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Public Needs for Library and Museum Services Survey

Purpose: The purpose of Public Needs for Library and Museum Services (PNLMS) Survey is to determine attitudes, to assess awareness of issues related to library and museum services, and to track trends in visitation and usage.

Coverage: The sample size is 3,500 households (2,975 landline households and a 525 cell-phone-only subsample). The sample will include library users, museum users, dual users, and non-users.

Content: The data will include information about respondent’s visitation to libraries and museums, their attitudes toward library and museum services, and demographics about respondents. It will also include information about visitation and usage of libraries and museums by children in the household.

Frequency: The PNLMS is a cross-sectional sample survey. 

Methods: Data are collected through a random-digit dialing (RDD) telephone survey, administered via computer assisted telephone interview (CATI).

Use: These data collected are useful to researchers, journalists, practitioners, the public, and policymakers at the federal, state, and local levels.

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