September 27, 2016


IMLS Press Contact:
Giuliana Bullard

IMLS and FSG Launch Initiative to Develop Community-Based Solutions for Veterans and Military Families
Focus Will Be on Community-Centric Approaches for Museums and Libraries 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) in cooperation with FSG, announced today the launch of a new initiative, Community-Based Solutions for Veterans and Military Families, to strengthen the ability of libraries and museums to fulfill the unique and critical needs of veterans and military families. Through this initiative, IMLS will gather information from a variety of key stakeholders in the library, museum, and military communities to understand current needs and services; identify opportunities for enhancing community services; and develop frameworks, tools, and resources to strengthen the role libraries and museums have in addressing the specific needs of veterans and military families in their communities.

IMLS is working with FSG a national non-profit organization that supports organizations in maximizing and sustaining community impact.

The initiative comprises four key steps beginning with a landscape assessment to help identify best practices, followed by continued research and engagement from stakeholders in the community, and culminates in the development of a whitepaper, which will identify frameworks, approaches and opportunities.

As part of the research effort, a Town Hall is scheduled for November 16-17 in San Antonio, to draw on the knowledge of experts and stakeholders. The information gathered from the Town Hall and additional public feedback will inform the final framework of strategies recommended for engaging libraries and museums in greater service to veterans and military families in their communities.

IMLS Director Dr. Kathryn K. Matthew said, “The lens of this initiative is focused on how we can use libraries and museums for bringing services and communities together to benefit our veterans and military families. In the past, our funding has placed libraries at the nexus of various veterans’ services, so we are well-positioned to amplify those continued efforts.”

Institutions with questions about the Veterans and Military Families Initiative, or the upcoming Town Hall, should contact Dr. Marvin Carr at or 202-653-4752.

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