Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska

Log Number: NG-03-19-0206-19

The Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska will create a series of video learning materials which document, preserve, and contribute to the revitalization of Winnebago language, cultural practices, and traditional knowledge to address a rapidly growing population of young people but small and rapidly declining population of Elders who are able to pass on traditional cultural knowledge to youth. The project will address the Winnebago community's need to create textual records of living Elders' knowledge of the Tribe's history, language, cultural values, and traditional practices, for circulation among Tribal members, particularly youth and future generations. Staff from the Tribe's Angel DeCora Museum and Renaissance Language Program and a film production company will document public events centered around language use during cultural activities and private interviews with Tribal members on the Winnebago Indian Reservation to produce a 20-minute documentary on Winnebago language, culture, and history. Through screenings of the film at the Angel DeCora Museum, the Tribe will also reach non- Native residents of, and visitors to, the Winnebago Indian Reservation.
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