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Blog Posts from March 2014

March 27, 2014 ET
By Nancy Everhart Director, PALM Center School of Information, Florida State University Though parents of children with autism spectrum disorders would love to give their kids the opportunities afforded by public libraries, they are sometimes hesitant to take them to public places like libraries...Read more
March 26, 2014 ET
By Brandon Anioł Educational Specialist, UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures Spring break is an exciting way to greet the prospect of warmer weather. In San Antonio, Texas, the Institute of Texan Cultures (ITC) is encouraging visitors to discover the roots of home gardening and nutrition. Over spring...Read more
March 21, 2014 ET
By Maria Raviele Evaluation Officer, IMLS This week marks Sunshine Week , celebrating the importance of both open government and open information. At IMLS, we believe that open government and transparency are essential to ensuring the success of the agency’s mission. One of the most important ways...Read more
March 19, 2014 ET
By Susan H. Hildreth Director, IMLS From that scouting badge to a high school diploma to a certificate for continuing education credits, most of us have been collecting physical artifacts that recognize our achievements throughout our lives. As more and more learning is offered online or with an...Read more
March 14, 2014 ET
Ed note: This is a cross post of the NTIA Blog. Click here to see the original post. anneneville.jpeg By Anne Neville Director, State Broadband Initiative Last week, I traveled to Anchorage for the annual economic summit hosted by the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference , a non-profit regional...Read more
March 07, 2014 ET
By Mary Alice Ball Senior Library Program Officer, IMLS Libraries are indispensable community anchor institutions. That's a message we've heard before, but it was driven home for me by two very different programs I attended yesterday and today. These programs demonstrated the opportunity and the...Read more
March 07, 2014 ET
By Gladstone Payton Congressional Affairs Officer, IMLS Libraries play an important role in connecting people to information about their health; in fact more than 28 million people used a library computer for health information in one year. Library staff across the country are making an effort to...Read more
March 05, 2014 ET
By Michele Farrell and Timothy Owens Senior Library Program Officers, IMLS We recently had the good fortune to participate in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) workshop for librarians at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond. Sponsored by the Library of Virginia with IMLS...Read more
March 04, 2014 ET
By Susan H. Hildreth Director, IMLS Last week I had the pleasure of participating in a panel at the New America Foundation that focused on reports from libraries and schools across the country that they do not have necessary broadband speeds and equipment to support the digital learning environment...Read more