March 2012: Early Literacy Projects in Alaska and Kansas Prepare the Youngest Readers
profilePromoMarch2012 AK

Early experiences with books and language lay the foundation for a child’s later reading success and school achievement. Libraries across the country are reaching young learners in innovative ways. This profile explores literacy programs in Alaska and Kansas that are preparing young readers long before they enter the classroom. Read More

February 2012: Tubman African American Museum Takes Exhibits Beyond Museum Walls
students use computers in the museum

The Tubman African American Museum is giving “community outreach” a new meaning. While looking to expand its audience and provide education beyond the museum walls, the museum developed an “Arts & History Outreach Program” that is doing just that. Read More

January 2012: Boston Children’s Museum Finds Community is Great Teacher
GoKids program at the Boston Children’s Museum

When the Boston Children’s Museum’s KidPower—a new health exhibit—became the anchor exhibit of its new wing, the Museum’s new health focus was literally front and center. They joined the ranks of children’s museums that are becoming a national force in combating childhood obesity and at the same time found they could learn valuable lessons from their local community. Read More