North Carolina State University

Log Number: LG-36-19-0021-19

The North Carolina State University Libraries, University of Kansas Libraries, and Illinois School of Information Sciences will develop, populate, and pilot the Scholarly Communications Notebook (SCN), an open educational resource index and repository that will serve as the location for an active, inclusive, empowered community of practice for teaching scholarly communications to emerging librarians. Building on a successful IMLS Planning Grant, the team will develop the digital infrastructure for the SCN, recruit participation in content development from a broad range of intersectional identities, and pilot the resource in a diverse set of LIS graduate programs. By using intentional design, ensuring engagement with experts across the country, and prototyping use in leading LIS programs, the SCN will leverage open education and open pedagogy to empower stakeholders to fully realize scholarly communications as a transformative practice and support the evolving needs of libraries and their users.
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