Wiyot Tribe

Log Number: MN-00-19-0028-19

The Wiyot Tribe will create a collection of short everyday conversations in the Wiyot language based on language data that was compiled between 1889 and 1959. To address an increased interest in learning Wiyot, community members will propose conversation topics and vocabulary. Language program staff will search archival data for appropriate Wiyot content. Their findings will be consolidated into a book of 30-50 short conversations in Wiyot with English translations. The project includes commissioning local artists to create illustrations for the book, recording audio to accompany each sentence, and converting the print and audio content into web-based and mobile apps. The products will be free for all 651 enrolled tribal members on and off the Table Bluff Reservation. The book will serve as a foundation for future language classes and support presentations at regional venues.
Project Proposals