North Carolina State University

Log Number: LG-72-17-0132-17

The North Carolina State University Libraries, University of Kansas Libraries, and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign School of Information Sciences are exploring the need for, and ideal components of, an open educational resource (OER) for teaching library students and professionals about scholarly communication. Scholarly communication is recognized as a core competency for librarianship but there is currently no unified educational resource available for training and continuing education. Scholarly communication is interdisciplinary and quickly evolving, which makes it difficult to create a standard commercial textbook. In consultation with many stakeholders, the project team will design and conduct a nationwide survey and workshop to engage directly with the two central stakeholder groups: library school instructors and scholarly communication experts. These activities will identify the extent to which an OER is needed, the components of the OER, the potential obstacles to its adoption, and the partnerships and promotional activities that would accelerate its use.
Project Proposals