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Facts for Your First Day of Work

Reporting for Work
On your first day of work, report directly to the Office of Human Resources at 9:00 AM. You will attend an orientation session before going to your work area. You will be invited to a quarterly orientation session after you are on-board.

We are located at 955 L’Enfant Plaza North, SW, Suite 4000, Washington, D.C.  20024-2135.

Hours of Work
With some exceptions, employees may participate in a flexible work schedule (Alternate Work Schedule or Flextime). These options permit the employee to select a work schedule with non-traditional hours of arrival and departure. Our core business hours are from 9 am to 3:00 pm. A package provided at orientation contains more information. All work schedules are subject to supervisory approval.

Commuter information can be accessed at the following websites: Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA)Virginia Railway Express, and Maryland Mass Transit Administration (MTA).

Building Pass
On your first day of work you will receive a building key and access to the transportation benefits. The orientation session covers procedures on how to gain access afterhours and on weekends.

All appointments are subject to a background investigation for suitability. You will fill out the appropriate forms during orientation.

Pay Schedule
The official payday for IMLS employees is every other Friday. You must arrange to have your salary sent to your financial institution by direct deposit. You should be aware that direct deposit ensures a safe and prompt transfer of funds to your account.

The Institute of Museum and Library Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Selection for this position will be made solely on the basis of merit without regard to race, gender, color, religion, age, marital status, national origin, non-disqualifying handicap conditions, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factors.