George Eastman Museum

Log Number: MA-30-19-0681-19

The George Eastman Museum will digitize and provide online access to four audio and audiovisual collections that currently exist in obsolete formats. Three of these collections are composed of audio and videotape recordings of artists, curators, and scholars who have contributed to the history of photography and cinema. The fourth collection comprises audiotapes of museum symposia, workshops, and conferences. The museum will reformat the recordings from analog tapes to open-source digital formats. These new formats will be accessible through the museum's website and playable on any computer or mobile device. Site visitors will be encouraged to create transcriptions of the recordings using a free, open source interactive community transcription tool. Upon completion of the project, researchers, students, and the general public will be able to hear curators, artists, actors, and others discuss topics related to their professional and personal experiences.
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