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Project Profiles

At the Sept. 2015 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Librarians Josie Andrews, Laura Pappani, Vaile Fujikawa, Shelly Covert, Greg Lucas, and Richard Johnson – Nevada City Rancheria Tribal Chairman.
October 14 2016 Eastern
The Nisenan Tribe, a federally unrecognized tribal community in California, has a long history. With the help of a project that brought together tribes, libraries and communities, their story is finally being shared with the masses.Read more
Accessible Trail Tactile Sign
August 17 2016 Eastern
Many people cannot access the beautiful trails that provide educational experiences because of physical or cognitive disabilities. Mass Audubon is on a mission to change that.Read more
Children sitting at table
July 18 2016 Eastern
New research by ULC and NSLA will describe how public libraries are evolving their summer reading programs to address broader community learning goals with partner organizations and more hands-on learning programming.Read more
June 28 2016 Eastern
On June 1, five museums and five libraries from across the nation received the 2016 National Medal for Museum and Library Service for what First Lady Michelle Obama described as “an unwavering commitment to improving the lives of the people they serve.”Read more
Kids on Tablet
May 31 2016 Eastern
Launched earlier this year, the Open eBooks initiative has garnered support and praise for its goal of helping children discover a love for reading through more open access to eBooks.Read more
Girls Setting Bones
April 27 2016 Eastern
Gretchen Anderson and her team at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History upgraded storage solutions for some of the museum’s oldest vertebrate paleontology specimens. And she doesn’t want to keep her methods a secret.Read more
Woman Speaking
March 22 2016 Eastern
Since October 2014, Project SPELL has advocated the importance of early literacy in low-income families through unique prototypes set up by eight state libraries. Through these different prototypes, Project SPELL has begun to break down barriers and build new reading traditions in populations throughout Colorado.Read more
Kids Looking at Artwork
February 17 2016 Eastern
The Children’s Museum of Manhattan explores Muslim cultures across the world and America in its latest exhibition entitled America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far. Employing authentic voices, interactive features, and diverse programming, the exhibition takes visitors on a journey through Muslim traditions and their artistic expression.Read more
Wooden Figures
January 22 2016 Eastern
Funded by a subgrant within IMLS’ Grants to States program, the Plainville Public Library’s Full STEAM Ahead project, the Kingdom of Why, is an arts-driven science education program for children ages three through five. Using interactive storytelling, multi-media projects, and activity stations, the Kingdom of Why program inspires young learners to explore scientific concepts through the magic of fairytales.Read more
People at Beach
December 17 2015 Eastern
Since 2013, the New England Aquarium’s live blue ™ Service Initiative has engaged nearly 1,000 volunteers in dozens of environmental service projects throughout the greater Boston area. With two classes of live blue ™ Service Leaders trained in volunteer management, the live blue ™ Service Initiative empowers vast volunteer networks to make a positive impact on their local environment.Read more