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State Librarian

Ms. MaryKay Dahlgreen
State Librarian
Oregon State Library
250 Winter Street, N.E.
Salem, OR 97310-3950
Phone: 503/378-4367
Fax: 503/585-8059

State library website:

photo of Oregon State Librarian“Technology gives us a cost-effective means for providing access to information statewide, through our e-portal, Libraries of Oregon. ‘Learning Express’ and ‘Answerland’ reside there.  Closed school libraries create another challenge for our public libraries. We’ll continue early learning initiatives to foster the joy of reading.”

--MaryKay Dahlgreen, State Librarian, Oregon State Library


The Grants to States Program

The Grants to States Program is the largest grant program run by IMLS; it provides funds to State Library Administrative Agencies (SLAAs) using a population-based formula set by the law. SLAAs determine goals and objectives for the funds in their statutorily required five-year plan (see below). For more information, see the Grants to States program overview.


Recent Allotments

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
$2,213,648 $2,164,574 $2,080,092 $2,150,954 $2,150,600

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Project Examples

caretaker and child at Spanish storytimeListos Para Aprender
The project made Spanish storytimes at the Multnomah County Library more culturally appropriate and provided training to Latino parents to help their children ages three to five improve their literacy skills in preparation for school. Staff led outreach efforts to three organizations serving the Latino community and recruited 60 Latino families. Three training cohorts of parents, one each at Midland, Troutdale, and North Portland libraries, met for 16 weeks for 90 minute programs, which included family activities, literacy-related parent education and storytime segments. The program served 1,600 people, and staff conducted oral interviews with participants to evaluate the program and fine-tune it. Among the three cohorts, 87 percent of the participating families reported that they read more often to their children and used the program’s reading strategies. The library built relationships with individuals, showed sensitivity to audience needs, and followed up and changed plans where needed.
IMLS Funds: $45,420

Oregon Battle of the Books
The Oregon Battle of the Books project began as an LSTA competitive grant and is now sustained yearly by the state library due to the testimonials of participants. Administered by the Oregon Association of School Libraries, the Battle of the Books asks students  to read a list of 15-18 books and answer questions about them in a quiz show format. Its mission is to encourage and recognize students who enjoy reading, to increase reading comprehension, to broaden reading interests, and to promote academic excellence and cooperative learning among students. A committee of the Oregon Association of School Libraries meets each year to plan the following year’s contest for three groups of participants: grades 3-5, grades 6-8, and grades 9-12. In the spring a series of regional tournaments is followed by a statewide tournament, and during the project period 420 schools participated.
IMLS Funds: $10,000

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Five-Year Plan

Each state creates a 5-year plan for its programs to strengthen the efficiency, reach, and effectiveness of library services. Click here to read Oregon's 5-year plan for 2013-2017 (PDF, 763KB). View all states' plans.


Five-Year Plan Highlights

Lifelong Learning


  • Provide access statewide to materials and/or programming that encourage or enhance literacy in children and in those for whom English is a second language.
  • Strive to engage young adults statewide in learning, teaching, and other activities related to reading.
  • Continue the Oregon Battle of the Books, a competition in which students read from a list of 15-18 books and form teams to answer questions about the books in a “quiz show” type format. The program serves children in grades 3-12.
  • Continue to support a Youth Services Consultant to train library staff in best practices and to coordinate programs for children, age 0-18, including summer reading programs, early literacy, and the nationwide Letters About Literature contest.

Information Access

General Services and Initiatives

  • Provide access to information resources and library services for Oregonians of all ages, in all locations, in a variety of formats. Give special attention to unserved and underserved populations, to Oregonians who live in sparsely populated areas, and to the rapidly growing 65+ population.

Access to E-Resources

  • Support information sharing resources, including the Public Library Interface Kit (Plinkit) for the development and maintenance of library websites.
  • Support the Oregon School Library Information System (OSLIS), the web portal for K-12 students and educators that integrates an information literacy framework with access to statewide licensed databases.

Interlibrary Loans

  • Support information sharing resources, including a shared integrated library system (ILS).

Reference Services

  • Support Answerland Digital Reference, the statewide cooperative online reference service, used by school-age children and others.

Institutional Capacity

Continuing Education

  • Provide training to prepare library staff to assist patrons with new technologies and services.
  • Provide training for continuing education for library staff to use when evaluating programs and services, reviewing budgets and spending, and gathering statistics.


  • Work on developing mobile apps for access to library databases and other online information anywhere, any time.

Civic Engagement

Access to Government Information

  • Provide access to information resources and library services for Oregonians of all ages, in all locations, in a variety of formats. Give special attention to the need of citizens to interact with the government online.

Human Services

Special Services for Special Needs

  • Provide access to information resources and library services for Oregonians of all ages, in all locations, in a variety of formats. Give special attention to those with physical disabilities who may have difficulty getting to their libraries.

Information for New Immigrants

  • Provide access to information resources and library services for Oregonians of all ages, in all locations, in a variety of formats. Give special attention to the needs of the growing Hispanic/Latino population and other emerging immigrant populations.


Five-Year Evaluation

At the end of a 5-year period, each state reports their results in achieving goals and objectives projected in their 5-Year Plan. Click here to read Oregon's 5-year evaluation for 2008-2012 (PDF, 1,249KB). View all states' evaluations.


IMLS Data Collection

State Library Survey
The State Library Agency Survey (SLAA) provides descriptive data about state library agencies for all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

Public Library Survey
The Public Library Survey (PLS) provides national descriptive data on the status of public libraries in the United States and its territories. Data are collected from over 9,000 public library systems with over 17,000 public library outlets. Click here for Oregon's profile from the most recent PLS publication (PDF, 337KB).