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Blog Posts from September 2015

September 28, 2015 ET
Dr. Kathryn K. Matthew is the 5th Director of the Institute of Museum and Library Services. With career experience that spans private and nonprofit sectors, Dr. Matthew brings to the agency a deep knowledge of the educational and public service roles of museums, libraries and related nonprofits.Read more
September 25, 2015 ET
The resources that the Tech Museum of Innovation provide to Washington Elementary School are invaluable to Principal Maria Arias Evans.Read more
September 24, 2015 ET
After enrolling in the Science Career Ladder Program, Maria Cortes Ruiz credits the New York Hall of Science for helping improve her English language skills.Read more
September 23, 2015 ET
We invite you to explore the new IMLS website and let us know what you think.Read more
September 22, 2015 ET
A new report, prepared by OCLC Research, highlights key themes and issues raised at the IMLS Focus: Engaging Communities convening.Read more
September 22, 2015 ET
After winning a year long membership to the Louisiana Children's Museum, Kanitra Charles discovered programs that introduced her and her children to learning, literacy, and healthy eating concepts that changed their home life.Read more
September 21, 2015 ET
As a member of the federal interagency Broadband Opportunity Council, IMLS is interested in supporting traditionally underserved communities that too often lack high-speed broadband connections.Read more
September 17, 2015 ET
The Museum of Northern Arizona contributed to Jeneda Benally's music and dance success, and also helped her become an advocate for her culture and a mentor to Navajo youth through the museum’s Discovery Camp.Read more
September 17, 2015 ET
In libraries across the country, including the Schaumburg Township District Library, citizenship candidates are proudly holding up their right hands to take the Oath of Allegiance.Read more
September 16, 2015 ET
The Tribal Stewardship Cohort Program: Digital Heritage Management, Archiving and Mukurtu CMS Training project is a three-year IMLS funded program for tribal archives, libraries, and museums designed to provide a holistic digital stewardship curriculum.Read more