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News Releases

November 15 2017 Eastern
The Performance and Accountability Report (PAR), an annual agency requirement from the Office of Management and Budget, presents the agency’s program and financial management results, key accomplishments, and new initiatives during FY 2017.Read more
October 30 2017 Eastern
On November 7, IMLS will convene library and information science leaders to focus on recruitment and training and developing a diverse librarian workforce.Read more
October 11 2017 Eastern
Six recipients received grants through the competitive library grant program.Read more
October 10 2017 Eastern
IMLS announces reports and events that explore approaches for building digital capacity of libraries and museums.Read more
October 04 2017 Eastern
IMLS is now accepting applications for two museum grant programs: the African American History and Culture and the Native American/Native Hawaiian Museum Services.Read more
September 29 2017 Eastern
Now accepting grant applications for the Museums for America and the National Leadership Grants for Museums programs.Read more
September 20 2017 Eastern
Institutions in federally declared hurricane disaster areas may request an extension until October 23.Read more
September 19 2017 Eastern
IMLS is awarding grants totaling $5,132,176 for museums projects through the National Leadership Grant program.Read more
September 19 2017 Eastern
Through the agency’s largest competitive grant program, Museums for America, IMLS is awarding $19,189,929 for museums across the nation.Read more
September 19 2017 Eastern
IMLS announced $1,998,484 in funding for training and professional development projects for museums.Read more
September 14 2017 Eastern
IMLS today released two key information products: the latest data from its annual Public Libraries Survey and a new report on the previous year's data.Read more
August 30 2017 Eastern
IMLS announces FY 2017 recipients of the National Leadership Grants program and the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian program.Read more
August 29 2017 Eastern
IMLS is extending deadlines for two library grant programs from September 1 to September 22 to provide an additional three weeks for institutions in areas affected by now Tropical Storm Harvey.Read more
August 23 2017 Eastern
IMLS grants awarded through the Native American and Native Hawaiian Library Services programs will support existing and new library services and operations for native communities across the nation.Read more
August 23 2017 Eastern
Robin Dale brings a wealth of experience to benefit the IMLS mission and library services nationwide.Read more