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Blog Posts from February 2016

February 22, 2016 ET
Museums in America have been woven into the cultural DNA of our country -- inspiring, convening, mobilizing and revitalizing local, regional and national communities in many ways.Read more
February 18, 2016 ET
This week we completed the last of five feedback sessions held to explore how museums and libraries are playing active roles in community revitalization. Wrapping up the project Wednesday morning before a packed crowd who had literally travelled from all across Pennsylvania to the Free Library of Philadelphia further solidified one thing: the true promise that resides in museum and library collaboration within communities.Read more
February 11, 2016 ET
In 2013, The New Children’s Museum located in downtown San Diego launched its Mass Creativity outreach program. The program’s purpose was for the museum to expand outside its walls and provide authentic art experiences for families in underserved San Diego neighborhoods.Read more
February 04, 2016 ET
Two weeks ago, the Mozilla Foundation kicked off Web Literacy Skills for Library Staff, a new project in collaboration with the University of Washington's Technology and Social Change Group with funding by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.Read more
February 01, 2016 ET
The Shelburne Museum ’s project to conserve and improve storage for floor covers, funded by an IMLS Museums for America Collections Stewardship Grant, explores various ways to fill holes and worn areas in hooked and yarn-sewn rugs.Read more