Pueblo of Jemez

Log Number: NG-03-19-0200-19

The Jemez Pueblo Community Library & Archives (JPCL&A), in partnership with the Jemez Language Team, will help younger tribal members learn the art of making items that are necessary for participation in traditional Jemez cultural activities, such as ancestral dances and traditional games. A series of 12 workshops, with topics alternating between traditional items appropriate for female and male community members, will be held. Each month that follows, a workshop will be reserved for video post-production and archiving of digital materials in the library, under the supervision of the Language Program Coordinator who will train high school interns in videotaping, video editing, and archival content management. Participants will no longer feel left out because they don't have the proper attire or accoutrements, gaining self-esteem and confidence. This will strengthen youth's resolve to continue maintaining the Jemez way of life, which can only lead to a stronger community into the future and passing these skills on to other community members.
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