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New Hampshire

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Mr. Michael York
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State Librarian
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New Hampshire State Library
20 Park Street
Concord, NH 03301-6314
+1 603 271 2397
+1 603 271 6826
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The Grants to States Program

The Grants to States Program is the largest grant program run by IMLS; it provides funds to State Library Administrative Agencies (SLAAs) using a population-based formula set by the law. SLAAs determine goals and objectives for the funds in their statutorily required five-year plan (see below). For more information, see the Grants to States program overview.


Michael York

“Our demographics set the challenge. Our large urban libraries may serve 100,000, and community libraries may serve 500 or 1,000. We want to make sure that all residents have access to excellent information, including vital records and official reports of local interest. Robust digital resources and access are priorities.”

--New Hampshire State Library

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The Grants to States Program

The Grants to States Program is the largest grant program run by IMLS; it provides funds to State Library Administrative Agencies (SLAAs) using a population-based formula set by the law. SLAAs determine goals and objectives for the funds in their statutorily required five-year plan. For more information, see the Grants to States program overview.

Project Examples

Lindsay and her puppet pals at Derry Public LibraryLibrary Services to Children and Young Adults
The state library’s Youth Services Coordinator (YSC) provided consulting, training and support to public and school librarians, library trustees and friends groups. Through distance consultation and onsite visits, the YSC provided information related to collection development, policy making, programming, literacy, continuing education, grants, personnel issues, and all other topics related to children’s and teen’s library services. The YSC also provided support to school and public libraries in the area of social media, gaming and other technology topics. Project activities included the coordination of two children’s librarians’ conferences attended by 265, one teen librarians’ conference attended by 75, help with the statewide school librarians’ conference attended by 30, and a literacy conference for rural libraries attended by 45. The YSC also helped plan the Small Libraries Summit for public library attendees. Data, outcomes and librarian testimonials demonstrated improved library usage by children and teens.
IMLS Funds: $81,936

patron using a Talking Book playerLibrary Services to the Blind and Physically Handicapped
As a department of the state library, the New Hampshire Talking Book Services (TBS) Regional Library provides recorded books to state residents with a permanent or temporary vision impairment, physical limitation and/or reading disability. The TBS library includes 80,000 recorded analog and digital materials and circulates them statewide to eligible individuals, public and private schools, low vision teachers, and related service agencies. TBS has deposit collections in facilities such as assisted living facilities, hospitals, Veterans Affairs outpatient sites, and skilled nursing units. Its staff provides technical support, customer service and reader’s advisory, and raises awareness of TBS throughout the state. During the project period TBS saw a 50 percent increase in registrations of both juvenile readers and K-12 schools. It received the 2013 Network Library of the Year award from the Library of Congress for outstanding service to Blind and Physically Handicapped Readers in New Hampshire.
IMLS Funds: $216,725

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View the IMLS funding by state report - New Hampshire (PDF 1.04 MB) with additional information about all IMLS funding for this state (FY 2011 – FY 2016).

Five-Year Plan Highlights

Lifelong Learning

General Services and Initiatives

  • Meet the lifelong learning needs of library users of all ages, reading abilities and disabilities, for statewide access to materials in a variety of formats on a variety of topics at their time of need.


  • Coordinate the Summer Reading Program for all ages, as well as the Kids, Books and the Arts and the Children’s Book Review programs.
  • Support programs of the Center for the Book at the New Hampshire State Library.

Information Access

Access to E-Resources

  • Manage group purchases of a variety of databases for libraries and use NHewLink to provide library users access to them.
  • Manage the New Hampshire Downloadable Books Consortium Project.
  • Facilitate an open-source integrated library system (ILS) solution for small libraries.

Interlibrary Loans

  • Work on consistent, fast resource sharing and statewide access to these materials. This objective depends on expanding and improving our statewide union catalog, and on enlisting an efficient and cost effective transportation system to facilitate the exchange of interlibrary loan materials between libraries.


  • Continue work on preserving New Hampshire’s heritage by collecting, curating, and protecting the state’s historic printed materials and increasing efforts in digital preservation, all with the intent of providing greater public access to these resources.
  • Provide an online platform to public libraries to assist in digitizing historic records.

Economic and Employment Development

Job Seekers

  • Support the needs of New Hampshire citizens related to job searching and workforce opportunities.

Institutional Capacity

Continuing Education

  • Provide resources, continuing education, and training for librarians in technology, management, program development for targeted audiences, summer reading programs, children (from birth) and adult literacy, preservation, and outreach to special populations.
  • Maintain and develop online communication tools to disseminate information and facilitate librarian networking.
  • Maintain a Help Desk to deliver technical assistance to librarians.
  • Develop an infrastructure to facilitate online training and webinars for the New Hampshire Automated Information System.
  • Provide in-person and online tutorials to educate librarians on technology platforms that will help them to meet their patrons’ needs for technical assistance.
  • Provide new and existing technology programs to librarians that will allow them to create free or low-cost services for their patrons’ use.


  • Collaborate with state and national organizations to develop conferences for librarians serving children and teens.

Civic Engagement

Access to Government Information

  • Maintain a digital archive of born-digital state government publications.

Human Services

Special Services for Special Needs

  • Support initiatives of the Family Resource Connection to meet reading needs of families who have children with special needs.
  • Support digital access to reading materials for the visually disabled.

Health and Social Services Information

  • Support the needs of New Hampshire citizens who are seeking reliable information on health and well-being.

IMLS Data Collection

State Library Administrative Agency Survey
The State Library Administrative Agency Survey (SLAA) provides descriptive data about state library agencies for all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

Public Libraries Survey
The Public Libraries Survey (PLS) provides national descriptive data on the status of public libraries in the United States and its territories. Data are collected from more than 9,000 public library systems with over 17,000 public library outlets. Explore state-level profiles to find and compare totals on key data such as numbers of libraries and librarians, revenue and expenditures, and collection sizes.

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December 11, 2017