University of Alaska Fairbanks (University of Alaska Museum of the North)

Log Number: ST-03-18-0007-18

The University of Alaska Museum of the North will stabilize and rehouse a collection of 7,000 catalogued items, including chipped and ground stone artifacts; carved antler, bone, ivory and wood implements; pottery; dendrochronology samples; and associated documentation excavated from 13 late prehistoric (c. AD 1000-1800) archaeological sites along the Kobuk River in northwestern Alaska. The well-preserved organic artifacts provide a unique tool for several areas of archaeological research including faunal analysis, subsistence, trade and exchange, land use, past distributions of plants and animals, dendrochronology, and radiocarbon dating. Each object will also be photographed, and images will be uploaded to the museum's publicly accessible online database to increase accessibility for archaeologists, tribal representatives, educators, and the general public.