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Ready for Back-to-School? Begin the Year as a Connected Educator!

August 9, 2012

Libraries and museums have long had a part to play in learning in the digital age. IMLS-supported institutions and organizations play a crucial role in the educational ecosystem within their communities and within a larger national context of formal and informal education.

The Department of Education, in collaboration with a wide range of educational organizations and educators, is supporting the Connected Educator Initiative—and IMLS is a partner! The goal of the initiative is to move toward greater online connection and collaboration among educators and educational communities.  In preparation for back-to-school, the Department of Education is promoting August as Connected Educator Month—a month-long celebration of educators at all levels and disciplines.

It’s not too late to participate—and we encourage you to get involved! How? Follow Connected Educator Month on Twitter (#CE12) or take a look at the Connected Educator Month starter kit. Share resources and add your community or communities of practice to the Directory of Educational Communities. Do you have an upcoming event, webinar, or report to share? Add it to the interactive Connected Educator Month Calendar.

And of course, you can always check out IMLS resources:

  • Our 2012 Learning Labs grantees are engaged in a community of practice that provides technical assistance, networking, and cross-project learning around interest-based, youth-centered, collaborative learning environments that use digital and traditional media. Learn more about the program at  and
  • IMLS is helping to build digitally inclusive communities where all individuals and groups can access and use information and communication technologies. Learn more about action steps your community can take here:
  • Find information on how your library or museum can help to create a network of community organizations that address 21st century learning needs in your community on our 21st Century Skills page:
  • Watch and listen as Director of Strategic Partnerships, Marsha Semmel, discusses innovation and “The Future of Education,” at the New Media Consortium’s Horizon Project Retreat: Building on Ten Years of Research into Emerging Technology in Education (January 24-26, 2012),  (Creative Commons-Attribution).
  • Take a look at our Salzburg Global Seminar report about “Libraries and Museums in an Era of Participatory Culture”

Now is the time to get connected!

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