Johns Hopkins University (Homewood Museum)

Log Number: MA-15-19-0035-19

The Homewood Museum at Johns Hopkins University will implement a series of trainings to equip the museum's interpretation staff and volunteers to successfully engage museum visitors in open, respectful conversations about slavery. A certified interpretive trainer will present a two-day workshop using the Commemorative Museum Pedagogy framework. The museum will partner with Jefferson's Monticello to expand the learning opportunities through a broader program. This will be open to the public and target external audiences, including Baltimore museum professionals and public historians. The training will use Monticello as a case study highlighting evolving interpretation methods and techniques. A series of debriefing discussions, surveys, and questionnaires will measure the project's impact. The survey results will also provide the foundation for a summary and analysis of Homewood's visitor engagement techniques, with the goal of creating a replicable model for comparable historic house museums.