General Demographics

American FactFinder

American FactFinder is a fundamental source of information to identify or confirm the education, health, economic, or other needs of individuals, families, and communities. It is provided in English and Spanish for the 10-year national data gathered by the U.S. Census and other reliable sources. Interactive search functions let you pinpoint multiple factors in your geographic area of interest, including ethnicity, education, language, housing, and employment. Each page and section includes help buttons, and it is designed for more than one learning or work style. It provides detailed information and lets you print and save your searches. The site recommends Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 as interfaces. A glossary is included.

The DataWeb

The DataWeb is a distributed data dissemination system of private and public databases. It is a network of online data libraries and an infrastructure for intelligent browsing. The DataWeb provides easy access to data. Among the group of services and products:  DataFerrett (see below), Application Programming Interface (API), HotReports, HotReports Authoring Tool, Data Service, Data Review and Verification and Metadata/GeoMetadata Service. 


DataFerrett is a data analysis and extraction tool to customize federal, state, and local data to suit your requirements. Without any additional software  you can develop an unlimited range of customized spreadsheets that are as versatile and complex as your usage demands then turn those spreadsheets into graphs and maps. There are a number of datasets to choose from: Public Libraries Survey, American Community Survey, Current Populations Survey , Survey of Income and Program Participation, Geography, and more. The site recommends Internet Explorer or Firefox.


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