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Project Profiles

image of people
May 31 2017 Eastern
The Talking Book & Braille Center, a division of the New Jersey State Library, uses assistive technologies to improve reading access to individuals with visual impairments. With a focus on veteran services, the center is closing the digital divide created by visual impairments and disabilities that prevent reading.Read more
Bill Hinderer at the Maine Historical Society
April 27 2017 Eastern
For 16 years, Maine Historical Society has involved hundreds of cultural institutions as curators for their digital museum, Maine Memory Network. Through their new, pilot initiative, Maine Historical Society is now empowering individuals to be curators as well.Read more
Two Girls Sitting during Farmington Library Storytime
March 30 2017 Eastern
By the time children enter kindergarten, they have already developed fundamental cognitive, social and motor skills that will equip them to read. The Public Library Association embarked on a study to understand how the support of parents, caregivers and libraries who work with these adults comes into play.Read more
Cool Culture’s Laboratory for New Audiences 2.0 workshop
February 23 2017 Eastern
Cultural institutions have the power to foster conversations about accessibility and cultural equity in some of the most diverse neighborhoods in New York City. Cool Culture is using IMLS funding to harness that conversation and encourage museums to address institutional accessibility.Read more
CRMS Reviewers gathered in front of computer
January 26 2017 Eastern
Determining the copyright status of a piece of work is an important but complex task. With a multi-year grant, the University of Michigan Library created a system that reviewed over 650,000 pieces of work and determined their copyright status, resulting in open reading access to these materials for a wider audience.Read more
5 Wax ex-voto heads
December 20 2016 Eastern
As the Mattress Factory celebrates its 40th anniversary, the staff wanted to re-imagine the way they honored their rich history of site-specific installations. Their new digital archive and mobile app, set to launch next month, will connect visitors with the process of making art.Read more
Preservation Self-Assessment Program Logo
November 22 2016 Eastern
A free online tool of the University of Illinois helps address the preservation needs of libraries, archives and museums. It provides users with unique, prioritized reports they can use as a basis for their preservation planning or conservation efforts.Read more
Studio class participant produces charcoal drawings
October 21 2016 Eastern
Seattle’s Frye Art Museum offers programs in creative aging to a population of people living with dementia and their care partners. Through these programs, people living with dementia have creative outlets where they can express themselves in a safe, accepting environment.Read more
At the Sept. 2015 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Librarians Josie Andrews, Laura Pappani, Vaile Fujikawa, Shelly Covert, Greg Lucas, and Richard Johnson – Nevada City Rancheria Tribal Chairman.
October 14 2016 Eastern
The Nisenan Tribe, a federally unrecognized tribal community in California, has a long history. With the help of a project that brought together tribes, libraries and communities, their story is finally being shared with the masses.Read more
Accessible Trail Tactile Sign
August 17 2016 Eastern
Many people cannot access the beautiful trails that provide educational experiences because of physical or cognitive disabilities. Mass Audubon is on a mission to change that.Read more