Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority

Log Number: MA-03-04-0291-04

Purpose: Serving as Centers of Community Engagement Pakonen's Landing is a four-phase, multimillion-dollar project that will permanently relocate Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority onto the waterfront in the center of the community of Aberdeen, Washington. This grant will support community involvement in the planning process. The community will be engaged in an intensive, dynamic process known as a "design charette." Three multidisciplinary design teams will work in parallel with members of the community to create a comprehensive plan based on community input and feedback over a nine-day period. The resulting conceptual documents will address the needs of the historical society on site, as well as its place in the broader community. Engaging the community in the design process will ensure community buy-in and long-term community involvement and support at Pakonen's Landing.