May 2012: Making Learning to Read Child’s Play
Children build vocabulary while planting and harvesting vegetables at Hopkins Library.

The Minnesota Children’s Museum and area libraries are teaming up to create interactive exhibits that reflect each neighborhood’s unique character and spur pre-reading skills. Read More

April 2012: North Carolina Initiative Focuses on Preserving State's Cultural Heritage
NC C2C Staff: Adrienne Berney, Matthew Hunt, Michelle Vaughn, and LeRae Umfleet

The North Carolina Connecting to Collections (C2C) program is helping the state’s museums, libraries, and other cultural heritage institutions better care for their collections. This profile demonstrates how the C2C program is making an impact throughout the state by conducting forums, hosting workshops, and providing other valuable resources. Read More

March 2012: Early Literacy Projects in Alaska and Kansas Prepare the Youngest Readers
profilePromoMarch2012 AK

Early experiences with books and language lay the foundation for a child’s later reading success and school achievement. Libraries across the country are reaching young learners in innovative ways. This profile explores literacy programs in Alaska and Kansas that are preparing young readers long before they enter the classroom. Read More