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News Releases

April 23, 2018 ET
The 2016 data from the Public Libraries Survey describe use, financial health, staffing, and resources of the nation's public libraries.
April 18, 2018 ET
The grants were awarded through the National Leadership Grants for Libraries Program and the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program.
March 29, 2018 ET
Museums participating in CAP will receive information to help them prioritize and build support for collections care for years to come.
March 23, 2018 ET
The legislation includes $240 million for IMLS, which is $9,000,000 above the FY 2017 enacted funding.
March 15, 2018 ET
Museums, libraries, and archives, as well as universities and non-profit organizations, are eligible to apply.
March 05, 2018 ET
The deadline for submitting applications is May 1, 2018.
March 05, 2018 ET
IMLS announced 29 finalists for the 2018 National Medal for Museum and Library Service.
February 28, 2018 ET
Applications are due by May 1, 2018.
February 12, 2018 ET
Today, the President released a budget request to Congress for FY 2019 that proposes funding for the orderly closure of the Institute of Museum and Library Services.
January 22, 2018 ET
The Institute of Museum and Library Services is closed due to a partial shutdown of the United States government.
January 19, 2018 ET
Dr. Kathryn K. Matthew released a statement on IMLS plans for operations in the event that a lapse in funding for the federal government occurs.
January 10, 2018 ET
The document frames how IMLS will advance, support, and empower America’s libraries, museums, and the communities they serve.
January 02, 2018 ET
Basic grants are available to federally recognized Native American tribes and Native Alaskan villages, and are designed to maintain core library services of tribal and Native village libraries.
January 02, 2018 ET
The Museum Assessment Program helps museums of all sizes and types strengthen operations, plan for the future, and meet standards.
December 20, 2017 ET
Proposals for grants to support the preservation of nationally significant historic properties and collections are due February 21, 2018.