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Erie Art Museum
Fiscal Year: 
National Medal for Museum and Library Service

From its beginnings as an artist’s association, Erie Art Museum has grown to encompass five historic buildings connected in a single complex offering art exhibitions and classes as well as music and dance programs. No other comprehensive arts facility exists in northwestern Pennsylvania. In addition to serving some 400 artists each year, the museum also provides programs that engage teachers, students, and a public representing many nationalities and incomes. Recognized for excellence in providing traditional museum exhibit experiences, the museum also reaches beyond its doors to challenge the perception of what constitutes art and serve its community in innovative and inspiring ways. Among its programs is Old Songs: New Opportunities. This program not only generates jobs for women in Erie’s large refugee population but provides an avenue for them to preserve and share their culture and traditions. In partnership with Erie’s revitalization efforts, the museum also participates in LeapFrog and GoFish, in which artists decorated and installed large-scale frogs and fish in the downtown area.