine translation evaluation results; and a comprehensive project Web site.


San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts - San Angelo, TX
Award Amount: $269,582; Matching: $282,252
Grant Category: Demonstration

Contact: Ms. Christy Youker
Outreach Coordinator

Project Title: "The Center for Creative Energy: An Educational Bridge Between Art and Science"
The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, along with its partners, the San Angelo Independent School District and the Upper Colorado River Authority, will bring together community resources to create an interdisciplinary program of art and science that will engage students in real-life projects focusing on water conservation and environmental science. The three-tier approach will include a third-grade art-science fusion program, a one-week summer intensive program, and Aqua Squad: Student Docent Program. This project will provide a national model, especially for rurally isolated areas, with museums taking lead roles in collaborating with school districts and other community institutions.



George Mason University - Fairfax, VA
Award Amount: $249,761; Matching: $159,434
Grant Category: Advancing Digital Resources

Contact: Dr. Tom Scheinfeldt
Managing Director

Project Title: "Omeka Commons: Preserving and Sharing Our Dispersed Digital Commonwealth"
Building on the success of its open source Omeka Web publishing software, the Center for History and New Media (CHNM) at George Mason University will pilot test a new Omeka Commons. This centralized repository service will be designed to meet the needs of smaller cultural heritage and scholarship organizations that often have difficulty creating, delivering, and sustaining online digital collections. In this two-year pilot, the Commons will offer hosting and content backup services for a small test group of organizations, as well as a framework for online users to discover, use, and link to hosted digital collections and objects. CHNM will work with legal and technical advisors to evaluate metadata and licensing schema for the repository, and will produce a white paper with recommendations to guide future work.



Pacific Science Center - Seattle, WA
Award Amount: $576,445; Matching: $695,084
Grant Category: Demonstration

Contact: Dr. Meena Selvakumar
Portal to the Public Director

Project Title: "Research Focus Gallery"
Pacific Science Center will develop the Research Focus Gallery, a permanent, updatable space for visitors to learn about current science and interact with researchers in their community. Designed to be cost-efficient and scalable, it will serve as a model for any museum looking to present research from its region. Its flexibility is accomplished through the use of open-ended electronic media, hands-on exhibit templates, and a presentation area where researchers can present their work to public audiences. The space is ideally suited to integrating current science into permanent exhibits, thereby providing context for both current research and established science. In showcasing current regional research, it builds a greater sense of connection in visitors between their local community and the scientific enterprise. The project will result in a tested model for such research-focused spaces, which can be replicated by other museums.



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