Will IMLS accept grant applications during a government shutdown?

IMLS accepts applications through Grants.gov, which will remain available with certain restrictions during a government shutdown. Submissions will not be reviewed until the government reopens. Additional information will be available on www.grants.gov.

Can IMLS staff be in contact with an applicant or grantee during a government shutdown?

No. IMLS staff will be unavailable, both by email and telephone, during a government shutdown. On the day the Agency is shut down, responses to telephone and email inquiries to the Agency will be limited to explaining the funding hiatus.

Will upcoming IMLS webinars be held during a government shutdown?

Upcoming webinars will be postponed; previously recorded webinars are located on the IMLS website.

Can an IMLS grantee or recipient of a cooperative agreement that has an award through an IMLS program continue to work on their previously awarded IMLS funded project?

IMLS will inform cooperators and contractors of the hiatus and instruct them whether to continue or cease activities consistent with the terms of each agreement and the applicable law. Grant awardees may continue to work on their previously approved IMLS grant, only incurring appropriate obligations and/or expenses up to the award amount on their official award notification letter, AND only in accordance with their IMLS approved budget plan and timeline in the award. Any deliverables and/or grant award modifications requiring approval from IMLS staff will not be addressed until the government is back open.

Will recipients of IMLS grants and cooperative agreements get paid during a government shutdown?

In most cases, no. During a funding hiatus, IMLS will not process requests for payment for its discretionary programs. Payments will resume when the government is back open. Should a funding hiatus extend beyond a week, an excepted IMLS employee may process payments to a State Library Administrative Agency from previously obligated awards on a limited and case-by-case basis.

Can grantees submit performance and financial reports and/or payment requests during a shutdown?

Grantees may continue to submit performance and financial reports as well as payment requests during a government shutdown through their eGMS Reach accounts. These reports will be addressed by the appropriate staff then the government reopens.

Effective Date: October 1, 2023