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Republic of the Marshall Islands

Contact Name: 
Wisse Amram
Contact Title: 
Director, Alele Museum, Public Library & National Archives
State Library Address: 
Alele Museum, Library and National Archives
Post Office Box 629
Majuro, MH 96960
+1 692 625 3372
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The Grants to States Program

The Grants to States Program is the largest grant program run by IMLS; it provides funds to State Library Administrative Agencies (SLAAs) using a population-based formula set by the law. SLAAs determine goals and objectives for the funds in their statutorily required five-year plan (see below). For more information, see the Grants to States program overview.


Project Examples

Review recent Grants to States projects from this state library in the State Program Report database.

Search the Awarded Grants Database for additional details about awards in this state.

Five-Year Plan Highlights

Goal 1: Enhance our library book collections
Projects include:

  • Book acquisitions
  • Collection development on pertinent topics

Goal 2: Advancement in technology use
Projects include:

  • Computer and Internet access
  • Computer literacy training for patrons
  • Upgrade of electronic cataloguing and book check-out system

Goal 3: Provide access to information and research resources for users
Projects include:

  • Digitization of video, photographic, and paper document collections
  • Online access to digitized materials

Goal 4: Improve the library, museum, and archival employee capacity
Projects include:

  • Training opportunities for library personnel

Goal 5: Provide professional, economic, and employment development for users and the public
Projects include:

  • Enhanced computer literacy skills and employment opportunities
  • Youth Smart program participation

IMLS Data Collection

State Library Administrative Agency Survey
The State Library Administrative Agency Survey (SLAA) provides descriptive data about state library agencies for all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

Public Libraries Survey
The Public Libraries Survey (PLS) provides national descriptive data on the status of public libraries in the United States and its territories. Explore state profiles representing more than 9,000 public library systems and over 17,000 public library outlets.

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September 14, 2020