Digital Storytime Means Serious Fun – and Vital Learning – for Arizona Toddlers
A young girl uses an e-reader

Adding e-readers to a traditional library preschool storytime gets parents more engaged and adds a new dimension of interaction for the children. In addition to developing language skills and instilling a love of books, the program helps bridge the digital divide, putting families on the path to digital literacy in a community with limited access to technology. Read More

An American Future: Library Service Opportunities for Immigrant Youth
An intern peers between shelves in the library stacks

Liberty’s Promise, an immigrant youth service organization, teamed with the Fairfax County Public Library system to create an internship program that delivered benefits for the library, the interns, and the community. Read More

January 2013: Ancient Mammoth, Newfound Paleontological Pride

Dee, a Columbian Mammoth, was 65 to 70 when he died approximately 11,600 years ago. In 2010, Dee was reborn as the centerpiece of a major Ice Age exhibit at the Tate Geological Museum at Casper College.​ Read More