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Libraries to the Rescue - June 23, 2009

Libraries to the Rescue shares with libraries steps that other libraries have taken to help their communities. The five episodes cover a range of topics, including how libraries are increasing access to key information through virtual libraries, the importance of broadband access, and new partnerships between libraries and state and federal agencies to help citizens access all types of assistance. Click here for a list of Online Resources for Libraries and Jobseekers.

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1. Mary Boone, State Librarian of North Carolina
Length: 14:03
Download podcast (MP3, 13.1 MB) | Read transcript (PDF, 19KB)

2. Bernard Margolis, State Librarian of New York
Length: 13:03
Download podcast (MP3, 12.2 MB) | Read transcript (PDF, 16KB)

3. Sheryl Mase, Library of Michigan's Director of Statewide Services
Length: 11:08
Download podcast (MP3, 10.4 MB) | Read transcript (PDF, 15KB)

4. Jan Walsh, State Librarian of Washington, and Randall Simmons, Program Manager for Library Development in Washington

Length: 16:20
Download podcast (MP3, 15.3 MB) | Read transcript (PDF, 19KB)

5. Kendall Wiggin, State Librarian of Connecticut

Length: 14.27
Download podcast (MP3, 13.5 MB) | Read transcript (PDF, 19KB)