Children's Museum of East End

Log Number: MA-20-19-0499-19

The children's Museum of the East End will develop educational programming for a satellite location--The children's Museum@Riverside, located 25 miles from the museum's primary location in Bridgehampton, New York. Following an initial phase of planning and promotion in partnership with local teachers and community organizations, the museum will launch a series of programs for this underserved community. Programming will include evening classes for families, weekend events and workshops, afterschool programs, school field trips, early childhood programs, and summer camps. The facility will also feature an indoor playground to help young children with gross motor development. The museum will add five part-time educators to its staff to assist with program delivery. An evaluation consultant will guide program refinements and produce a summative evaluation report. The project has been designated as part of the Town of Southampton's Riverside Revitalization Action Plan.
Project Proposals