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Fast Fact Sheet: National Leadership Grants (2012)

National Leadership Project Grants support projects that advance the ability of museums, archives, and libraries to preserve culture, heritage, and knowledge, contribute to building 21st century technology infrastructure and information technology services, and support the education of the next generation with 21st century knowledge and skills while creating a world-class workforce.

Project and Collaborative Planning Grants

Vital Statistics

Number of applications: 211
Total amount requested: $47,635,924
Number of awards: 52
Total amount awarded: $12,065,054
Total recipient match: $9,759,281

Program Statement

The largest museum and library joint grant program administered by IMLS, National Leadership Grants support projects that will advance the ability of museums and libraries to preserve culture, heritage, and knowledge while enhancing learning. This year’s National Leadership Grant recipients will generate new tools, research, models, services, practices, and alliances that will positively impact both the awarded institution and the nation.

NLG Collaborative Planning Grants fall into two categories:

  • Level I Collaborative Planning Grants support activities required to fully develop ideas for a National Leadership Grant project among project partners and result in such products as plans, prototypes, or proofs of concept, which could lead to a single, subsequent National Leadership Grant proposal.
  • Level II Collaborative Planning Grants support workshops, symposia, or other convenings of experts with the purpose of fostering discussion and consideration of nationally important issues to libraries, archives, and/or museums. Meetings and their associated white papers should catalyze new directions for partnerships and provide information and inspiration for multiple National Leadership Grant proposals.


"We believe that each of these grants will advance the museum, library, and archive professions through new research and the creation and dissemination of innovative tools, models, and activities that can be shared broadly. Of particular note, IMLS is investing $1,957,773 in projects that support the Campaign for Grade Level Reading, including efforts to increase school readiness and prevent summer learning loss."

- IMLS Director Susan Hildreth

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