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Native American Library Services: Enhancement Grants

May 01, 2018
Grant Info: 

Application: The Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for FY 2018 (PDF 270KB) is now available.
Program Overview: Enhancement grants are competitive grants available to carry out activities, described in 20 U.S.C. 9141, that advance the programs and services of eligible Native American libraries.
Grant Amount: $10,000 to $150,000
Cost Share Requirement: None
Grant Period: Up to two years

Eligibility: Indian tribes are eligible to apply for funding under the Native American Library Services Enhancement Grant program. Entities such as libraries, schools, tribal colleges, or departments of education are not eligible applicants, although they may be involved in the administration of this program and their staff may serve as project directors in partnership with an eligible applicant.

For purposes of funding under this program, "Indian tribe" means any tribe, band, nation, or other organized group or community, including any Alaska native village, regional corporation, or village corporation (as defined in, or established pursuant to, the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (43 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.)), which is recognized by the Secretary of the Interior as eligible for the special programs and services provided by the United States to Indians because of their status as Indians. A list of eligible entities is available from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Note: You are required to have submitted a FY 2018 Native American Library Services Basic Grant application to be eligible to apply for a FY 2018 Enhancement Grant. Failure to submit a FY 2018 Basic grant application in FY 2018 will result in the rejection of your FY2018 Enhancement Grant application.

A grantee with an active Enhancement Grant may not apply for another Enhancement grant that would have an overlapping period of performance with the active grant.

Program Contacts:

For questions about project activities, eligibility, and allowability of costs, contact:

Dr. Sandra Toro, Senior Program Officer

For questions about application requirements and deadlines, contact:
Chelsea Cole, Program Specialist

Grant Program Webinars: We invite you to participate in a pre-application webinar to learn more about the program and ask questions.